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Pinterest 20 Best Interiors with Stripes and Striped Rugs

striped rugs, striped rug, grey striped rug, stripe rug, striped area rugs

Pinterest's 20 best interiors with striped rugs, fabrics and wallcoverings were chosen because they offer the greatest inspiration for designing chic and stylish rooms. The 20 interiors show that stripes work equally well in traditional rooms as they do in contemporary spaces. Stripes will add zip to a beach house and also help bring a chic look to a Manhattan apartment. Stripes come in neutrals as well as in bold colors, and you will see how interior designers use each type of stripe to the best effect.

How to Decorate Stylishly with Pink and Pink Rugs: 15 Chic Rooms

pink rugs, pink rug, pink area rug, pink area rugs

When the Spring/Summer 2014 women’s fashions were introduced on the runways, Vogue, UK exclaimed, "If in doubt, make it pink, smother it with flowers and wear it with flat sandals next summer." Now pink is jumping from women's fashions to interiors. But the big question for most of us is how to use pink tastefully and how to avoid the dreaded syrupy look that many pink interiors are prone to. You need not fear any longer. The 15 interiors by top interior designers will show you several tasteful and stylish ways of decorating with pink and pink rugs. 

Best of April 2014 Design Magazines: 15 Rooms with Decorative Rugs

decorative rugs, oriental rugs, decorative rugs for sale, oriental rugs for sale

The quality of interiors in the April 2014 issues of major design magazines was greatly improved over the March issues. The 15 best interiors with decorative rugs include stunning vacation homes in Umbria and Puglia, Italy, Lier, Belgium, The Bahamas and Carmel Valley, California as well as homes in New York and San Francisco. Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, Vogue, Traditional Home and House Beautiful all had great interiors to choose from. Enjoy!

Pastel Fashion Inspired: 14 Luscious Interiors with Pastel Rugs

pastel rugs, pastel rug, pastel rugs for sale

Pastels are all the rage now after dominating spring summer 2014 fashion runways in Milan, Paris, London and New York. Today's 14 stunning interiors with pastel rugs show you how to design luscious pastel interiors and how to chose the best pastel rug for the room.

14 Happy Spring Interiors with Green Rugs and Lively Color

green rugs, green rugs for sale, green rug, green floral rugs

A couple of 50 degree days have kindled hope that spring is around the corner in the Northeast. Crocuses have already appeared in New York, but in Boston the ground is still frozen. To paraphrase Warren Buffett, if we wait for all the swallows to arrive, it will be too late to start spring decorating. So today's 14 interiors with green rugs and fresh spring colors will help you get a head start with great ideas for designing interiors that make you happy.  

10 Chic Martha's Vineyard Blue and White Interiors with Blue Rugs

blue rugs, blue rugs for sale, blue oriental rugs, blue geometric rugs

When I began looking for the 10 best Martha's Vineyard interiors to illustrate how top designers use blue rugs to elevate the chic factor in a seaside space, I was surprised at how difficult it was to find them. After the first three gorgeous rooms by Victoria Hagan, I had to look in new places to find the remaining. As it turned out, this was a good thing as it led me to discovering two new interior designers who have done great work on Martha's Vineyard. They are Gil Walsh and Gauthier-Stacy. I hope you will enjoy the variety and the fresh perspective they bring.

Unify Antique and Modern with Geometric Rugs: 14 Gorgeous Rooms

geometric rugs, geometric rug, geometric rugs for sale, geometric needlepoint rugs

Our earliest ancestors began decorating their dwellings and textiles with geometric patterns thousands of years ago. We can find geometric patterns in the architecture of civilizations all over the world from the Aztec to ancient Greece to Africa.. The other amazing thing about geometric patterns is that even though their origins are ancient, their sensibility is very modern. Interior designers have discovered that geometric rugs are a great for pulling together antique and modern elements in a room into a harmonious and distinctive whole as we shall in the 14 gorgeous interiors with geometric rugs in today's post. 

Best of March 2014 Design Magazines: 19 Rooms with Decorative Rugs

oriental rugs, buy oriental rugs, oriental rugs for sale, oriental rugs

The unrelenting fury of winter has postponed thoughts of spring for those of us who live in the north. So it is especially encouraging to see that the March 2014 issues of major interior design magazines have not given up hope and are featuring more rooms with sunny colors. It is also nice to see Veranda Magazine revive from its recent decline. But other publications are not doing as well. Lonny Magazine had emerged from nowhere to promise a new answer to the digital conundrum, but they have had to cut back their publishing frequency. Elle Decor, Traditional Home and House Beautiful have fewer new and exciting rooms. But don't worry, I have compensated by extending coverage to newer more exciting magazines such as Luxe, Florida Design, New York Cottage and Gardens and Connecticut Cottages and Gardens. I hope you will find a stimulating variety in these 19 best interiors with decorative rugs from the March 2014 issues of the best interior design magazines.

12 Oscar Stars: Brighten Homes with Decorative Rugs

antique rugs, antique rug, antique oriental rugs, antique oriental rug

As we get ready for the 2014 Academy Awards hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, lets look behind the scenes at how the stars of stage and screen relax at home. The twelve interiors in today's post show how Oscar winners brighten their homes with a mix of rustic and sophisticated elements unified by well chosen decorative rugs.

Exiled to Paris: Windsors Devise Regal Style with Needlepoint Rugs

romantics king edward viii wallis simpson

Decades before the press became enamored by Princess Diana, there was a romantic British royal couple who had an even more engaging story. It starts with the dashingly handsome Edward VIII, king of the world's most powerful empire. Edward decided to marry Wallis Simpson, a bewitching American divorcée, but British law did not permit such a marriage. Against determined opposition from the Royal Family and the British government, Edward held steadfast and abdicated from the throne of England in a dramatic radio address on December 11, 1936. The young King spoke to a stunned world “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love.” The couple married in France six months later and lived in exile for the rest of their lives, mostly in Paris but also in the Bahamas and New York. With Stephane Boudin of Maison Jansen as adviser and guide, the Duchess set about designing a regal home that mixed French antiques with English needlepoint rugs to remind the Duke of the English palaces he had left behind. She scoured the antique shops of Paris and hired the finest artisans to create the rooms featured below.

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