3 Chic Modern Ways of Decorating with Savonnerie Rugs

Savonnerie rugs have that innate French knack for glorious detail, lavish color and opulent design. It’s common to see Savonnerie rugs on the floors of grand rooms that are decked out in true French style: a lot of rich color, gold accents and opulent furniture. However, you might not feel comfortable with such grand design in your home, thus believing that Savonnerie rugs aren’t for you.

However, nothing could be further from the truth! Famous interior designer Billy Baldwin once advised, “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” So if you like Savonnerie rugs, but don’t desire the usual opulent furnishings that go along, you can still have your rug and follow your own tastes at the same time. Looking at how other interior designers have used Savonnerie rugs will give you some ideas on how to proceed with your own rooms.

Design a Sophisticated Art Deco Room with Savonnerie Rug

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A unique Art Deco Savonnerie rug adds sophistication to an Art Deco Style seating area.

Some remarkable Savonnerie rugs were made in the French Art Deco style which was strongly influenced by Neoclassical architecture. The Savonnerie rug in the seating area has a definite Art Deco flair, and the designer has spread those influences throughout the room. The white walls and flooring allow the intense colors of the rug and the distinct characters of the Art Deco cabinet and the green chair to make a bold statement.

Create a Modern Interior with Savonnerie Rug

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The Savonnerie rug is paired with modern furniture and décor, adding a flair that just wouldn’t be there with a modern rug.

Savonnerie rugs are usually paired with antique furnishings, but such styling may not be to your tastes. In the living room of French antiques dealer Yves Gastou, the gorgeous Savonnerie rug in blues and white is in decidedly modern company. The light warm colors of the yellows and golds throughout the room are complementary to the blue in the Savonnerie rug; the whites and other neutrals allow the interplay between the old and the new to create an artistic vibe throughout.

Design a Chic Romantic Room with Savonnerie Rug

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The red, gold and white Savonnerie rug adds a elegant and chic essence to the living room of the late designer Duarte Pinto Coehlo. The rich reds keep the room unified.

Savonnerie rugs can also be mixed with an array of styles and furnishings, a technique that was perfected by the Portuguese interior designer Duarte Pinto Coelho. The red living room with the Savonnerie rug was from one of his homes and was featured in the Spanish Architectural Digest. The ornate red and gold Savonnerie rug sits amidst a variety of period furnishings, creating a chic vibe that is elegant and inviting. The various reds that are echoed through the room really help to pull all of the various styles together.

Savonnerie rugs don’t have to be paired with French design; if your tastes lean another way, you can still use a Savonnerie rug and stay true to your tastes. Designers have paired Savonnerie rugs with a myriad of styles, and such pairings can work for you. A dominant color—such as the red of Coelho’s room—can pull various elements together. Similarly, complementary colors—or even a slight shifting, like the blue and yellow of Gastou’s room—can allow modern and antique elements to blend in harmony.

A neutral canvas, such as the white walls and floors of the Art Deco style room, can also allow the intense colors and intricate designs of Savonnerie rugs to turn any room into one that is in style…your style!


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