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12 Decorative Rugs Adorn Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2012

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 30, 2012 3:12:00 PM

Bunny Williams, the chairwoman of this year’s 40th annual Kips Bay Decorator show house explained to the New York Times why visitors pay admission to visit this famous show house.. because they enjoy the “fantasy, the playfulness, the flair of artistry.”

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12 Dazzling Interiors with Decorative Rugs in Red, Yellow and Blue

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 27, 2012 1:59:00 PM

Red and yellow are both warm colors and blue is a cool color. When used together these colors balance each other and create a satisfying composition as you will see in these 12 stunning interiors with decorative rugs by leading interior designers.

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How Decorative Rugs Enrich Alberto Pinto's Top 12 Luxury Interiors

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 27, 2012 12:59:00 AM

The 2012 AD100 list just came out and I was immediately taken by the imaginative decorative rugs in the interiors by Alberto Pinto who's prestigious client list includes the King of Morocco, Saudi Arabian royals, French Investment Bank owners and American captains of industry.

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Tags: Alberto Pinto, Design Inspiration

How to Create Grand Rooms with Aubusson and Needlepoint Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 25, 2012 4:13:00 PM

AD100 interior designer Scott Snyder has no peer when it comes to infusing grandeur and magnificence to interiors. He chooses majestic Aubusson rugs, colorful Needlepoint rugs and lyrical Savonnerie rugs to give his interiors a look of classic elegance and symmetry.
The Franklin Report (considered the Zagat Guide for Interior Designers) quotes Scott Snyder's clients:
"It's amazing--the rooms appear to have a grandeur and symmetry, even though they began as fairly odd shapes." reports one client. Another exclaims "The place looks so much bigger than it did when it was completely empty. We were impressed." “He is excellent at understanding the just-so Palm Beach look", concludes another
According to the Franklin Report "... Snyder has such an instinctual eye for design, he can decide the layout and general direction after just a few minutes of observation” ...”Snyder is noted by insiders as "making the most" out of New York's tight living spaces by utilizing grand mirrors and crafty color schemes to greatly enhance the perception of open space. We are told he is also amazing at melding the interior of any given home--be it in the subtropics of Southern Florida or the concrete jungle of Manhattan--into the existing landscape to create a harmonious balance'.

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Tags: Design Inspiration, Greenwich Design, New York Style, Palm Beach Style, Scott Snyder

10 Chic Florida Interiors with Decorative Rugs in Blue, Yellow, Green

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 22, 2012 12:56:00 AM

Here are some of the most magnificent Florida interiors with beautiful decorative rugs designed by the finest interior designers from Palm Beach to Winter Park. There is no other region on earth where the scale of homes is as grand and the passion for interior design so intense. These interiors show how talented designers enhance the beauty of seaside homes with well chosen decorative rugs in blue, yellow and green.

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Tags: Mark Timothy, Taylor and Taylor, Angela Gutekunst, Thomas Britt, Aman & Carson, Allan Reyes, Jeffrey Stasser, Florida Style, Marc-Michaels, Palm Beach Style, Scott Snyder

Best Seaside Interiors and Decorative Rugs in Maison Côté Sud

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 18, 2012 12:59:00 AM

For the past fourteen years the French magazine Maison Côté Sud has featured gorgeous homes in Provence and in the Mediterranean region at large. It publishes the work of the most important interior designers and photographers. The pictures are always glorious and have a refreshing perspective on interior design and decorative rugs. I love their imaginative decorative rugs and choice of colors, patterns and textures.

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Tags: seaside homes, decorative rugs, Design Inspiration

Geometric Rugs, Greek Key Rugs: 12 Chic Interiors and Decorating Tips

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 16, 2012 12:56:00 AM

Greek key rugs are inspired by the Greek key pattern which is among the most common motifs seen in ancient art. The greek key is also called the meander pattern, after the twisting and turning Meander river in Turkey, see below.

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Tags: Eric Cohler, Greek Key Rugs, David Kleinberg, Jennifer Dyer, D'Aquino Monaco, Geometric Rugs, Design Inspiration, Garrow Kedigian, Amanda Nisbet, Steven Gambrel

Geometric Rugs Inpired by Renaissance Art and Architecture

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 14, 2012 12:59:00 AM

Geometric rugs are very fashionable today. Asmara started the trend for geometric rugs seven years ago with the introduction of the Asmara Ascot rugs and Bombay rugs.

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Tags: Geometric Rugs

Best of June 2012 Design Magazines: 16 Rooms with Decorative Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 10, 2012 11:30:00 PM

Here are my pick of the 16 best interiors with decorative rugs in this months Design Magazines: Architectural Digest had 11, Elle Decor 3, Lonny Magazine 1, Rue Magazine 1, Traditional Home 0 and Veranda 0, House Beautiful 0.

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Tags: Design Inspiration

Giorgio Armani 2012: He Prefers Contemporary Rugs to Sisal

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 9, 2012 12:59:00 AM

1. Today Giorgio Armani prefers contemporary rugs in pure silk. Ten years ago he chose sisal rugs for this New York apartment. What does this tell us about future trends in decorative rugs and about Giorgio Armani evolving tastes in interior design? Here Armani is seated on a pale blue silk rug in the living room of his winter getaway near St. Moritz. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

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Tags: Giorgio Armani, Design Inspiration, Contemporary rugs

Demystifying the Lively Antique Colors of Needlepoint Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 6, 2012 8:00:00 PM

1. The colors on the front side of this needlepoint panel have faded in the 150 years since it was made by hand sometime between 1750 and 1800. Image courtesy

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Paintings of the Queen's Jubilee and Needlepoint Rug Art

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 6, 2012 12:59:00 AM

The BBC invited  20 artists to paint the Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Pageant while standing on the Millenium Bridge over the River Thames. The cold, rainy weather forced many artists to modify their oil painting techniques while others had to abandon their work midway. Here are three of my favorite works in oil.

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Tags: needlepoint rugs, Savonnerie Rugs

10 Chic Decorative Rugs - How to Design "A Room with a View"

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 5, 2012 12:55:00 AM

Julian Sands and Helena Bonham Carter in the 1985 movie "A Room with a View" . Image Courtesy Merchant Ivory Productions.

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Tags: Palmer Weiss, Babs Watkins, Julie Baker and Eleanor Cummings, Massucco Warner Miller, Window Places, decorative rugs, Design Inspiration, Bunny Williams, Timothy Corrigan, Steven Gambrel, Ferguson & Shamamian, Suzanne Tucker

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