15 Ways Foyer Rugs Can Glamorize an Entryway

If first impressions are important then a foyer is one of the most important rooms in the house. An entryway is where visitors get a foretaste of the design delights awaiting them further inside the house. A foyer is also a place of transition from the world outside to inside the home and care should be taken to make this a welcoming experience. Well chosen foyer rugs are key to creating the right first impression in a foyer. These stunning entryways from Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Traditional Home illustrate 15 different foyer rug ideas and ways of designing glamorous and welcoming foyers.

Foyer rug is a blue oushak rug on a dark wood floor in traditional entryway 


1. Create an elegant and comfortable entryway. Place a softly colored foyer rug on dark wood floors, paint walls white and add contrast with dark brown and black accents. The Oushak rug contains both cool and warm colors and makes the entire space feel comfortable and elegant. Image courtesy Traditional Home. 

Foyer Design Ideas:  Set the ceiling light fixture on dimmers and leave it at a gentle glow as a night light and also when leaving home so you never return to a dark house. The bench is a great place to sit down and slip on or slip off shoes. The floor around the bench provides a place to set bags down.



A cream and green rug complements the green and white walls in the entrance hall of the Four Season’s Hotel in Florence, Italy. 



Foyer rug is a orange striped rug in mudroom with orange walls and aqua pillows


2. Liven up a small space with vibrant color. Here a brightly colored striped rug with a balance of warm and cool colors pulls together orange, yellow and aqua in a mud rorom designed by Mona Ross Berman. Image courtesy House Beautiful.

Mud Room Design Idea: Provide easily accessible storage space for outdoor cushions, beach towels, hats and anything else you would need for the outdoors.


Foyer rugs are red oriental rug in a traditional entryway designed by Betsy Burnham


3. Create a collected look by layering mismatched foyer rugs. Designer Betsy Burnham placed orange, red and pink oriental rugs  on a dark wood floor and carried the colors of the rugs to the window seat pillowsImage courtesy House Beautiful.

Foyer Design Idea: Keep a table with drawers where you can drop off keys when you enter the house. It is relaxing to be able to quickly shed the cares of the outside world when you return home.


Foyer rug is an oushak rug in traditional entryway designed by Lindsey Coral Harper


4. Create a serene and stylish entryway with soothing colors. A cream, blue and gray Oushak rug complements a brown and white geometric wall covering and brown and white wainscoting in an entryway designed by Lindsey Coral HarperImage courtesy House Beautiful.

Foyer Design Idea: Install double doors, one with glass to let the light and the other solid to keep the home secure when you are away. 


foyer rug is a navy oriental rug in traditional foyer designed by Carolyn Griffith


5. Create drama by juxtaposing bold and muted foyer rugs. In a long well lit foyer with front to back views, a boldly colored rug with a muted runner rug are placed at right angles to create movement in an entryway designed by Carolyn Griffith. Photo: Emily Jenkins Followill. Image courtesy Traditional Home. 

Foyer Design Idea: A mirror near the entrance allows you to see that everything is in order before you step out of the house.


Foyer rug is an oushak rug in traditional entryway designed by Alessandra Branca


6. Treat a small entryway as a jewel box. A foyer rug with a small scale pattern is paired with a bold fabric on the bench to heighten impact in this small entryway by Alessandra Branca Image courtesy House Beautiful.

Foyer Design Ideas: A bold print will make a small entryway look more impressive and a large floral arrangement will do the same.


Foyer rug is a red oriental rug in traditional entryway with purple walls designed by Betsy Burnham


7. Showcase a collection of favorite objects in a vibrantly colored setting. A vibrant red and pale blue Samarkand rug pops against dark wood floors and picks up the blues and purple in a chic staircase landing and entryway by Betsy Burnham Image courtesy House Beautiful.

Foyer Design Idea: Think of a foyer as an appetizer that gets guests ready to enjoy the design of the rest of the house. Make an impact with dramatic colors objects you are fond of collecting such as the blue and white porcelain in this foyer.


 Foyer rug is a blue oushak rug in traditional entryway with Chinese antiques designed by Christopher Maya


8.  Make a grand statement with antiques anchored by a contrasting foyer rug. A blue Oushak rug contrasts with a custom Chippendale console and a pair of 18th-century Chinese Coromandel screens in the entrance hall of a Georgian estate in Locust Valley, New York designed by Christopher MayaImage courtesy House Beautiful.


Foyer rug is a gray striped rug  in traditional entryway designed by Beth Webb


9. Two taupe and cream striped rugs are placed at right angles in the entryway and hall that connects the front of the house to the garden in the back in a home designed by Beth WebbImage courtesy Traditional Home.

 Foyer Design Ideas: A foyer is a portal between the outside world and your home. If your home has a serene atmosphere show this in the entryway.


Foyer rugs are two blue oriental rugs in traditional entryway of Dallas home designed by michelle nussbaumer


 10. Create drama by introducing a contrasting color through foyer rugs. Here two oriental rug runners introduce bluethat contrast with yellow walls and brown columns in the foyer of a Dallas home designed by Michelle NussbaumerImage courtesy Veranda.


Foyer rug is an oriental rug in traditional entryway with cheetah runners on stairs Designed by Palmer Weiss


11. Create drama by juxtaposing foyer rugs with small and large scale patterns. A beige, rose and red oriental rug with a large scale pattern contrast with cheetah pattern stair runner and anchors a red velvet upholstered sofa in the entrance hall of a house designed by Palmer WeissImage courtesy House Beautiful.

Foyer Design Ideas: Make an impact by juxtaposing a stair runner with a small scale pattern next to a foyer rug with a large scale pattern. 


Foyer rug is a red flat-weave rug in contemporary entryway Designed by Lauren Nelson


12. Mix rustic and modern objects as in this foyer where a pink oriental flat-weave rug contrasts with a natural wood door. White walls and black hardware add contrast. Interior design by Lauren Nelson Image courtesy Architectural Digest.


 Foyer rug is a gold oushak rug in traditional entryway with Duncan Phyfe sofa


13. A Duncan Phyfe sofa anchored by a cream and gold Oushak rug makes a statement in the sitting area in the entryway next to the staircase in a home designed Janie Molster. Photo: Kip Dawkins. Image courtesy Traditional Home.

Foyer Design Ideas: Place one statement piece in the foyer and have everything else be a supporting act.


 Foyer rug is a red oriental rug in traditional entryway with a weathered table


14. A weathered rustic wood contrasts with an antique oriental rug and crisp white walls with classical architectural details. Image courtesy House Beautiful.

Foyer Design Ideas: Create a chic and calm atmosphere by juxtaposing rustic and refined objects.


Foyer rug is an oushak rug in traditional entryway with round Georgian table and two terracotta urns


15. A cream and beige Oushak rug anchors a round antique Georgian table and a pair of terracotta urns set on columns. A tall floral arrangement connects the foyer with the views of the garden. Image courtesy Traditional Home.

Foyer Design Idea: If you have great garden views, keep the design of the entryway simple and open and place an over scale floral arrangement to connect with the outdoors.



 Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 16, 2016 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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