14 Ways to Decorate with Oushak Rugs and Gray Rugs

A gray Oushak rug that contains accents of white, taupe, brown and blue is a great way to bring a contemporary vibe to traditional rooms and these rugs are easy to decorate with as they go with many colors and decorating styles as shown in the 14 chic interiors in today’s post.

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A grey Oushak rug pulls together contemporary and traditional elements and brings a chic and modern vibe to a living room with traditional architecture.


4 Tips for Decorating with Gray Oushak Rugs.

1. An Oushak rugs reproduction with a gray background and accents of white, taupe, brown and blue offer great flexibility in decorating.

Rugs with this color palette have a balance of warm and cool colors- gray and blue are cool colors while brown is a warm color. Gray rugs with a balanced color palette coordinate with a very wide range of fabrics and accessories. Another benefit of their flexibility is that it will be easy to freshen up the decor of the room in the future by merely changing a few fabrics and wall colors while keeping the same rug.

2. Rugs with gray background and taupe accents allow you to give a contemporary look to traditional rooms.

Many of the interiors pictured below have traditional furniture, yet they look modern because the use of tonal grays, white and black makes a room look contemporary even if the furniture and the architecture of the room are traditional.

3. Mixing contemporary and traditional furniture on a gray Oushak rug creates a sophisticated look.

Oushak rugs in tonal gray coloration combine ancient patterns with contemporary colors. This creates a look that feels ancient and modern at the same time as you will see in the eight interiors below.

4. Avoid an Oushak rugs reproduction that has been chemically washed.

Many rug manufacturers use chemical washes to soften the colors of the rug and to give it the appearance of an antique rug. Unfortunately, the chemicals give a yellow cast to gray, blue and white and so the white accents in the rug turn yellowish, the gray become brownish and blue turns greenish. A chemically washed rug will not go well with fabrics that have blue, gray and white.


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 A taupe Oushak rug with brown accent colors pops against a polished dark brown wood floor creating crisp contrast with white dining chair fabrics and pale cream walls in the chic library and dining room of  Houston fashion designers Laurann Claridge and William Zeitz. Image courtesy Veranda.



Neoclassical furniture and accents of gold, blue, red and white look stylish on a pale silver gray Oushak rug in the living room of a historic Virginia house designed by Suzanne Kasler.



A pale silver Oushak rug with brown accents complements gray neoclassical chairs, white walls and gold accents creating a contemporary atmosphere in the dining room of a house designed by Suellen Gregory. Image courtesy Veranda.



A gold throw pops against a dark gray Oushak rug and white walls in a stunning bedroom. Image courtesy Veranda. 



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The Kiraz Oushak Rug has a background of many shades of gray from silver to dark gray with accents of blue, brown and white. The warm browns balance the cool grays and blues and make the Kiraz Oushak Rug very easy to decorate with. Kiraz is not chemically washed which means the colors are true and the rug is safe for children and pets. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



A pale gray Oushak-rug complements green walls, yellow dining chairs and a lucite table in the dining room of an Atlanta house. Image courtesy Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. 



The Pera Oushak Rug 3207TG has a cream background with aqua, blue, sea green, gold and brown accents. Pera is not chemically washed which means the colors are true and the rug is safe for children and pets. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc. 



A pale taupe-gray East Turkestan rug with brown and cream accents provides a rich backdrop for red and dark green upholstery and yellow drapes in a traditional living room.  


Oushak rugs, Oushak rug, Oushak, Oushak carpet, Oushak rugs reproductionCelerie Kemble chose a grey Oushak rug to bring a modern ambiance to this chic living room. Image courtesy Lonny Magazine


If you are going to use blue and white fabrics with a silver gray Oushak rug make sure the rug contains blue and white accents. These accent color will resonate with the blue and white fabrics and the room will feel unified.

Oushak rugs, Oushak rug, Oushak, Oushak carpet, Oushak rugs reproduction

Mariette Himes Gomez chose a beige Oushak rug for this handsome Los Angeles living room. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.


 Brown wood tones in the furniture and in the cathedral ceiling tie in with brown in the Oushak rug. The taupe ottoman and pillows connect beautifully with the taupe accents in the Oushak.



The Pera Oushak Rug 3207Y has biscuit background with accents of brown, gold and cream. It is not chemically washed so the colors are true and it safe for children and pets. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Oushak rugs, Oushak rug, Oushak, Oushak carpet, Oushak rugs reproduction

Eric Cohler chose a cream and beige Oushak rug that has small amounts of gray. He painted the walls gray and used gray and white fabrics to give this traditional bedroom a modern feel.


Oushak rugs, Oushak rug, Oushak, Oushak carpet, Oushak rugs reproduction

Kara Mann chose an Oushak rug with cool shades of gray and accents of white for this Chicago living room. Dark gray brick walls and medieval chair add texture and drama. The white trim in the sideboard create movement. Image courtesy Kara Mann.


Oushak rugs, Oushak rug, Oushak, Oushak carpet, Oushak rugs reproduction

Antique furniture upholstered in white looks stunning on a gray Oushak rug and creates a modern atmosphere even though the furniture and architecture are traditional. Image courtesy of Belclaire House blog.


Oushak rugs, Oushak rug, Oushak, Oushak carpet, Oushak rugs reproduction

David Easton, created a traditional living room on an Oushak rug with a tonal soft gray colorationImage courtesy David Easton.

Pale yellow walls and green velvet upholstered stools add color and look beautiful on a pale gray rug. 


Oushak rugs, Oushak rug, Oushak, Oushak carpet, Oushak rugs reproduction

Laura Day’s Oushak rug has soft brown and taupe accents on a gray background and complements a mix of contemporary and traditional furniture in sculptural shapesImage courtesy Lonny Magazine

Oushak rugs, Oushak rug, Oushak, Oushak carpet, Oushak rugs reproduction

Kara Mann uses a gray Oushak rug to unify modern and traditional elements in this living room for the Lake Forest Showhouse. Image Courtesy Kara Mann.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 17, 2012 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

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