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How Celebrities Decorate with Bessarabian Rugs in Dark Brown

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 30, 2013 10:22:00 PM

Many celebrities have used Bessarabian rugs with dark colors to bring drama and style to their homes. Dark colored Bessarabian rugs are dramatic in themselves as they were originally created for Russian royal homes. Designer Dorothy Draper once said, “I always put in one controversial item, it makes people talk.” Bessarabian rugs are mysterious and surprise guests with their unexpected glamor. Interiors with Bessarabian rugs get people talking because they leave a memorable impression.

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What Colors Work Best When Decorating With Orange Rugs?

Posted by Caroline Bell on Jun 28, 2013 6:53:00 PM

You may love the idea of decorating with orange rugs, but you may also be wondering about how they'll work with the other colors in your room. The answer is "beautifully." Orange has a knack for working with many different colors, especially those that contrast with it or complement it. Look at the warm hue of a weathered rust-colored leather Chesterfield, and how it adds seductive wow factor to a room. Have you ever seen the dance of orange and blue colors that intermingle when a flame burns? The colors seem made for each other, a bewitching blend of orange and blue. You've never seen a garden filled with brightly colored flowers and freshly mown grass and thought, "Wow, these colors clash!" Instead, you've probably been lulled into a sense of peace or energized by the colors that you find in nature. When decorating with orange rugs, think of the colors that bring out the beauty of orange without overwhelming the space.

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How to Design Stylish Rooms in Blue with Needlepoint Rugs: 12 Tips

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 27, 2013 11:51:00 PM

In previous blog posts I have advised that a major quality to look for in a needlepoint rug is it's design flexibility. One of the virtues of good art, and a good needlepoint rug is a work of art, is that it never goes out of style. Another major quality of good art is that it works in many different settings and with many decorating styles. For today's blog post we will look at a blue and white needlepoint rug that was used to create two very different, yet equally stunning and original rooms by two highly original and talented decorators. Each room offers valuable decorating lessons.

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How to Design Fashionable Interiors with Oushak Rugs

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 27, 2013 4:04:00 PM

Oushak rugs hold a certain magic due to their blend of modern colorations and centuries old patterns. Oushak rugs seem to hold the mystery of the past and the charms of the most artful colors. Part of the mystique of Oushak rugs is that they seem to work effortlessly with many design styles. Whether you love modern lines or look to create a space with an exotic feel, Oushak rugs will help you make the room feel elegant and beautiful. Oushak rugs can be outrageously chic or they can be as warm and welcoming as a cozy country style home.

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3 Fashionable Ways to Decorate with Bessarabian and Aubusson Rugs

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 26, 2013 10:40:00 PM

Interior Designer Thomas O’Brien said "I'm not about trends or what's in season…For me it's really about beautiful and classical things." Fine Aubusson rugs and Bessarabian rugs represent the finest in classical beauty, which makes them great complements for modern interiors. Both Aubusson and Bessarabian rugs feature motifs from classical architectural and floral elements. The difference between Aubusson rugs and Bessarabian rugs is that the motifs in Bessarabian rugs are drawn in a naive way whcih gives these rugs a more informal look. Both types of rugs are great for modern intriors because the add contrast to the straight lines of modern furniture. Aubusson rugs and Bessarabian rugs come in a wide spectrum of colors. In today's blog post we will learn how AD100 interior designer Scott Snyder picked the perfect Bessarabian rug for a library and just the right Aubusson rugs for a living room and a dinning room. Studying the interiors of a master such as Scott Snyder will help you find the most "beautiful and classical" Aubusson or Bessarabian rug for your room.

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Three Chic Ways to Transform a Room with Orange Rugs

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 25, 2013 10:52:00 PM

Orange has gotten a bad reputation over the years; think hunting vests, traffic cones and day-glo shag rugs. Yet orange is a truly versatile color that can create an array of looks. On the warm color spectrum, the collection of orange tints, shades and hues have a chameleon-like capability to match the aura you want to create. Orange rugs can mimic the effects of the other colors on the warm color palette. Orange rugs can have the vibrancy or stateliness of red, the sunny disposition of yellows and the chic or modern look of pinks. Since orange is a color that also always has a character all its own, it certainly lives up to the adage described by legend jeweler Harry Winston: “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

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How to Design Chic and Restful Bedrooms with Aubusson Rugs

Posted by Caroline Bell on Jun 25, 2013 5:15:00 PM

Aubusson rugs, steeped in history and featuring gorgeous motifs derived from classical architecture and French floral detailing, are the types of rugs that you want to show off. The legendary beauty of traditional Aubusson rugs is so awe-inspiring that the last thing you want to do is to keep them from public view. Your instinct is to display them in your public rooms so that every visitor to your home can enjoy them as much as you do. In a new trend designer's like Michael S. Smith are bringing Aubusson rugs into the bedroom. You can use Aubusson rugs to decorate your bedroom or resting area in the same way that you would use them to decorate the more public spaces of your home. If you can, choose your Aubusson rug first, and let everything else follow. Choose colors and textures that promote rest and calm.

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6 New Ways to Design Chic Rooms with Blue Rugs

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 24, 2013 4:55:00 PM

Viewing rooms or seeing pictures of rooms with blue rugs can help give you an idea of what you can do with color blue and with blue rugs. Such exposure can be inspiring, but it can also be mortifying if you come across a few rooms that have misused blue rugs or have overused the color. You might even begin to doubt your initial inspiration to decorate with blue rugs. However, just because blue has been abused by some, should not lead you to give up on this magnificent color that nature chose for the sky and for the oceans that cover 71% of the earth's surface! There are many ways to design chic and stylish rooms with blue rugs and for today's post I have compiled 6 magnificent rooms with blue rugs that teach us 6 different ways to create chic and stylish rooms with blue rugs. I hope these examples will restore your faith in blue and encourage you to proceed with your initial inspiration.

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Design Spectacular Rooms with Damask Rugs in Black: 3 Tips

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 24, 2013 7:01:00 AM

She gasped in horror when she heard her daughter ask for a black damask rug. Images of dark, cold lairs of despair filled her imagination. But, reluctantly, her daughter, now an interior design student, was given free reign and the finished room looked fantastic. The black damask rug was chic and bold while the colors were able to dance over it without fear of stepping on its toes. If the idea of a black rug brings your thoughts to a gaping hole in the floor of your room, threatening to swallow everything, consider instead the little black dress. Accented by colorful accessories, the black dress is chic and professional and a black damask rug can act the same way, as seen in these rooms which use the beautiful pattern of damask rugs in chic blacks, grays and white to create spectacular spaces. 

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Green Peace: Creating a Serene Haven With Green Rugs

Posted by Caroline Bell on Jun 23, 2013 9:43:00 PM

When you were a child, you may have rolled down a hill thick with grass as the sun turned you a toasty brown. As you came to a stop in the luxuriant foliage, you may have studied it with the intensity and dedication that only a child who has nothing to do for hours and hours can muster. Blades of grass in varying shades of jades, evergreen and emerald may have jumbled together to make what you probably considered the most beautiful carpet in the world.

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How to Decorate Fearlessly with Orange Rugs

Posted by Caroline Bell on Jun 22, 2013 10:52:00 PM

If you believe that decorating with orange rugs is something only a nostalgic hippy with a penchant for shag carpeting would do, you will be surprised to learn that the color soothsayers at Pantone named Tangerine Tango as the 2012 color of the year. Since there is sometimes a lag before colors forecasted by Pantone begin to show up in women's fashion and even a longer lag before high end orange rugs begin appearing, you are well ahead of the fashion curve if you are contemplating decorating with orange rugs. You will be happy to learn that orange is one of the most flattering colors on the color wheel. In varying hues, it works with just about every skin tone and color scheme. You can saturate a room with it, or use it sparingly via little bursts of color sprinkled around the room. It's a color for both the color-proud and the color-phobic. You can try it on its own or with complementary colors like yellow or contrasting colors such as blue and green. It can be infused into traditional design or take center stage in a modern aesthetic style. 

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Celebrity Aubusson Rugs in Traditional and Modern Interiors

Posted by Caroline Bell on Jun 21, 2013 10:31:00 PM

The story of Aubusson rugs can be told in three acts. In the first act, the mid-1600s versions of these hand-woven tapestry rugs have not survived so we can only speculate that they probably looked somewhat like the flat-woven kilims of the near-east because the art of tapestry weaving is thought to have come from members of the invading Saracen army who stayed behind and settled in France after the battle of Poitiers in 732 A.D. Act two opens after 1750, with Aubusson rugs adopting the grand, floral style of the plush, much lauded, exclusively royal and oft-envied Savonnerie carpet. The final act brought forth Aubusson rugs woven in the mid 1800's during the reign of the last King of France, Louis Philippe. These Aubusson rugs have a romantic blend of floral and architectural elements that we now think of as the typical Aubusson rug look. When you think of Aubusson rugs, you may have a very strict and rigid interpretation of how they should be used. You may have visions of old French country estates filled with rooms decked out with heady and intoxicating baroque elements or spaces filled with softer but still elaborate rococo furnishings. If so, it's time to broaden your vision: Aubusson rugs can be placed in rooms as varied and diverse as their history.

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How to Add Chic Energy to Rooms with Damask Rugs in Modern Colors

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 21, 2013 3:05:00 PM

Beautiful silk damask fabrics in the Victoria and Albert Museum show that this art developed in ancient Damascus and Byzantium. Modern damask rugs are inspired by ancient damask fabrics but they have fresh, contemporary colors. An artistically colored damask rug can be used to give modern rooms a feeling of sophistication and history. Modern damask rugs are also perfect for bringing youthful energy to traditional decorating. AD100 interior designer David Kleinberg could have been speaking about modern damask rugs when he said, “When you stay relentlessly in one period, the eye absorbs it all in a single glance. Going against period introduces energy.” Damask rugs bring a chic energy to a room because they combine ancient patterns with modern colorations.  Take a look at the stylish energy in the rooms pictured below and learn how damask rugs are the perfect jumping off point for creating chic and invigorating rooms.

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3 Ways to Bring Nature's Tranquil Beauty Indoors with Green Rugs

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 20, 2013 3:50:00 PM

Green is a truly versatile color. Like blue, it is on the cool side of the color spectrum, so using green rugs and other green elements will create a feeling of calm in your rooms. Green is also nature’s favorite color and is found along side every color found in nature from yellow and red to blue and purple. You can create pop by juxtaposing red, yellow, orange on an other warm color on a green rug. Or, you can create tonal variations with many shades of green ranging from yellow green to blue green.  Green rugs also work well with neutrals such as white, tan, black and gray.

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How to Design Young and Alluring Interiors with Oushak Rugs: 4 Tips

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 20, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Modern Oushak rugs are an artful combination of ancient patterns and modern colorations. These Oushak rugs will add depth to modern interiors and or they can be use to give a modern look to traditional rooms. If you find bright colors intimidating, then you will find softly colored Oushak rugs very easy to work with. If you love vibrant colors, then too you can find Oushak rugs that make it easy to introduce color in a unified and calming way. Modern Oushak rugs come in a wide range of colors and you can pick the perfect Oushak rug to bring in just the right amount of color that you desire. But before we go any further I would like to remind you of a wise saying by House Beautiful Magazine's Top 100 Designer, Christina Murphy, "Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging." Murphy could have been speaking about modern Oushak rugs as they are help you introduce punches of color and make a room feel youthful and engaging. We will learn four different ways to decorate with Oushak rugs that allow you to introduce either vibrant or very soft colors into a room.

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How to Decorate in Celebrity Style with Aubusson Rugs: 4 Tips

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 18, 2013 10:49:00 PM

Ever since the cover of Architectural Digest featured a fabulous Louis XV Aubusson rug in the updated Manhattan penthouse of White House interior designer Michael S. Smith, Aubusson rugs have become all the rage with trend setting interior designers who like to combine the best aspects of modern with great classical designs. In this blog post we will learn how with a few quick moves, and perfectly chosen Aubusson rug can make your home look like a celebrity's.

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3 Chic Ways to Design Modern or Traditional Rooms with Green Rugs

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 17, 2013 10:25:00 PM

Frank Lloyd Wright famously said, “Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.” Wright could have been talking about green rugs and how they can be an inspiration for a room in any decorating style from clean contemporary to formal traditional. Green is the base color for nature and nature is where all great decorators learn color composition. Green is in the foliage of every tree, flower, shrub and meadow. In fact a green meadow is nature's green rug on which every color looks its best. So a green rug will serve as a strong base for the styling of a room in any color palette. Today we will learn about three chic ways to decorate with green rugs.

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How to Avoid Mistakes when Decorating with Blue Rugs: 3 Tips

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 16, 2013 10:40:00 PM

Blue is a notoriously challenging color to decorate with.  Illustrator Scott Adams said that “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” However, it is easy to make mistakes with blue. Yet, when blue is used to its best advantage, the results are magical. If you want to challenge your creativity with blue, but need to minimize costly mistakes, you can start with one of three simple techniques to create a glorious room.

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Bring Chic Luxury to Living Rooms with Aubusson Rugs: 3 Tips

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 14, 2013 5:30:00 PM

Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is Architecture: It is a matter of proportions.” The iconic French designer very well could have been speaking about Aubusson Rugs, which also have origins in the same Mecca of fashion and design. Aubusson rugs are patterned after the stunning tapestries created in the Aubusson region for centuries.

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How to Pick Aubusson Rugs For Stylish and Peaceful Blue Rooms

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 12, 2013 10:52:00 PM

For those who live hectic lives where time seems in short supply - the calming effect of rooms designed with blue Aubusson rugs carry waves of peaceful feelings. Anyone wishing to cultivate more restful feelings in the home can make great use of Aubusson rug with blue accents. Previous blog posts on decorating with blue rugs have pointed out that blue rooms that do not have any warm colors such as beige, yellow or gold can feel cold. A room feels inviting and calming when it has a balance of cool and warm colors. The three stylish interiors in today's post demonstrate how to achieve this balance..

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Four Stylish Ways of Decorating with Green Rugs and Emerald Green

Posted by Caroline Bell on Jun 11, 2013 9:05:00 PM

If you've been thinking about decorating with green rugs, it might interest you to know that the all-knowing color experts at Pantone have declared Emerald Green as the 2013 Color of the Year. While I do not believe a room's color palette should be determined solely by what Pantone happens to declare as the color of the year, it is still helpful to know this, if for no other reason than it explains why so many fashion houses, interior design companies and décor magazines are coming up with rugs and fabrics with splashes of jewel-toned viridian. Rich, vibrant emerald green is a color used to promote benevolence and harmony, and it can also be used to help bring clarity and lucidity to a room. With all of the emerald dresses, accessories and furniture being made, I wanted to take a longer perspective, as we should do in interior design, and show how to great interior designers decorate with green rugs. Following the examples of these designers will help us design rooms with green rugs that will look stylish not just this year, but hopefully, five and ten years from now.

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4 Tips: How To Find Oushak Rugs For Designing Chic Rooms

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 10, 2013 6:35:00 PM

When shopping for gray Oushak rugs make sure the rug has an artistic color palette with a balance of cool and warm colors. Avoid grey Oushak rugs in which all the colors are cool, as these rugs will be less flexible to decorate with.  Instead, look for grey Oushak rugs with hints of warm colors such as brown or gold to balance the cool grey colors. These Oushak rugs will make it easy to design stylish rooms and these rooms will feel inviting in both winter and summer. Artistically designed Oushak rugs will help you bring glamor and warmth to contemporary interiors and they will also make it easy to add a young vibe to traditional rooms. The reason these Oushak rugs work so well in both contemporary and traditional interiors is that they are a combination of ancient and modern elements- their patterns are traditional, yet their colors are modern. Their historical patterns bring depth and warmth to contemporary interiors and their modern colors give a young vibe to traditional rooms. Another big advantage of these Oushak rugs is that because their colors are well-balanced these rugs will work with a wide range of fabrics. This not only makes it easy to find fabrics that go with them, but it also makes it easy to change the décor in the future by just changing a few fabrics and wall color while keeping the same Oushak rug.  Decorating flexibility is a highly important quality to look for in an Oushak rug. Because, while you can change fabrics on an upholstered chair or sofa and re-paint the walls, there is nothing you can do if the rug will not work with your new decorating style. Therefore it is important to pick a grey Oushak rug that goes with many colors and many decorative styles. We will learn what to look for in grey Oushak rugs and learn how to create stunning rooms with them.

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How to Design Stylish and Captivating Rooms with Green Rugs: 5 Tips

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 9, 2013 10:16:00 PM

Green rugs and rugs with green accent colors are the easiest to decorate with since green goes with every color of the rainbow. If you need proof of this statement, just look at any flower and regardless of whether is is yellow, red, purple or blue it is always supported by green leaves. Of course there are an infinite number of shades of green in nature and this is how nature makes sure it pairs just the right shade of green to go with a particular shade of yellow or an orange. While nature is the greatest teacher, we can learn how to apply nature's decorating wisdom to interiors by looking at rooms designed by talented interior designers. The interior designers featured in today's psot show us numerous ways to decorate with green rugs in captivating ways. After perusing these rooms, green rugs will be an option you will not want to pass over! 

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How to Create Cozy and Stylish Interiors with Oushak Rugs: 4 Tips

Posted by Caroline Bell on Jun 8, 2013 10:22:00 PM

"Richly faded colors" seems like an oxymoron, and yet the phrase is one of the best ways to describe the beauty of fine Oushak rugs. Even if you're not knowledgeable about different rug types, there's something about Oushak rugs that makes you want them when you see them. Shades of terracotta, gold, cream, soft rust and muted ochre seem to be the name of the game with these rugs that seem to quietly whisper "history", even if they've been made in the past 50 years and their colors are quite modern. These beautiful floor coverings owe their luminous qualities to the rich, fine hand spun wool that the best Oushak rugs are made of. Whether you're looking at the more traditional star or medallion Oushak rugs, or the more modern variety with soft colors, the transformative power of Oushak rugs cannot be understated. You'd never describe them as loud or overbearing.

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The History, Legend and Allure of Bessarabian Carpets

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jun 7, 2013 5:03:00 PM

Bessarabian carpets are flat-woven tapestry rugs that were hand woven on a wooden loom similar to the loom used to make Aubusson rugs. The very finest Bessarabian rugs were produced in the 18th century in the Russian Imperial Tapestry Factory. This factory was founded by Peter the Great after he returned from England and France where he was impressed by the magnificent Savonnerie, Aubusson and Axminister carpets he saw in the palaces of his hosts. These French and English carpets had already become the height of fashion at the Russian court and with the nobility and their importation was causing a drain on the Russian treasury. So the Russian Imperial Tapestry factory was set up to copy French and English carpets and remove the need for importing them. Soon the demand for these rugs grew and more factories were set up in villages controlled by the Russian landed gentry. The name Bessarabian derives from the historical region where these rugs were made. This region is now split between the present day Republic of Moldova and Romania. What makes Bessarabian rugs so desirable today is due to a fortunate accident - the weavers of Bessarabia were country folk with a country aesthetic. They copied the ornate French and English patterns in a more folksy manner giving these rugs a more comfortable feeling which has made them highly attractive to modern tastes. 

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6 Ways to Bring Chic Color and Young Energy to Rooms with Oushak Rugs

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 6, 2013 3:14:00 PM

If you're envisioning bursts of beautiful accent colors to bring young energy and chic glamor into your space, soft and subtle Oushak rugs may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But you will be surprised how interior designers are using fine Oushak rugs to create chic and colorful living rooms and bedrooms, as evidenced by the 5 gorgeous interiors in today's post. The best Oushak rugs have another big advantage- they will be in style long after current design trends have faded. Interior designers are using the subtle colors in fine Oushak rugs to create equally subtle rooms. They are also using Oushak rugs to soften rooms that are hard, formal, or dark. And sometimes there is a beautiful color woven into Oushak rugs and this color is drawn upon to choose eye catching accent pieces that bring color and energy to the room. Oushak rugs are an excellent choice when you are looking to introduce color into a room and also desire the longevity and versatility of a timeless rug.
But how can subtly colored Oushak rugs bring bright colors to a room? 

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Four Ways to Design Glamorous Interiors with Geometric Rugs

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 5, 2013 6:02:00 PM

In today's psot we will discuss four ways geometric rugs can help you design chic and glamorous interiors. Geometric patterns are extremely adaptable and flexible and we see them all around us, from the delicate symmetry of a snowflake or seashell spiral in nature to the man-made structures that have stood the test of time. Geometry plays a central role in architecture and design. This love affair with symmetry, balance and proportion plays out in interior design as well, and the concept is highlighted by the adaptability of geometric rugs to bring a room together with balance and symmetry that is so pleasing to the eye.

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Tags: Tilton Fenwick, Geometric Rugs, Design Inspiration, Pamela Gaylin Ryder, Iain Halliday

How to Create a Hotel-Chic Vibe in Your Home with Aubusson Rugs

Posted by Caroline Bell on Jun 4, 2013 5:27:00 PM

The Hotel le Bristol in Paris. The Sanderson in London. The Peninsula in Bangkok. You know the feeling. You walk into the hotel for a weekend getaway. You're under the hotel's spell from the moment you enter and step on a fabulous Aubusson rug under a 10,000 light chandelier sparkling overhead while dreamy, grey walls create a soothing backdrop. You insert the card key into the lock and, swinging the doors open wide, you're immediately transported to a place of luxury, peace and a feeling of welcome. The furnishings could be fun and eclectic, or they could be traditional and reserved. The thing that stands out for you is that it all feels so richly luxurious, instantly creating a space that you never want to leave. You look around, determined to find out the secret for bringing hotel-like style into your own space.

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How to Pick Aubusson Rugs for Chic Interiors: 6 Tips

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 3, 2013 5:57:00 PM

You've seen them, and you've fallen in love. Beautiful, richly colored Aubusson rugs have found a place in your heart! From the classy rooms of Downton Abbey to the glamorous interiors that Pinterest has you pining for, you would love to fill your home with such a luxurious feel. But you are not quite sure how to get started and how to pick the right Aubusson rug to create the feeling you desire for the space. So I put together a short list of what to look for so you end up with that perfect Aubusson rug that will bring glamour and chic style to your interiors. I will explain these step by step and illustrate them with examples of rooms by great interior designers.

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Tags: British Royals, Design Inspiration, Aubusson Rugs, Downton Abbey, Scott Snyder, Neoclassical Rugs

Picking Pastel Rugs by Personality

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 2, 2013 11:57:00 AM

Whether you are a sunny personality or a deep spirit, everyone needs a space that they can retreat to, that they can find peace in. When figuring out how to turn your space into the perfect escape, pastel rugs are a great place to start.
Pastel rugs are beautiful, dusted with grace. Soft colors inspire calm. Pastel rugs can be found in the traditional Easter spectrum and also in the even more muted hues of grays and browns. And building from the ground up, pastel rugs can compose a room of serenity for your space that fits your personality.

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Tags: Charles Faudree, Pastel Rugs, Melanie Turner, Carrier and Company

How Thomas O'Brien Designs Stylish Rooms with Damask Rugs: 5 Tips

Posted by Kate Watson on Jun 1, 2013 11:51:00 PM

Damask rugs in modern colors and subtle shading created with Savonnerie carpet weaving techniques make it easier to design rooms that will always be considered stylish. Interior design should be about more than what is current or the latest fad. It should be about what makes you feel good. AD100 interior designer Thomas O'Brien once said "I'm not about trends or what's in season. I look back and bring things forward or I find what I think is unique or special. For me it's really about beautiful and classical things." O'Brien may have been talking about modern Damask rugs because these rugs combine centuries old patterns with modern colorations. When O’Brien decorates with damask rugs he mixes furniture of different styles and from different periods, and often one cannot tell the old from the new because each piece becomes part of the story.

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