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Elie Saab's Paris 2012 Couture Predicts a Coral Rugs, Red Rugs Trend

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 31, 2012 10:49:00 PM

When Lebanese designer Elie Saab presented his Spring 2012 Couture collection last week in Paris the talk was all about how popular he was with the Hollywood crowd. 

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Tags: Elie Saab, Design Inspiration, coral rugs, red rugs

Chanel's Paris Show Predicts Blue Skirt Suits and Blue Rugs for 2012

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 30, 2012 10:13:00 PM

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Tags: Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Geometric Rugs, Design Inspiration, Contemporary rugs, Blue Rugs

Blue and Green Rug Decorating Tips: Colors from Degas and Whistler

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 29, 2012 10:40:00 PM

Vicente Wolfe once told me that he derived inspiration for interiors from the pastels and oil paintings of Edward Degas. Asmara artist Elizabeth Moisan recalled a sea scape of James Abbott McNeill Whistler when she painted Asmara's blue rugs and green rugs.

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Tags: James Whistler, Edgar Degas, Design Inspiration, Green Rugs, Blue Rugs

3 Tips for Modern Decor with Yellow and Red Needlepoint Rugs

Posted by Alexis Billett on Jan 26, 2012 9:22:00 PM

A scheme for a modern bedroom based on a timeless needlepoint rug with fresh yellow, red, green, blue purple and black.  This needlepoint rug is so flexible, it can also be used in a modern living room or dining room.

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Tags: needlepoint rugs, Design Inspiration, Design Schemes

Downton Abbey's Elegance Accentuated by Aubusson Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 25, 2012 10:50:00 PM

Lady Edith, Lady Sybil and Lady Mary. The addictive PBS series Downton Abbey has sparked a revival of Edwardian style in dresses, accessories, interior design and Aubusson rugs. 

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Tags: Edwardian Interiors, Design Inspiration, Aubusson Rugs, Downton Abbey

John Saladino's Romantic Modernism Relies on Oushak Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 21, 2012 10:16:00 PM

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Tags: oushak rugs, Design Inspiration, California Style, John Saladino

How to Artfully Mix Modern Furniture and Blue, Gold Needlepoint Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 18, 2012 9:44:00 PM

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Tags: Botanical Rugs, needlepoint rugs, Design Inspiration, Design Schemes, Blue Rugs, Gold Rugs

You Don't Need a Red Rug - 8 Stylish, Colorful Interiors with Red

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 17, 2012 11:15:00 PM

Do you love red but are afraid of being locked in with a red rug or a red sofa?

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Tags: Alessandra Branca, Design Inspiration, Contemporary rugs, Amanda Nisbet, Jeffrey Bilhuber

Timeless Fashion with Geometric Rugs by 7 Legendary Decorators

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 17, 2012 2:12:00 AM

When Yves Saint Laurent said "Fashions fade, style is eternal", he could have been speaking about these timeless rooms with geometric rugs designed in the 1960's and 70's. The legendary decorators who created them prove that good style is timeless and always looks fresh and fashionable. Sit back and enjoy these masterpieces of interior design with geometric rugs by Angelo Donghia, Albert Hadley, Billy Baldwin, John Fowler, David Hicks, Mark Hampton and Keith Irvine.

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Tags: Keith Irvine, Angelo Donghia, Geometric Rugs, Design Inspiration, Albert Hadley, Mark Hampton, John Fowler, Billy Baldwin, David Hicks

How to Decorate with Chic Gray Oushak Rugs and Taupe, Black and Red

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 14, 2012 11:42:00 PM

Today's chic interiors are all based on gray Oushak rugs. The styles range from modern to traditional and demonstrate the extreme flexibility of gray Oushak rugs. The best gray Oushak rugs infuse modern rooms with warmth and a sense of history and give traditional rooms a contemporary ambiance. Enjoy!

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Tags: Kara Mann, Eric Cohler, oushak rugs, Design Inspiration, David Easton

Why Color Fanatics Win: 10 Eye Catching Colors with Decorator Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 12, 2012 12:50:00 AM

Years ago when I was a novice rug designer, an industry veteran quizzed me "What are the three most important criteria for judging a decorative rug?". I was halfway into mumbling a response when he interrupted me "No, no, no! the three most important criteria are: Color! Color! and Color"! In real estate it is location! location! location!  and in decorator rugs it is color first, second and third.

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Tags: Madeline Stuart, Celerie Kemble, Barry Dixon, Kendall Wilkinson, LD Design, decorative rugs, Geometric Rugs, Design Inspiration, Bunny Williams, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, John Fowler, Jamie Drake, Jonathan Adler

A Chic Pair: Timeless Needlepoint Rugs with Jonathan Adler Furniture

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 7, 2012 10:22:00 PM

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Tags: needlepoint rugs, Design Inspiration, Jonathan Adler

12 Stunning Interiors: How to Decorate with Green Rugs and Accents

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 5, 2012 3:41:00 PM

Updated June 1, 2015. A well-chosen green rug will not only add beauty to a room but also bring a calming and invigorating atmosphere. The color green reminds us of plants and trees which not only provide the food and medicines that sustain our bodies but also add immeasurably to the beauty that feeds the soul. On top of all this green is a color that goes with everything. This means a green rug is very flexible and will allow you to choose a wide range of fabric and wall colors. You can learn how to decorate with green by studying how nature pairs different shades of green with different colors of flowers and tree bark. A visit to a garden or a florist shop can be very instructive. You will notice that nature uses green in a myriad shades ranging from yellowish, reddish and brownish greens to bluish greens. It is important that you pair the right shade of green with the colors you want to use in the room as this will determine the look and feeling tone of the space. We will use today's 12 interiors by top designers to gain insights into decorating with green rugs and green accents.

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Tags: Design Inspiration, Green Rugs

Bessarabian Rugs -10 Timeless Interiors by Legendary Decorators

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 4, 2012 2:06:00 AM

Bessarabian Rugs in History

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Tags: Design Inspiration, Lee Radziwill, Renzo Mongiardino, Bessarabian Rugs, Aubusson Rugs, Bunny Williams, Mario Buatta, David Easton, Savonnerie Rugs, John Fowler, Nancy Lancaster, Sister Parish, David Hadley, Stéphane Boudin of Maison Jansen, McMillen, Inc., Ferguson & Shamamiam

Best Rugs- 5 Trends and Predictions for 2012

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 1, 2012 10:33:00 PM

2012 Celebrations, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Image courtesy BBC and Miguel Villagran,Getty Images.

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Tags: Best Rug Trends

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