14 Gorgeous Rooms: How to Decorate with Green and Green Rugs

If you are tired of neutrals and are also unsure of how to introduce color into your next decorating project, you should consider green. Green is safer than most other colors because every color in the rainbow goes with green. If you paint the walls green or start with a green rug it will become much easier to find great coordinating fabrics, furniture and accessories. Today’s 14 gorgeous green rooms show:

  • How to Add Pizazz to a Dining Room with a Green Rug
  • How to Bring Fresh Energy to a Stately Room with a Green Aubusson Rug
  • How to Create a Modern Zen Vibe in a Living Room with a Green Rug
  • How to Design a Modern Dining Room with Green and Blue and White Chinoiserie
  • How to Bring Nature Indoors with a Green Rug
  • How to Make a Dark Room Feel Light and Airy with a Green Rug
  • How to Design an Exotic Garden Room with Green and Animal Print Rugs
  • How to Enliven a Traditional Room with Bright Green and Hot Pink
  • How to Bring Style and Glamour to a Girl’s Bedroom with Green
  • How to Coordinate Adjoining Spaces with Green 


Moss green reflects the “Mood of the Moment” according to the November-December 2014 Veranda. 



1. To bring young energy to a room, use a green and white rug and add more green and cream accents throughout the room. Paint walls a pale gray as this will make the greens appear more vibrant. Since green and grey are cool colors, you need to balance them with warm colors such as the wood tones, tan and gold upholstered chair and gold ceiling light fixture used in this dining room by the HGTV makeover design team.


Bring young energy to a formal room with colorful Aubusson rug with green accent colors. Paint the walls the same shade of green as in the Aubusson rug. Create crisp contrast with white doors and windows and add warmth with wood tones and gold picture frames as in the Green Room of the White House.


Create a modernist Zen vibe with the Como FG rug. Heighten drama by painting walls a dark gray and add sophistication and layering with fabrics and accessories in several shades of gray from silver to dark gray. Balance the cooling effect of green and gray by adding accent pieces in warm metallic tones such as the hand worked copper disk and weathered natural wood table and lamp. Create movement by distributing accent pieces across the room in a mix of volumes, heights and shapes as in this chic living room by Koch Studio.


Modernize Chinoiserie style by juxtaposing Kelly green dining chairs, blue and white porcelain, exotic wood dining table and black and white geometric painted floor (or decorative rug) as in this stunning dining room by Grant Gibson.


Bring the invigorating energy of nature indoors with a cream and green decorative rug. Create a light and airy atmosphere with white walls, ceiling and upholstery. Spread green across the room with drapes and artwork as in this beautiful living room. Add warmth with dark wood accented furniture, metallic accessories and pops of warm colors such as yellow.


Make a narrow room feel sunny and expansive with a green decorative rug with rounded motifs. Paint walls a yellowish-green and choose furniture with round and curving contours to balance the rectangular shape of the room, as in this office and library in 2014 AD100 designer Muriel Brandolini’s New York townhouse.


Personalize your office and library by grouping black and white photographs on a bluish-green wall, Add warmth and flair with uniquely styled antique wood furniture and ground the entire space with a yellowish-green rug with warm accent colors


Design an edgy garden room with zebra and leopard print rugs and green trellised walls reminiscent of Elsie de Wolfe’s glamorous residence near the palace of Versailles. Add crisp contrast with white upholstery and black accents and warmth with wood tones and gold accents, as in the New Orleans home of retired New York advertising legend Peter Rogers.


Add zest to a traditional room by juxtaposing bright colors such as hot pink fabric, bright Kelly green lacquered wall paneling and gold accents. Pull everything together with a creamy-yellow decorative rug.


Bring romance to a master bedroom by painting walls a soft bluish-green and layer more shades of blue-green with fabrics and furniture. Add warmth and allure with a beige floral needlepoint rug and create a contrasting geometric pattern by hanging pictures along a rectangular grid, as in this Manhattan master bedroom designed by Brockschmidt & Coleman. Add punch and verve by upholstering chairs in pink, yellow and Kelly green in a mix of silk and cotton fabrics.


Devise a chic girl’s bedroom by covering the walls in a yellow-green fabric with a soft texture and matte finish. Create calmness by using the same green fabric for the drapery. Add pizazz with pale blue, lavender, lilac, purple and gray fabrics in a mix of floral, stripe and Ikat patterns. Create contrast with white wood trim and black accent pieces. Add warmth by trimming the drapes, upholstery, headboard and bedcover in medium brown. Anchor the entire room with a grey rug as in this Jeffrey Bilhuber designed girl’s bedroom in Manhattan. 


Marry classic grace with modern flair in a master suite by painting the walls of the dressing and sitting area yellow-green and adding warmth with a beige, tan and gold wool and silk geometric rug. Heighten glamour by layering in several shades of green, blue, gold and brown in a mix of textures and materials such as fabric, wood and metal, as in designer Alison Spear’s master suite in New York’s Duchess County.


 Connect the sleeping area of the master suite to the sitting and dressing area by trimming the coverlet and pillowcases in yellow-green as in Alison Spear’s Duchess County home.


Breathe new life into a dark living room by painting the walls a yellow-green. Add vitality by mixing English, Neoclassical and French furniture in a variety of shapes, volumes and heights. Heighten excitement by introducing a mix of warm and cool colors such as pink, yellow, lilac and purple through fabrics and accessories of different textures and materials. Finally make all the colors pop by grounding the room with a grey rug and painting the ceiling a similar shade of gray as in this New York penthouse glamorously transformed by Mario Buatta.


Cheer up a stately drawing room by painting the walls a bright yellow-green and adding crisp contrast with white fireplace and ceiling. Add warmth with a brown and red needlepoint rug. Enliven with pops of yellow and gold upholstery and picture frames as in the rear drawing room of Scotland’s 17th-century Yester House rejuvenated by Francis Menotti the adopted son of composer Gian Carlo Menotti.

 Images courtesy Veranda, The White House, Pinterest, HGTV, Asmara, Inc. and Architectural Digest.





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