19 Glamorous Ways to Decorate with Blue Rugs

“Blue is one of the easiest colors to live with and its most people favorite hue,” said AD100 designer Bunny Williams in an interview with Elle Decor. “There are so many beautiful shades of blue— some cool, some warm and they mix well together.” The same can be said of blue rugs. The most desirable blue rugs are those with a mix of cool and warm colors. These rug allow you to use a wider range of fabrics and create more sophisticated looks as these 19 rooms demonstrate. 



The secret to the success of this room is the Oushak rug  which has no dark blues, just soft blues on a cream background. This soft backdrop makes the cobalt blue fabrics pop. If the rug had dark blues, the room would have looked busy. Touches of orange in the floral drapery add warmth and sophistication.
A custom rug in Asmara’s Ascot DB needlepoint pattern has several shades of blue which resonate with lake and sky throughout the day and evening. A blue and gold floral throw and caned bed frame add to the warm and sophisticated atmosphere of this bedroom. Interior by Cebula Design.


An Oushak rug  with many shades of blue pulls together several shades of blue and green in a chic New York bedroom.  Interior design by Gideon Mendelson.

The large Asmara Gradella needlepoint rug has a balance of cool and warm colors – blue and green motifs are accompanied by gold, beige and tan accents. This range of colors in the rug allows you to use blue, green, gold and tan fabrics in a mix of silk brocade, cotton and linen textures and create a fabulous waterside Palm Beach living room. Interior design by Marc-Michaels.

Two custom rugs in contrasting striped patterns in navy, medium blue and white heighten the contrast between the sitting and dining areas and create a glamorous atmosphere in a long open plan room. Interior design by Victoria Hagan.

The Margate CB needlepoint rug has a sophisticated mic of cool blues and greens balanced by warm yellows and golds.

A custom geometric rug with a background of dark blue mixed with a bit of red brings style and glamour and makes the purple and rose silk upholstered chairs pop. Interior design by Philip Gorrivan.


 A custom rug  with a wavy blue and white pattern introduces a chic contemporary vibe that plays well with the blue and white Chinoiserie wallcovering and rounded dining chairs. Interior design by Victoria Hagan.


Cobalt blue walls and floor heighten the drama and make the Blue Summer rug pop in this stylish sitting area. Interior design by Koch Studio.


A custom rug in Asmara’s Bunbry pattern adds glamour and young energy to this stately dining room and compliments blue and white porcelain and Chinoiserie dining chairs. Interior Design by Polly McKenna, The Kellogg Collection.


A custom silk rug in a blue and grey Greek key pattern shimmers in the reflection from the mirror and silvered ceiling. Blue paneled walls heighten the drama.  Interior design by Gideon Mendelson.


A custom Bergamo CB rug  adds energy and movement in this stately living room.  Interior design by Polly Mckenna, The Kellogg Collection.
A pair of apricot stools pop against dark blue wood paneling. A blue and white geometric rug adds pattern and energy.

A custom rug in an antique Dhurrie pattern in  blue, white  and orange compliments a neoclassical table, French armchairs and abstract painting in a stunning bedroom. Interior design by Thomas Britt.

Blue and beige custom rug with pinstripes provides a smart backdrop for blue leather upholstered coffee table and armchairs upholstered in blue plaid wool fabric. Blue piping on a cream sectiional sofa resonates with the pinstripe custom rug.    


A grey-blue Oushak rug compliments olive green walls and upholstery and a brown leather sofa adds warmth and texture. Interior design by Gideon Mendelson.


A blue and white geometric rug adds movement and compliments blue and white floral pillow fabric and brass and glass tables.

A custom rug in a blue oriental pattern defines the sitting area and brings warmth and chic style to a large and tall open plan space.


A custom rug with oval motifs in blue and yellow resonates with oval dining chairs and table and resonates with the lemon yellow walls. Interior design by David Hicks.


A custom rug with a large scale blue and white geometric pattern adds movement and compliments the contemporary sofas and chairs. Interior design by Gideon Mendelson.


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