4 Tips: How To Find Oushak Rugs For Designing Chic Rooms

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When shopping for gray Oushak rugs make sure the rug has an artistic color palette with a balance of cool and warm colors. Avoid grey Oushak rugs in which all the colors are cool, as these rugs will be less flexible to decorate with.  Instead, look for grey Oushak rugs with hints of warm colors such as brown or gold to balance the cool grey colors. These Oushak rugs will make it easy to design stylish rooms and these rooms will feel inviting in both winter and summer. Artistically designed Oushak rugs will help you bring glamor and warmth to contemporary interiors and they will also make it easy to add a young vibe to traditional rooms. The reason these Oushak rugs work so well in both contemporary and traditional interiors is that they are a combination of ancient and modern elements- their patterns are traditional, yet their colors are modern. Their historical patterns bring depth and warmth to contemporary interiors and their modern colors give a young vibe to traditional rooms. Another big advantage of these Oushak rugs is that because their colors are well-balanced these rugs will work with a wide range of fabrics. This not only makes it easy to find fabrics that go with them, but it also makes it easy to change the décor in the future by just changing a few fabrics and wall color while keeping the same Oushak rug.  Decorating flexibility is a highly important quality to look for in an Oushak rug. Because, while you can change fabrics on an upholstered chair or sofa and re-paint the walls, there is nothing you can do if the rug will not work with your new decorating style. Therefore it is important to pick a grey Oushak rug that goes with many colors and many decorative styles. We will learn what to look for in grey Oushak rugs and learn how to create stunning rooms with them. Read More

How to Design Stylish and Captivating Rooms with Green Rugs: 5 Tips

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Green rugs and rugs with green accent colors are the easiest to decorate with since green goes with every color of the rainbow. If you need proof of this statement, just look at any flower and regardless of whether is is yellow, red, purple or blue it is always supported by green leaves. Of course there are an infinite number of shades of green in nature and this is how nature makes sure it pairs just the right shade of green to go with a particular shade of yellow or an orange. While nature is the greatest teacher, we can learn how to apply nature's decorating wisdom to interiors by looking at rooms designed by talented interior designers. The interior designers featured in today's psot show us numerous ways to decorate with green rugs in captivating ways. After perusing these rooms, green rugs will be an option you will not want to pass over!  Read More

How to Create Cozy and Stylish Interiors with Oushak Rugs: 4 Tips

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"Richly faded colors" seems like an oxymoron, and yet the phrase is one of the best ways to describe the beauty of fine Oushak rugs. Even if you're not knowledgeable about different rug types, there's something about Oushak rugs that makes you want them when you see them. Shades of terracotta, gold, cream, soft rust and muted ochre seem to be the name of the game with these rugs that seem to quietly whisper "history", even if they've been made in the past 50 years and their colors are quite modern. These beautiful floor coverings owe their luminous qualities to the rich, fine hand spun wool that the best Oushak rugs are made of. Whether you're looking at the more traditional star or medallion Oushak rugs, or the more modern variety with soft colors, the transformative power of Oushak rugs cannot be understated. You'd never describe them as loud or overbearing. Read More

The History, Legend and Allure of Bessarabian Carpets

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Bessarabian carpets are flat-woven tapestry rugs that were hand woven on a wooden loom similar to the loom used to make Aubusson rugs. The very finest Bessarabian rugs were produced in the 18th century in the Russian Imperial Tapestry Factory. This factory was founded by Peter the Great after he returned from England and France where he was impressed by the magnificent Savonnerie, Aubusson and Axminister carpets he saw in the palaces of his hosts. These French and English carpets had already become the height of fashion at the Russian court and with the nobility and their importation was causing a drain on the Russian treasury. So the Russian Imperial Tapestry factory was set up to copy French and English carpets and remove the need for importing them. Soon the demand for these rugs grew and more factories were set up in villages controlled by the Russian landed gentry. The name Bessarabian derives from the historical region where these rugs were made. This region is now split between the present day Republic of Moldova and Romania. What makes Bessarabian rugs so desirable today is due to a fortunate accident - the weavers of Bessarabia were country folk with a country aesthetic. They copied the ornate French and English patterns in a more folksy manner giving these rugs a more comfortable feeling which has made them highly attractive to modern tastes.  Read More

6 Ways to Bring Chic Color and Young Energy to Rooms with Oushak Rugs

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If you're envisioning bursts of beautiful accent colors to bring young energy and chic glamor into your space, soft and subtle Oushak rugs may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But you will be surprised how interior designers are using fine Oushak rugs to create chic and colorful living rooms and bedrooms, as evidenced by the 5 gorgeous interiors in today's post. The best Oushak rugs have another big advantage- they will be in style long after current design trends have faded. Interior designers are using the subtle colors in fine Oushak rugs to create equally subtle rooms. They are also using Oushak rugs to soften rooms that are hard, formal, or dark. And sometimes there is a beautiful color woven into Oushak rugs and this color is drawn upon to choose eye catching accent pieces that bring color and energy to the room. Oushak rugs are an excellent choice when you are looking to introduce color into a room and also desire the longevity and versatility of a timeless rug. But how can subtly colored Oushak rugs bring bright colors to a room?  Read More

Four Ways to Design Glamorous Interiors with Geometric Rugs

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In today's psot we will discuss four ways geometric rugs can help you design chic and glamorous interiors. Geometric patterns are extremely adaptable and flexible and we see them all around us, from the delicate symmetry of a snowflake or seashell spiral in nature to the man-made structures that have stood the test of time. Geometry plays a central role in architecture and design. This love affair with symmetry, balance and proportion plays out in interior design as well, and the concept is highlighted by the adaptability of geometric rugs to bring a room together with balance and symmetry that is so pleasing to the eye. Read More

How to Create a Hotel-Chic Vibe in Your Home with Aubusson Rugs

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The Hotel le Bristol in Paris. The Sanderson in London. The Peninsula in Bangkok. You know the feeling. You walk into the hotel for a weekend getaway. You're under the hotel's spell from the moment you enter and step on a fabulous Aubusson rug under a 10,000 light chandelier sparkling overhead while dreamy, grey walls create a soothing backdrop. You insert the card key into the lock and, swinging the doors open wide, you're immediately transported to a place of luxury, peace and a feeling of welcome. The furnishings could be fun and eclectic, or they could be traditional and reserved. The thing that stands out for you is that it all feels so richly luxurious, instantly creating a space that you never want to leave. You look around, determined to find out the secret for bringing hotel-like style into your own space. Read More

How to Pick Aubusson Rugs for Chic Interiors: 6 Tips

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You've seen them, and you've fallen in love. Beautiful, richly colored Aubusson rugs have found a place in your heart! From the classy rooms of Downton Abbey to the glamorous interiors that Pinterest has you pining for, you would love to fill your home with such a luxurious feel. But you are not quite sure how to get started and how to pick the right Aubusson rug to create the feeling you desire for the space. So I put together a short list of what to look for so you end up with that perfect Aubusson rug that will bring glamour and chic style to your interiors. I will explain these step by step and illustrate them with examples of rooms by great interior designers. Read More

Picking Pastel Rugs by Personality

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Whether you are a sunny personality or a deep spirit, everyone needs a space that they can retreat to, that they can find peace in. When figuring out how to turn your space into the perfect escape, pastel rugs are a great place to start. Pastel rugs are beautiful, dusted with grace. Soft colors inspire calm. Pastel rugs can be found in the traditional Easter spectrum and also in the even more muted hues of grays and browns. And building from the ground up, pastel rugs can compose a room of serenity for your space that fits your personality. Read More

How Thomas O’Brien Designs Stylish Rooms with Damask Rugs: 5 Tips

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Damask rugs in modern colors and subtle shading created with Savonnerie carpet weaving techniques make it easier to design rooms that will always be considered stylish. Interior design should be about more than what is current or the latest fad. It should be about what makes you feel good. AD100 interior designer Thomas O'Brien once said "I'm not about trends or what's in season. I look back and bring things forward or I find what I think is unique or special. For me it's really about beautiful and classical things." O'Brien may have been talking about modern Damask rugs because these rugs combine centuries old patterns with modern colorations. When O’Brien decorates with damask rugs he mixes furniture of different styles and from different periods, and often one cannot tell the old from the new because each piece becomes part of the story. Read More