10 Decorating Risks You Need to Take with Floral Rugs

The most memorable interiors in history did not come about by playing it safe with colors, patterns, textures and scale.There is a fine line between faux pas and innovative style. With study and practice we can hone a fearless personal style. Today’s 10 gorgeous interiors with floral rugs show how to take educated risks and the rewards that can come from them.

1. Pair Jewel Toned Floral Rug with White Walls and Ceiling  


Barbara Bush and Maggie Betts style is the very opposite of matchy- matchy.  By painting walls and ceiling a crisp white they brought a modern romantic vibe to their New York living room with its deep red floral rug and gilded traditional furniture.

2. Pair Bright Colors with Floral Rug


The living room of interior designer Asia Baker’s Long Island family home feels young and fresh because the yellow of the drapes is much brighter than the yellow flowers in the Asmara Summer Oriental Rug. Crisp white walls add to the modern vibe.

3. Mix Bright Patterns with Floral Rug


Mixing floral and plaid fabrics in brighter shades of yellow, pink sand greens than in the Summer Rug creates an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in Asia Baker’s family’s Long Island home.

4. Pair Colorful Floral Rug with Neutral Fabrics


This Palm Beach garden room feels calm and relaxing because Kemble interiors chose fabrics that resonate with the browns and tans in the Asmara Branches Aubusson Rug. If the upholstery and drapery had been in the reds, yellows and blues of the floral rug, the room would have a very different feeling.

5. Cover Every Surface with Mismatched Floral Patterns


Featured in Vogue Living Australia, this living room is a Bohemian rhapsody with all visible surfaces covered in mismatched jewel toned light and dark floral patterns. Interest is heightened by using a wide mix of pattern scales from large scale of the floral rug to the intricate details in the gold screen.


6. Mix Modern Art, Ethnic Textiles and Floral Aubusson Rug


Kate Spade’s created a stylish and modern Manhattan living room by mixing modern art with central Asian fabrics and floral Aubusson rug. “When you stay relentlessly in one period, the eye absorbs it all in a single glance…” says AD100 interior designer David Kleinberg.


 7. Pair Tonal Purple Floral Rug with Purple Walls and Fabrics


 AD100 interior designer Jamie Drake uses a floral rug in tonal shades of purple to take this bedroom in a very unexpected direction. Drake balanced the cool purples, turquoise and greens with dark wood floors and gold chair frames.

8. Mix Multiple Chinoiserie Patterns with Floral Rug


Valentino’s love for Chinoiserie is clearly evident in in his newly renovated French château. Even though every object from the floral rug to the wall murals are influenced by the Chinoiserie aesthetic, the room feels fresh because of the mix of colors, textures, shapes and materials and because the objects are made by different cultures such as French, Chinese, English, Italian and Portuguese.

10. Pair Blue Walls and Fabrics with Blue Floral Rug


This Martha’s Vineyard bedroom by AD100 interior designer Victoria Hagan shows how to create serenity with a blue floral rug, pale blue walls and fabrics in different shades of blue and lavender.. Warmth is added by a pale yellow comfortor and a white lamp adds crisp contrast.


 Images courtesy Vogue, Vogue Living Australia, Architectural Digest, Florida Design and Kate Spade.







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