10 Best Rugs for Libraries You Want to Nestle In

At this time of year there is nothing cozier than a library you can nestle in with or without a book. Here are ten of the most beautiful and cozy libraries with the best rugs selected by interior designers who have a special gift for finding the best decorator rugs. These rooms are a rich source of design inspiration.

Best oriental rugs, decorator rugs, Ferguson & Shamamian

1. One of the best rugs for a masculine library such as this one in Westport Connecticut is a geometric rug. I like the small scale geometric motifs that vary in color and shape-no two motifs are exactly the same. The muted rose-brick color is reminiscent of leather bound volumes. This is one of many great library designs by Ferguson and Shamamian who are great masters at creating beautifully atmospheric libraries. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamian.

Best rugs, best modern rugs, decorator rugs, Bunny Williams

2. Bunny Williams is another great master of library design. This is the best rug for a library designed to balance feminine and masculine elements with its over scale botanical pattern in white, blue, gold and brown. Who would not want to spend time in this jewel of a library in a East Hampton retreat. Image courtesy Bunny Williams.

Best rugs, best modern rugs, contemporary wool rug

3. This library has a wonderful mix of traditional and modern elements. This is the best modern rug for a library because it blends an ancient pattern with a modern coloration. The repeating geometric motifs are ancient keltic knots. The silver gray, blue and white coloration gives the rug and the room a contemporary feeling.

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4. Kara Mann‘s libray feels modern, classical, maculine, feminine, sumptous and austere all at the same time. This what makes Kara’s design a masterpiece. The best rug for such a library is an Oushak rug in contemporary colors. An antique oushak rug pattern has been reproduced in a modern tonal coloration of gray and taupe. Image courtesy Kara Mann.

Best rugs, best modern rugs, contemporary wool rug, Nate Berkus

5. Nate Berkus’s library evokes ancient Chinese calligraphy in a modern way. Steve Jobs recounted in his memorable speech to Stanford graduates how his design philosophy evolved from his study of calligraphy while he was a drop out at Reade College. This striped purple and white decorator rug evokes calligraphy as well as a music score. It is the best rug for evoking complex feelings of ancient art and modern life. Image courtesy Elle Decor and Nate Berkus.

Best rugs, Best modern rugs, contemporary wool rug, Steve Gambrel

6. Steve Gambrel’s contemporary study, library and home office in a West Village penthouse has wall to wall shelves connected by metal rods and neat storage boxes covered in linen. The floor has been lacqured in black and the furniture has dark brown frames with white upholstery. The best rug for this room is a white contemporary rug with softly colored bands that echo the steel frame of the large window. Image courtesy Steve Gambrel and Elle Decor.

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7. Mona Hajj Interiors designed this elegant and inviting traditional library in blues, coral and red. Mona Hajj has a vast knowledge of rugs and this is one of the best oriental rugs for a traditional library. It has a small scale geometric pattern and wonderful antique tones of terracotta and the blues found in ancient tiles. Image courtesy Mona Hajj Interiors.

Best rugs, best oriental rugs, Ferguson and Shamamian

8. This beautiful library by Ferguson and Shamamian has an ethereal beauty and elegance. The soft gray, blues and brown wood tones a reminiscent of a Vermeer painting. The best rug for such a library is a tonal leaf pattern in gray and blue. The rug provides muted canvas on which the beauty of the furniture, art and the warmth of the fire can be enjoyed. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamian.

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9. Bunny Williams library for a Texas ranch exudes a feeling of energy and movement. The cool reds of the upholstered chairs, the warm reds of the book bindings, the brown leather sofa and the honey brown wood paneling raise the temperature. The best rug for supporting the feeling of moving energy is this striped decorator rug in red, green and cream. Image courtesy Bunny Williams.

Best rugs, best oriental rugs, Ferguson and Shamamian

10. I hope by now you will agree that all the interior designers featured in this blog are masters at picking the best rugs for libraries whether they are traditional, modern or contemporary. Ferguson and Shamamian has chosen the best oriental rug for a library with a sophisticated, classical and refined elegance. The blue and pomegranate tones of the oriental rug provide all the color in this room of muted wood tones in the paneling and furniture. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamian.


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