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Elle Decor’s 7 Most Pinned Rooms with Designer Rugs in 2016

Posted by Abid Ilahi on Jan 12, 2017 10:18:55 PM

These 7 living rooms, bedroom, home office and library from Elle Decor with beautiful contemporary rugs were admired the most on Pinterest in 2016. They exemplify what sets Elle Decor apart from all other design magazines.


1. Pink, White and Black  

A pink and white contemporary rug pops against a black lacquered floor in actors Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman'’s house in Hollywood designed by Ames Ingham. 3,800 Pins.


2. Gold, White and Pink

A golden beige and white fur rug compliments pink grass cloth wall covering in the master bedroom of stylist and editor Jackie Astier's high style Upper East Side apartment. 3,700 Pins.



3. Red and Cream

A reddish brown and white cowhide rug anchors a cream sofa and green leather upholstered chair in the living room of the Chicago apartment of Devin Kirk. 3,600 Pins 


4. Red and White

A red oriental rug layered on top of a sisal rug pops against white shelving in designer Claudia Benvenuto's home office in her Los Angeles home. 3,500 Pins.


 contemporary-rug-moroccan-rug-library-in-designer-Kelly-Behun- weekend-house-Southampton-New York-elle-decor.jpg

5. Cream and Brown

A cream and brown Moroccan style rug anchors a leather sofa designed by Kelly Behun in the weekend house she designed for her family in Southampton, New York. 3,200 Pins



6. Cream, Gray and Blue

An abaca rug anchors cream, gray and blue upholstery and walls and fireplace of marmorino plaster in the living room of a house overlooking the Pacific in Dana Point, California designed by M. Elle Design. 3,000 Pins



7. Blue, White and Red

a blue and white art deco inspired rug contrasts with red white and blue ikat fabrics and cream upholstery in the living room of São Paulo-based designer Sig Bergamin's apartment in Manhattan's West Village. 2,300 Pins. 


All room images courtesy Elle Decor.


Tags: Ames Ingham, Kelly Behun, Sig Bergamin, M. Elle Design, Jackie Astier, Claudia Benvenuto

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