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A Red, Blue, Gold Stripe Oriental Rug Welcomes Mona Hajj's Entrance

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Oct 21, 2011 2:03:00 AM

Red, Blue, gold striped oriental rug, Mona Hajj Interiors
A red, blue and gold striped oriental kilim rug warms a cottage's kitchen entrance designed by Mona Hajj Interiors. The weathered paint on the walls and the brick tiled floor are softened by stepping on a soft oriental rug, making the visitor feel welcome and gengtly pampered. There is ample room to store wet boots, fishing gear and raincoats etc. An oriental rug for an entrance such as this should be sturdy, the colors should hide dirt and the wool should be of good quality so it naturally repels stains.

An elegant red, blue and gold striped oriental rug invites guests into this cottage entry following the rules of good design for welcoming visitors to a home. Its rich colors and balanced design give the eye a taste of unexpected delight and harmony that is the hallmark of the work of Baltimore-based interior designer Mona Hajj featured in her book Interior Visions.

When welcoming guests to your home, you want to select design elements that will present your home as tasteful, inviting and fashionable.

Fine quality striped oriental rugs are very appropriate for cottages in Maine, Vermont  and the mid Atlantic.

The entrance to a home balances the exterior and interior of the home, acting as a literal bridge between the outside world and the interior space. This red, blue and gold striped oriental rug echoes both the entry and interior in color and form, sending a subtle message to guests that they are welcome and treasured by a family with refined taste that also knows how to play and enjoy life both indoors and outdoors.

The design language of Mona Hajj accommodates the rustic and the refined; other interiors by Mona share the balance of this rustic, yet sophisticated cottage entry, but all share the aesthetic pleasure of a well-balanced room that reflects the owner's taste with small surprises in color, shape and accent.

You may be seeking a rug for a larger space than this cottage entry, and your flooring may be stone or wood rather than rustic brick. You can get striped rugs in several different weaves and colors and you can custom order them in any size and colors. Below are examples of two striped oriental rugs and one basket weave oriental rug from Asmara.

Horizon striped oriental rug,red, blue, gold and black striped rug, Asmara rug

Horizons is a handmade oriental rug with a luxurious cut and loop texture that makes a fashionable statement while being very practical and durable. The hand spun wool offers the benefit of wool's natural soil resistant properties.

Corfu striped rug, red, cream, gold, blue, Asmara rug

 Artist's rendering of Corfu striped oriental rug. Corfu can be custom ordered in any size and colors either as a flat woven oriental rug or a pile oriental rug made with durable hand spun yarns.

Claridge oriental rug, red, gold,cream and blue basketweave design oriental rug, Asmara rug

Artist's rendering of Claridge a basket weave oriental rug. Claridge has the same colors as Corfu above and can also be custom ordered in any size and colors, in a choice of either a flat woven oriental rug or a pile oriental rug.

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