3 Easy Ways to Design Chic, Modern Rooms with Needlepoint Rugs

Designer Miles Redd, author of The Big Book of Chic, once said, “Buy the best, and you’ll only cry once.” It’s true that high-end rugs—such as needlepoint rugs—will return your design investment over and over again in terms of style and durability, but you may still be a bit wary about the rest of it. One sure method to keep from crying over a glaring design faux pas is to keep it simple.

Choosing needlepoint rugs that utilize no more than two colors is a good way to ensure that you meet both Mr. Redd’s criteria and your own; you’ll have a fabulous rug that will serve as floor-level art for years to come and the rest of your room can easily fall into place. Look to the numerous examples of designers utilizing needlepoint rugs in only two colors to see how the best of the best use this simple design style.

Create Chic and Colorful Rooms with Two Color Geometric Needlepoint Rugs

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Needlepoint rugs in neutral colors allow other colors in the room to play center stage; in the living room by Elizabeth Dinkel, the beige and white geometric needlepoint rug is a refined—though understated—player in the room that allows the vibrant oranges to enliven the space. Image courtesy Elizabeth Dinkel.

Needlepoint rugs are well-known for being colorful, but you may be a bit hesitant about just diving into the mix of colors that are available. You can follow interior designer Elizabeth Dinkel’s lead by using a neutral beige-and-white geometric needlepoint rug to allow the other colors in the room to really pop. The vibrant oranges, corals and tangerines are allowed to play center stage as the furniture, walls and flooring maintain a neutral backdrop.

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Asmara’s Bombay needlepoint rug in a large family room in Sea Island, GA allows the eye-catching blue items in the room to really stand out. Image courtesy Lisa Torbett Interiors.

Another chic example of a neutral two color needlepoint rug is found in the living room by designer Lisa Torbett. The needlepoint rug is beige and white, and the signature color in the room is a cool blue, but the effect is the same: the simple beauty of the needlepoint rug adds texture and depth to the overall design, and it allows the focal blue colors to stand out.

Create Drama by Painting Walls in a Color From a Vibrant Needlepoint Rug

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The red from Asmara’s Bergamo needlepoint rug is used on the walls in this living room designed by Susan Nelson and it moves the eye from floor to ceiling. Image courtesy Susan Nelson Interiors.

Another option for easy design with two-tone needlepoint rugs is to choose one of the colors from the rug as your room’s main color; it doesn’t mean that it will be the only color in the room, but it will definitely be playing a starring role. In the living area created by interior designer Susan Nelson, the vibrant red of the white and red needlepoint rug is carried up the wall. The white in the rug keeps it simple, allowing the blue furnishings and décor to be really noticeable.

Create a Sophisticated “Collected, Not Decorated” Look with a Needlepoint Rug

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Needlepoint rugs in only two colors don’t necessarily have to match the other colors of a room. This blue and white needlepoint rug doesn’t really echo any other color schemes in the room, but it adds to the overall look of the room being “collected, not decorated.”

Neither of your needlepoint rug’s colors need match your room. The blue and white of the needlepoint rug is not found anywhere else in the predominantly green and yellow room; there are white elements, but they aren’t truly connected to the white in the rug.

Needlepoint rugs are definitely available in a rainbow of colors, but if you have any misgivings, a two-colored rug is an easy place to start.

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