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How to Design with Decorative Rugs in Yellow, Purple, Coral and Aqua

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Dec 6, 2011 1:04:00 AM

yellow, coral, green, aqua decorative rugInterior Designer Susan Nelson  was selected by the Washington Design Center to do the interior design of the coveted living room in the prestigious DreamHome 2011. Susan chose a color scheme of yellow, purple, green, aqua, coral, lavender and pink that she derived from a favorite decorative rug by Asmara. Susan explains her design process in this blog post.

"My goal was to design a pretty living room that would bring a smile to anyone who entered", says Susan Nelson. "The first design decision was to use the Asmara Pamplona decorative rug to center the furniture. I just love this geometric, architectural rug and can’t help but smile when I look at all those colors – yellow, green, coral, turquoise, lavender....

Yellow, coral, purple, aqua decorative rug, Susan Nelson Interiors

The Pamplona Decorative rug's architectural-geometric pattern was inspired by French Savonnerrie rugs of the Directoire period. Susan Nelson started with the Pamplona rug to center the living room's furniture and to pick the color palette of fresh yellow, green, coral, turquoise and lavender from the rug. These vibrant colors give the room a modern, contemporary feeling.  

Beige, Purple, Aqua Decorative rug, Susan Nelson Interiors

"Once the decorative rug was decided, the walls were next; the yellow glaze adds to the room’s light and airy feel, then, I had to use lavender on the tufted love seat as an exciting contrast to the yellow decorative rug" explained Susan...Both the mirrored console table and the “branch” glass coffee table have a sparkling quality about them. The bookcases flanking the fireplace echo the structured decorative rug pattern. The aqua “peacock” chairs add a touch of whimsy.."

Yellow, Purple, Aqua, Coral Decorative rug, Susan Nelson Interiors

"...A green awning striped chaise, blue striped pillow, purple lamp and pillows, yellow chairs and pink pillows….it works!" exclaimed Susan Nelson describing her design choices for the living room in the prestigious DreamHome 2011 at the Washington DC Design Center...."The hourglass chairs are covered in a yellow woven circular fabric that’s fresh and modern, and the green Greek key fabric on the sofa has the same light, fresh feeling".

peacock colored decorative rug

                                                              The aqua peacock chair

Yellow, aqua, coral, purple decorative rug, Susan Nelson Interiors

"The landscape painting above the mantel, Anthony’s Nose by David Mahler, perpetuates the light fresh feeling..., and who could resist playing at the game table under that amazing aqua chandelier? I chose one of Manuel Canovas’ wonderful over sized cotton prints in purple and spring green for the drapes".

"I was able to be a little more adventurous with color than I typically would be with a client. The colors I used in this room were all found in the beautiful Pamplona decorative rug" concluded Susan Nelson.

You can see more of Susan Nelson's interior design in her portfolio.

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