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Make Rooms Holiday-Ready with Gorgeous Decorative Rugs: 10 Photos

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Nov 25, 2014 3:30:00 AM

A well-chosen decorative rug can bring a feeling of luxury, warmth and Holiday magic to a room that is lacking vital energy. Here are 10 examples of how to use a show-stopping rug to transform a room for the Holidays.

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Tags: Holiday Interiors

Elle Décor Trend Alert: Chunky Knits and Textured Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Nov 20, 2014 4:00:00 PM

Elle Décor's December 2014 Trend Alert predicts the growing appeal of fabrics and decorative rugs with chunky textures that recall hand-knitted sweaters.

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12 Rooms Made Even Better By Show-Stopping Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Nov 19, 2014 8:06:29 PM

A well-chosen decorative rug can set the right feeling tone, comfort level and color palette for a room. But with so many types of rugs in the market, it is hard to know which kind would be best for a room.  Today we start a new series of posts to help you become more knowledgeable about rugs and the looks you can create with them.  We start with 12 beautiful rooms with 12 different types of rugs - Art Deco, Moroccan, Contemporary, Neoclassical, Cowhide, Floral, Geometric, Bessarabian, Silk, Damask, Dhurrie and Oushak. Later posts will help you distinguish rug quality and feature additional types of decorative rugs.

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Elle Decor December 2014: 7 Best Interiors with Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Nov 17, 2014 4:28:00 PM

Elle Décor is famous for contemporary décor so it is remarkable to see the December 2014 issue filled with stunning traditional styles. The 7 best interiors show how you can use oriental rugs, geometric rugs and flat weave rugs to create rooms that feel both authentic and fresh.

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Tags: Alessandra Branca, Jacques Grange, Geometric Rugs, oriental rugs, Blue Rugs, Grey Rugs, Flat weave rugs

12 Chic Tablescapes & Dining Rooms Enriched by Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Nov 13, 2014 2:31:00 AM

A decorative rug covers one of the largest surfaces in a dining room and has a big influence on how other objects look in the room. The dining rooms below show how to enrich the look of your tablescapes by coordinating them with the decorative rug.

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Tags: Valentino Garavani, Howard Slatkin, Ann Holden, Ken Tate, Juan Pablo Molyneux, Elissa Cullman, Stephen Sills, John Saladino, Ruthie Sommers, Alexander Gorlin, Elvis Restaino, Melissa Wyndham

Veranda December 2014: 7 Best Holiday Interiors with Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Nov 11, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Veranda's November-December 2014 issue is full of stunning holiday decor. Here are my picks for the 7 best holiday interiors with decorative rugs.

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Tags: decorative rugs, Veere Grenney, Hutton Wilkinson, Holiday Interiors, Michelle Nussbaumer, Selina van der Geest

How to Decorate with Blue, Yellow and Gray Rugs: 7 Chic Dining Rooms

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Nov 5, 2014 6:14:00 PM

The 7 Chic dining rooms show how to select a gray rug or a blue rug that will help you create stunning interiors with gray, blue, yellow and gold. While all the examples are of dining rooms, the same decorating principles apply to living rooms, family rooms, libraries, bedrooms, foyers and stairs.

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Traditional Home 2014: 7 Best Holiday Interiors with Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Nov 4, 2014 2:58:21 PM

Each November, Traditional Home features the best holiday interiors with decorative rugs from around the country, and this year is no exception. My picks for the 7 best holiday interiors of 2014 ranges from the stunning new traditional style of Gerald Pomeroy in Dover, Massachusetts to a classic New England Christmas in Lisa Hilderbrand's 18th-Century Connecticut farmhouse. Nora Marra fills a 1937 Chicago home with light and Holiday colors, Emily Sullivan evokes the Northern Christmases of her childhood in her new Los Angeles home and Patrik Lönn conjures up a stately Scottish library in New York’s Holiday House Showhouse.

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Tags: decorative rugs, Geometric Rugs, oriental rugs, Blue Rugs, Damask Rugs, Gerald Pomeroy, Patrik Lönn, Lisa Hilderbrand, Emily Sullivan

House Beautiful November 2014: 5 Best Rooms with Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Oct 29, 2014 1:02:00 PM

The 5 best interiors with decorative rugs in the November 2014 House Beautiful demonstrate that when vivid colors are used appropriately, the rooms feel happy and uplifting rather than overwhelming or garish.  "People say I am fearless with color, but if I see it in nature, I know it will work in a home," Miles Redd explained to House Beautiful. "Truthfully, color makes me happy and that was the direction with this apartment--to make a happy family home," says Miles Redd about his three interiors in today's post.

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Tags: Miles Redd, Amanda Lindroth, decorative rugs, oushak rugs, Orange Rugs, Grey Rugs

Remembering Oscar de la Renta’s Stylish Interiors with Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Oct 28, 2014 11:02:00 AM

The interiors and decorative rugs in Oscar de la Renta’s many homes reflect the same classical elegance as his beautiful dresses cherished by women all over the world and favored by every American first lady from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama. Vogue in their tribute to de la Renta, last week, noted that his elegant interiors seemed to be in a constant dialog with his runway fashions. de la Renta had a passion for patterns and colors and his urbane taste ranged from exotic Central Asian silk Ikat to intricate Elizabethan Palempore; from jewel-like Chinoiserie to stately Greek architectural motifs. Today we celebrate de la Renta’s most memorable interiors with decorative rugs.

Oscar and Annette de la Renta at their home in Connecticut in 2008.

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Tags: Oscar de la Renta, decorative rugs, Geometric Rugs, Aubusson Rugs, floral rugs, English Rugs

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