17 Gorgeous Interiors with Gold Rugs and Yellow Rugs

If you are looking for the perfect gold rug or yellow rug look for rug that also have small amounts of cool colors such as blue, green or purple as this will make it much easier to create a stylish room. Not only will the rug go with more fabrics, but the room will look chic and inviting as illustrated by today’s 15 gorgeous interiors and tips for decorating with gold rugs and yellow rugs


1. Gold, Cream and Crystal  

The antique-gold border of the Marbella Oriental Rug 6076GD contrasts with the bright yellows of the wallcovering and makes this entrance hall look spectacular. The rug has blue border bands which give the room more depth. Interior design by Denham Vitalie DesignRug Design © Asmara, Inc.
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When choosing rugs for adjoining rooms, a good rule of thumb is to pair a geometric pattern with a curvilinear pattern as shown above. Top row: The Marbella Oriental Rug 6076GD has a blue border band that will pick up blue accessories in the room; Bottom row from left to right: Saffron Oriental Rug 7016GD, Sigma Oriental Rug 1804EA and Fiesole Oriental Rug 6086C. All rugs are handmade in Asmara’s proprietary cut and loop weave. Rug Designs © Asmara, Inc



2. Gold and Blue

The blue border bands in the gold rug complements the rose pillow. Without the blue and rose accents there would have been no relief from the gold. The rug follows the same color principle as the Marbella Oriental Rug 6076GD



3. Gold and Blue

For the lobby of the Washington DC Design Center, AD100 designer Thomas Pheasant defined each area with identical cream, blue and gold Marbella Oriental Rugs and unified the room by covering alternate walls in gold wallcovering to tie in with the gold rugs. Image courtesy Thomas Pheasant. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Gold-rug-living-room-library-by-Kevin Harris Architect, LLC.jpg

4. Gold, Tan and Pale Wood

A cream and gold Oushak rug with pale blue accents brings in light and complements the pale colored wood paneling creating a handsome library.




Top row: The Saffron Oriental Rug has a beige background with accents of gold, green, pale coral and silver . Bottom row Left to Right: Pomegranate Bessarabian Flatweave Rug; Verona Oriental Rug inspired by an English embroidery in the Victoria and Albert Museum and Fiesole Oriental Rug inspired by Jacobean art and Pontromoli rugs. All Rug Designs © Asmara, Inc.



5. Gold, Pale Green and Faded Terracotta

Make a contemporary bedroom look stylish and relaxing by pairing contemporary furniture with a traditional gold rug such as the Pontremoli inspired Palermo Oriental Rug. Paint the walls a pale bluish-green to pick up the green and blue accents in the rug. Palermo also has small accents of pale terracotta which resonate with the warm wood tones in the room.

Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



 The Palermo Oriental Rug is inspired by Pontremoli rugs which were made by hand in the 1930’s in London for Queen Mary, a patron of The Royal School of NeedleworkRug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Gold rug, gold rugs, yellow area rugs, gold area rugs 

6. Gold, Yellow and Lilac

If a room receives little or no natural light, make it look sunny by grounding it with a gold rug that has shimmering highlights such as the Valencia Oriental Rug shown in this chic master bedroom by Barbara Gisel DesignThe shimmering pale yellow, gold and taupe in the Valencia Oriental rug amplify the light which is further enhanced by yellow accent pillows and yellow and green wallcovering. Dark wood and metal tones add contrast. Pale lilac suede upholstery and green accents in the wallcovering add cool colors to balance the warm golds and yellows. 

Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



Valencia Oriental Rug

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Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


gold rug, gold rugs, yellow area rugs, gold area rugs

7. Gold and Green

Design a romantic and cozy bedroom by pairing a yellow and gold damask rug such as the Valencia Oriental Rug with fabrics with reds and muted greens. Balance the warm gold and reds with cool walls and dark green bed frame. Image courtesy Southern Accents. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


gold Oushak rug-living-room-by-John Saladino.jpg

8. Gold and White

Design a stunning living room by pairing a contemporary white sofa with a gold Oushak rug and then adding a mix of refined and rustic elements as in this stunning living room by John Saladino



8a. Gold, White and Lavender

Another view of the living room shows how John Saladino masterfully introduces a cool color and a contemporary element with a lavender upholstered coffee table. 



The Marmaris Oushak Rug 3212YP has a gold and yellow background with accents of pale coral, yellow-green and cream. Imagine how stunning lavender and white furniture would look on the Marmaris Oushak RugRug Design © Asmara, Inc.


gold rug, gold rugs, yellow area rugs, gold area rugs

9. Yellow, Lavender, Aqua and Tangerine

Design a colorful and happy room by starting with a yellow rug that has accents of purple, aqua, raspberry, green, yellow and white such as the Pamplona GD rug in this living room by Susan Nelson Interiors for the Washington D.C. Design Center Dream Home. Nelson says she started with the Asmara Pamplona GD Rug because it gave her the entire color palette for the room. Image courtesy Susan Nelson Interiors. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Pamplona Oriental Rug 6112GD-gold-coral-aqua-purple-geometric-rug.png

Pamplona Oriental Rug 6112GD

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Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



10. Yellow and Cream

Create a sophisticated living room by starting with a yellow and white geometric rug and pairing it with comfortable traditional upholstery and yellow walls. Introduce cool greens and blue through artworks and accessories as in this stylish room. 


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The Bombay 1325CY Needlepoint rug has yellows on an antique cream background. Bombay was inspired by French oak inlay floors. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


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11. Gold and Black

Create an aura of mystery and grandeur by starting with a gold and black rug and carry the colors of the rug into the furniture, accessories and walls. Introduce accents of cool colors such as green and purple.  



 The LaSarre Aubusson Rug 5115BK has gold scrolls on an espresso and black background with accents of purple-raisin. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.




Gold sequin dress with black tights and pumps.



12. Gold and Purple

Create an exotic atmosphere with a gold rug and purple paneling with gold trim. Mix contemporary and traditional furniture, metal, silk and velvet as in this library by New York designer Garrow Kedigian. Image courtesy Elle Decor. 



 Another view of the sumptuous library by Garrow Kedigian.



13. Gold, Yellow, Orange and Red

Compose a unforgettable living room with fiery reds, oranges, yellows and gold and balance them with cool plum and white. Pull the entire room together with a faded cream and beige rug with gold accents as in this San Francisco living room by Steven ShubelImage courtesy Steven Shubel.


 yellow and coral rug, yellow and orange rug, yellow and terracotta rug, yellow rug

The Marbella Oriental Rug 6076RY has a yellow field within a coral and terracotta border.  Marbella was inspired by an ancient silk brocade exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

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14. Faded Yellows

AD100 interior designer Stephen Sills told Elle Decor, “I rarely use strong shades of yellow, I prefer a faded and toned-down yellow to make an environment peaceful… for this home, I used yellow to embrace the bright sun of Florida. The walls are a warm toast color to complement the lemon-yellow upholstery. I’m fond of yellows in a monochromatic scheme.” Image courtesy Elle Decor.


Yellow area rug, gold rugs

15. Yellow, White and Turquoise

For his light filled Paris living room, antique dealer Jean Paul Beaujard started with a white, turquoise and yellow 1950’s Savonnerie rug and paired it with a dreamy white Jansen daybed. A crystal and gold chandelier descends from a 25 feet high ceiling.  Image courtesy Architectural Digest.


Floral needlepoint rug, Architectural Digest

16. Cream, Yellow, Blue and Green

 Design a traditional living room in grand style with yellow walls, gold drapes, gold velvet upholstery and pull everything together with an Asmara’s Blue Summer Needlepoint Rug or Blue Summer Oriental Rug as in this drawing room in the Greek Revival home of Ryanair founder Tony Ryan restored by London designer Tiggy Butler. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.



Blue Summer Needlepoint Rug 2848YB and the Blue Summer Oriental Rug 6848YB have warm golds and yellow balanced by cool blues and greens. Rug Designs © Asmara, Inc.


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gold rugs, yellow area rugs, Jan Showers

17. Yellow, Gold and Silver

Design a dreamily beautiful dining room with a muted gold rug and soft gold and pale green Chinoiserie wallcovering, metallic gold dining chairs and chandelier as in this stunning dining room by Jan Showers.






Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 3, 2015 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

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