Aubusson Rugs Add Color and Class to 3 Interiors

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The  plot of the 1999 cult comedy classic film "The Big Lebowski" is largely focused around the loss of a prized carpet, one the protagonist claims "tied the room together." You would not be taken as flippant if you heartily agreed. Indeed the right rug can be a room's grace note, unifying all the other design aspects of a space, from furnishings to window dressings to decoration. So too, though, can a poorly selected rug ruin the aesthetic appeal of a an interior. The surest way to avoid dealing with the latter situation is to choose a decorative rug that is time-tested. When it comes to Aubusson rugs, perhaps "classic" would be a better way to put it, though. The rich, deep golds and green of this Aubusson rug compliment the dramatic design elements of this lavish and colorful room. The gold baroque scrolls in the Aubusson rug are echoed in the drapery. The green background color of the rug is picked up by the greenery in the floral arrangements, in the garden outside and by the green chaise longue. The pink flowers and blue box in the background create pop. An great rug is as close as on can come to laying a piece of artwork on the ground. Aubusson rugs feature elegant, dramatic designs that can accentuate the patterns and design elements already at work in a room, or they can offer style and flash to a room otherwise designed and decorated with simplicity. Like few other design elements, and perhaps like no other carpets, Aubusson rugs can either blend into the overall feel and "flavor" of a room or indeed they can command that feel from the ground up. See how the Garonne BK Aubusson Rug is a work of art in and of itself? Laid out in an open foyer, it would be the focal point of the entire space. Placed in a well-appointed gallery or sitting room, it would blend seamlessly into the interior. Great carpets are seldom overlooked by great designers, but to the untrained eye, occasionally the fact that a rug is hardly even noticed is arguably its greatest compliment. A carpet of any size is impossible to miss if it is poorly chosen. The carpet that is hardly noticed indeed must fit its space perfectly. There is no call for a deep, dramatic carpet in a sunlit solarium, for example, just as there is no place for a floral print carpet in a darker corner of the house, say a wine cellar. Thus it is that with Aubusson rugs the designs and patterns of the rugs are as crucial -- and as carefully wrought -- as the colors. Read More

Oushak Rugs Add Flair to Atlanta Decorator Showhouse

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Design legend Albert Hadley once said, “Flair—a primitive kind of style—may be innate, but I think knowledgeable taste is learned, the result of travel, experience, living, education.” This knowledgeable taste is visible annually at the Atlanta Symphony Associates Decorator’s Show House. Every year, top designers are invited to put there flair, experience and education on display in the Show House. Oushak rugs played a central role in the most recent Atlanta Show House. Follow the path set by the Show House’s designers that is a result of their knowledgeable taste—acquired through travel, experience, living and education.

Mixing Savonnerie Rugs and Modern Art Creates 2 Stunning Interiors

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There's something thrilling about decorating your home with Savonnerie rugs and modern art. The juxtaposition of old and new, or traditional and modern, can really pack a punch in a room. Savonnerie rugs feature lush patterns that can range from French baroque to Neoclassical and romantic. Savonnerie rugs feature medallions and floral elements within architectural borders. Imagine one of these luscious rugs spread out in a room with dark wood floors. Your first instinct may be to fill the room with Louis XVI furnishings. Savonnerie rugs would obviously look great within that sort of design scheme since that was how they were originally used. Now, imagine that you've got your heart set on a favorite Mark Rothko painting. The rich and densely hued horizontal blocks of color appeal to you, and you wonder if it would work in the room with your classic rug and furnishings. The answer is a resounding "yes." Savonnerie rugs work beautifully with modern art, no matter what type of art it is. You could almost look at Savonnerie rugs as modern art themselves, with their bold designs and vibrant colors. Read More

Geometric Rugs Ramp Up Chic Factor in 4 Colorful Interiors

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Designer Christina Murphy says “Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.”  Murphy's decorating approach can help you design rooms that are the essence of chic. In order to design such an interior you need to understand how to use color effectively and how to create drama with great looking geometric rugs. Take a close look at the four interiors with geometric rugs and see how the room's designers used pattern, color and a mix of textures to create stunning rooms. Read More

Oushak Rugs Add Cozy Warmth and Chic Style to 4 Interiors

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With a staggering 48 inches of snow already on the ground in South Dakota in the very first week of October, it’s no wonder we are all looking for ideas for bringing a cozy feeling to our homes. Oushak rugs can be a superb solution. Their warm colors, luxurious textures and handmade patterns bring a welcoming warmth and chic style to a room. Today we’ll look at five cozy spaces where designers have used Oushak rugs to bring an inviting warmth and a chic style to interiors. Read More

Green Rugs Bring Chic Energy to 4 Interiors

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If you choose the right rug for a room, it will make the room look stylish and more comfortable. Interior designers often use green rugs to bring out the beauty of furniture and art in a room. Green rugs also bring the invigorating and calming energy of nature into a room. Green rugs come in many different shades and it is important to choose the right shade of green in a pattern that unifies the many different objects in a room. Green is nature's most widely used color for a very good reason- it makes every other color in nature look more beautiful. If you look closely at the flowers in a garden you will notice that every flower has green leaves in a particular shade that brings out the beauty of that flower the best. Learn from nature and chose a green rug that will make your room design more beautiful. Many interior designers find it best to start with the rug. First pick a green rug that speaks to you and then take a sample of the rug with you when you you go shopping for fabrics and accessories. Let the rug guide you in choosing the best fabrics and the right wall colors and accessories. The four chic rooms in today's post will spark ideas for decorating with green rugs. Study them closely and see how leading decorators use different types of green rugs to create fabulous interiors. Read More

Savonnerie Rugs Add Splendor to 5 Modern and Traditional Interiors

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We’re used to seeing Savonnerie rugs in opulent rooms packed with antiques and finery fit for Royals – in fact, the picture below of Marie Antoinette’s Gilded Study is an excellent example of Savonnerie rugs in just such a setting. But today's leading interior designers are using Savonnerie rugs in more modern ways as we shall see in the chic interiors featured in today's post. Read More

Geometric Rugs Add Drama to 2 Chic Interiors

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Decorating with geometric rugs is a great way to add visual interest to a room. Plain rooms can literally come alive with the mere presence of fabulously patterned geometric rugs. Geometric rugs have patterns that you either love, or you don’t, so they end up being very personal. If you’re planning on decorating with geometric rugs, keep the following information in mind: Read More

Green Rugs Bring in Nature’s Fresh Energy: 5 Chic Interiors

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Eventually the gorgeous autumn colors we see around us these days will yield to brown branches, mud and occasionally, snow. But if you use a green rug to anchor your next interior design project, you could effectively have the fresh, new life of spring around you whatever the weather. Today we’re going to look at five situations where designers have used green rugs to enliven rooms. Read More