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How to Design a Cheerful Library with Needlepoint Rug in Blue, Yellow

Posted by Alexis Billett on May 31, 2012 11:33:00 PM

I chose the colorful Branches needlepoint rug to bring a cheerful feeling to the library. You can also choose Branches as an Aubusson rug, or as a Savonnerie rug.  

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10 Stunning Rooms: How to Decorate with Aubusson Rugs with Medallions

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 30, 2012 11:51:00 PM

I have so often heard people say "It is hard to decorate with an Aubusson rug that has a central medallion- I always prefer rugs with all over designs"

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7 Decorating Tips: Needlepoint Rugs in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 29, 2012 8:06:00 PM

A design scheme for a chic bedroom based on a needlepoint rug with red, yellow and green accents.

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10 Chic Bedrooms and Decorative Rugs that Promote Nourishing Sleep

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 24, 2012 12:41:00 AM

Many of us think that the best place to sleep is where the sun would not stream in and wake us up. This view ignores ignores our body's natural biological rhythms. Humans have evolved in natural harmony with the cycles of the sun. When our sleeping patterns drift away from the sun's cycles, our sleep becomes disturbed and our physical and emotional functioning is impaired.

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17 Chic Rooms: How to Decorate with Geometric Rugs, Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 20, 2012 4:40:00 PM

The 17 interiors below are not only exceptionall beauiful, they will help you visualize the 7 tips for decorating with geometric rugs.

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Tags: Madeline Stuart, Celerie Kemble, Jere Bradwell, Eileen Kathryn Boyd, Geometric Rugs, Design Inspiration, Albert Hadley, Mario Buatta, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Sara Story, Kelly Wearstler, John Fowler, Lisa Torbett Interiors, Meg Braff, Jeffrey Bilhuber

8 Stunning Interiors: How to Decorate with Oushak Rugs, Grey Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 17, 2012 10:34:00 PM

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Tags: oushak rugs, Design Inspiration, Grey Rugs

AD's 10 Best Living Rooms with Decorative Rugs in Grey, Black, Taupe

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 16, 2012 11:42:00 PM

 Here are my picks for Architectural Digest's 10 best decorative rugs in living rooms with a grey, black and taupe color scheme. Make sure you look at #10 which is a visionary 1970's living room by Parish Hadley that anticipates todays fashions in decorative rugs and grey, black and taupe color schemes.

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6 Decorating Tips: Aubusson Rugs in French Empire Interiors

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 15, 2012 11:30:00 PM

A view of The Grand Trianon. Image © EPV

If you happen to visit the Palace of Versailles do not miss the Grand Trianon. It is the more livable palace where the French Kings preferred to live rather than in the formal and massive Versailles Palace. The interiors in the Grand Trianon provide unique insight into the Empire Style created by Napoleon's favorite architects Charles Percier and Pierre Fontaine. The Aubusson rugs in The Grand Trianon are classics of the Percier and Fontaine version of neoclassical style.

The decorative approach, color preferences and aesthetics of the French Empire architects are uniquely French.

Five Tips for Decorating with Aubusson Rugs in the French Empire Style

1. Choose colors for the upholstery and walls from the opposite end of the color wheel from the colors found in the  Aubusson rugs.

2. Use mostly cool colors when selecting Aubusson rugs, fabrics and walls.

3. Unify and quieten the room by using the same fabrics and colors on chairs, sofa and walls.

4. Mix round and square shapes and patterns in fabrics, furniture and Aubusson rugs

5. Choose Aubusson rugs and fabrics with flat, two dimensional motifs.

6. Choose smooth silk fabrics and flat woven Aubusson rugs in preference to pile Savonnerie rugs.

The six rooms below illustrate these six decorating principles.

Brief History of the Grand Trianon:

The Grand Trianon was originally built by Louis XIV as a retreat for himself and his mistress of the time, the Marquise de Montespan. The King wanted a place where he could be with his guests, away from the strict etiquette of the court that prevailed at the palace of Versailles.

After a period of neglect following the French Revolution, Napoleon had the Grand Trianon remodeled and completely redecorated in the Empire Style. Napoleon lived there with his second wife Marie Louise of Austria. Today the rooms are kept as they were at the time of Napoleon and Louis-Philippe.

1. The Empire Aubusson Rug in the Emperor's bedroom has a circular central medallion on a gold background with large open areas. The motifs are in the neoclassical style of Percier and Fontaine favored by Napoleon. The gold of the Aubusson rug and blue silk fabric are on opposite ends of the color wheel. Image courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

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Tags: Aubusson Rugs, Empire Rugs, Neoclassical Rugs

6 Decorating Tips: Needlepoint Rugs with Blue, Yellow, Green, Coral

Posted by Alexis McDermott on May 14, 2012 7:25:00 PM

1. Select a needlepoint rug in colors that will create the mood you desire.

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Tags: needlepoint rugs, Design Inspiration, Design Schemes, Blue Rugs, floral rugs

The Five Qualities of Beautiful Savonnerie Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 13, 2012 11:24:00 AM

In recent posts we have been exploring the fascinating story of Savonnerie rugs and carpets. Some consider Savonnerie carpets to be overly grandiose and a challenge to decorate with. But there are many beautiful Savonnerie carpets and it is hard to tell how beautiful they are until we see them in their proper setting in a room created by an interior designer who understands how to make the best use of them. The 10 dazzling rooms will help you in seeing which Savonnerie rugs would be the most beautiful choice for your interiors.

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Tags: Aubusson Rugs, Savonnerie Rugs, Empire Rugs

10 Best Rooms with Decorator Rugs in Traditional Home Magazine

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 10, 2012 9:44:00 PM

For the first time in their history Traditional Home Magazine called upon the top Interior Design Bloggers to nominate their favorite New Traditional Designers out of which the Magazine created the 10 NEW TRAD Designers. There work appears in the first Digital Edition of Traditional Home Magazine. I am very impressed by the 10 NEW TRAD's modern take on traditional design and many of them made it to my list of the 10 Best Rooms with Decorator Rugs.

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Tags: decorative rugs, Design Inspiration

How to View the Hand Making of Savonnerie Rugs in Paris

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 9, 2012 2:39:00 PM

Did you know that Savonnerie rugs are still being made by hand in Paris in the same way they were woven in the 17th century?

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Tags: Savonnerie Rugs

Why Young English Women Are Learning Needlepoint Rug Making

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 8, 2012 4:04:00 PM

Why are young Englishwomen so interested in learning the ancient arts of needlework and needlepoint rug making? Did these women secretly hand stitch and hand embroider Kate Middleton's wedding dress in London?

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Tags: Royal School of Needlework, needlepoint rugs

How to Decorate with $4 million Savonnerie Rugs- 10 Sumptuous Rooms

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 7, 2012 3:50:00 PM

A Louis XV Savonnerie rug sold for $4,406,000 at Christies New York in November 2000. It is woven after the design by Pierre-Josse Perrot, circa 1740-50 and is in size 18ft. 8in. x 19ft. 10in.
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Gorgeous Design Scheme for Needlepoint Rug with Gold, Green, Red

Posted by Alexis McDermott on May 4, 2012 10:32:00 PM

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7 Gorgeous Interiors with Modern Savonnerie Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on May 2, 2012 1:15:00 PM

Today's most exciting Savonnerie rugs are stylistically a world apart from the ornate Louis XVI carpets that we usually associate with Savonnerie rugs. These modern Savonerrie rugs are created by contemporary American artists and are ideal for modern interiors. Here are some examples of modern interiors with Savonnerie rugs. Several of these Savonnerie rugs were made from hand painted renderings by American artist Elizabeth Moisan.

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