16 Elegant and Fashionable Rooms with Orange Rugs and Coral Rugs

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs

Last month I predicted that Orange Rugs and Coral Rugs will soon become highly fashionable because these colors were a hot new trend in women’s fashion for Spring-Summer 2012 on the January and February runway shows in Milan, Paris and New York. When I made that prediction, I had no idea that just a month after appearing on fashion runways these colors would be dominating the offerings at home furnishings retailer Crate and Barrel. I discovered the speed at which trends are jumping from women fashion to home furnishing last Saturday while taling a casual walk through Boston’s upscale Chestnut Hill Mall.

Poorly designed orange rugs and coral rugs have been rushed to market to catch the hot new trend

Unfortunately much of what is now in the stores is not beautiful and looks like it was rushed in to catch a hot new color trend as early as possible. I could already see a real danger of overdoing these colors.

How to decorate with orange rugs and coral rugs in an elegant and timeless way.

With so much interset in these colors, this is a good time to pull together more examples of elegant, stylish and timeless rooms with orange rugs and coral rugs created by leading interior designers. Studying these interiors will show us how to introduce orange, coral and tangerine tastefully, avoid excess and stary fashionable for years to come.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs Tangerine Tango on the right topped the list of Pantone’s top 10 colors for 2012 shown on the left.

What many consider today’s hot new trend is a return of colors that were popular in the 1950’s and 60’s with legendary interior designers Sister Parish, John Fowler, Nancy Lancaster, Billy Baldwin, and David Hicks as we shall see below.

The key to decorating with orange rugs and coral rugs is to use the right shade and the right amount of these colors. If you use too much, you run the risk of overwhelming the room as some of the home furnishings retailers have already done.

You may consider introducing these colors in smaller accents-such as trimming cushions with orange, or introducing pillows in a dark tangerine, or with coral vases as some of today’s leading decorators are doing.

The aim should be to keep a classic and timeless look, but add a little flavor to make the room feel fresh and cheerful.

When looking for colors that go well with orange rugs and coral rugs, look at what you see in nature with orange. During spring you see orange paired with yellow greens, blue greens, yellow, gold, fuchsia and soft blue. In the fall you see orange leaves next to brown, golds and red. As you look at the rooms below, note down the colors that go well with orange, coral and tangerine.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs

1. In David Hicks Paris showroom a deep orange rug with gold accents is paired with orange and fuchsia pillows and an orange, brown and black painting. Image courtesy Habituallychic blog.

gold rugs, geometric rugs, decorator rugs

2. Elissa Cullman, Cullman & Kravis shows how to decorate with orange and coral flexibly by using it in small amounts and pairing it with a beige decorator rug, yellow walls, dark wood tones and large expanses of white.

green rugs, decorator rugs

ColePrévost shows how to balance orange upholstery with a cooling, green decorator rug, dark wood floors, white walls and a green ceiling.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs

4.Jamie Drake’s round purple decorator rug with pops of gold, orange, pale blue and lavender anchors blue vases, orange, yellow and gold side boards, yellow chair seats, ornate gold candelabras and chandelier, yellow walls and purple chair frames in a fun and colorful dining room.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs

5. Susan Nelson derived the color palette for this soft yet colorful dining room from the colors of the geometric decorator rug which has coral and orange accents balanced by green, blue and purple on a pale yellow background.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs, Oushak rugs

6. John Saladino’s timeless family room derives it’s warm and sophisticated ambience from an Oushak rug with coral and orange accents on a pale gray background. The furniture and accessories are a richly varied palette of coral, yellow, gold, rose, black, dull white and wood tones.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs, Oushak rugs

7. Martyn Lawrence Bullard anchored this elegant living room on an Oushak rug with small pops of dark coral paired with yellow, gold, pale blue and large expanses of white. Pink cherry blossoms in a blue vase complete the happy color palette. 

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs

8.  Markham Roberts pairs a coral and white striped decorator rug with purple, green, fuchsia and orange accents. Image courtesy Domino Magazine.

decorator rugs

9. Melanie Elston pairs orange walls with a plush purple decorator rug, hot pink, grayish blue, white and wood tones.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs, needlepoint rugs

10. The Enchantedhome blog featured this elegant traditional living room with a coral, yellow and cream needlepoint rug paired with yellow, jade green, yellow green and coral wall covering.

gold rugs, decorator rugs, Aubusson rugs

11. Nancy Lancaster’s “Gothic” bedroom at Hasley was decorated in the 1950’s in collaboration with the legendary John Fowler. Muted orange ceiling and walls are paired with a gold and white Aubusson rug with green accents. Image courtesy Cotedetexas blog

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs

12. David Hicks pairs pale tangerine with coral, red and large expanses of white. Image courtesy Kristin Laird.

green rugs, decorator rugs, Oushak rugs

13. Suzanne Tucker introduces coral accents on a green decorator rug.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs

14. Meg Braff bedroom illustrates how powerful an all orange rug can be in a room.

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs

15. Jamie Drake’s cools the large amounts of vibrant deep orange and tangerine with a white decorator rug with circles in lavender, pink, rose and purple. Still the orange is very powerful.

decorator rugs

15. Billy Baldwin  paired coral and orange pillows with leopard print pillows and a gold and white animal pattern decorator rug. Image courtesy peakofchic blog



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