3 Glamorous Holiday Interiors Enriched by Aubusson Rugs

At this time of year, when our decorative energies are focused on quick options to provide festive backdrops for memories with families and friends, it’s worth considering how to turn that seasonal chore into a longer-term solution for a detail-rich interior space. Today, we’ll look at four breathtaking rooms where Aubusson rugs set the stage for all seasons. The exuberant patterns and colors of Aubusson rugs were created for 18th and 19th French nobility who took the entertainment of family and guests seriously. Today’s leading decorators have adapted these glorious rugs for modern life styles where they are used to bring a certain flair and glamour to a room. Aubusson rugs provide a unique atmosphere for Holiday entertaining.

Transform Elegant Light Filled Dining Room for Christmas

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The cream, yellow and blue accents in this Neoclassical Aubusson rug provide a cheerful and sunny color palette for this elegant dining room which has been quickly transformed for Christmas. Photo courtesy Traditional Home.

An Aubusson rug’s detail is one of an interior decorator’s greatest assets. Here, the intricate detail in the, cream, blue and yellow neoclassical rug provides the color palette and also pulls together all the elements in the room. The rich dark wood of the table and sideboard and the yellow of the chairs provide a warm contrast to the pale blue walls and the green Christmas decorations. The room is easily dressed for a Holiday feast – a selection of seasonal greens adds an invigorating festive atmosphere to the space.

Eclectic Paris Living Room Wears Holiday Colors Easily

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Jacques Garcia designed this Paris living room for Anne McNally’s in many shades of reds and pinks and anchored it with a pale beige and Aubusson rug with pink and red accents. This room can be easily transformed for a romantic Parisian Holiday season. Photo: William Waldron. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The room is furnished with Louis XVI chairs and an antique opium bed turned into a coffee table. This rooms works for all the seasons of the year, but the beauty of the choices of red drapes and sofas is that they can be used to great advantage when you are re-decorating for the Holidays.

Evoke Sunny Warmth of French Country Dining

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Cathy Kincaid channeled the aesthetic of French country into this Arizona dining room anchored on a cream, yellow and green Aubusson rug. This room can be easily adapted for Holiday decorating. Photo: Reed Davis. Image courtesy House Beautiful.

The main focus for many of our holiday celebrations is breaking bread together – so it makes perfect sense to find ways to create a unique, welcoming space instead of a humdrum dining room. Here a non-standard space creates an open dining area that retains warmth and charm, all anchored together with a cream, yellow and green Aubusson rug. While some may argue that such a fine rug has no place in a dining room, the high-quality materials used to make Aubusson rugs provide a level of durability that’s second to none.

Create Regal and Romantic Florentine Bedroom

aubusson rug cream gold resized 600

This bedroom in a villa overlooking Lake Geneva belonging to the owners of Swiss luxury jewelers De Grisogono and Chopard has a cream and gold exuberantly patterned 18th century Aubusson rug that is strong enough to anchor the red velvet Florentine canopy bed.  Photo: Simon Upton. Image courtesy Elle Décor.

A gorgeous, red-velvet draped Florentine-style bed takes pride of place in this regal, romantic master bedroom. The villa’s magnificent gardens overlook Lake Geneva, creating an air of romance that is continued in this bedroom with walls wrapped in gold-toned satin and a lush trompe l’oeil fresco adorning the ceiling.

Aubusson Rugs for All Seasons

The rich, vibrant colors and swirling detail of Aubusson rugs make an excellent pairing with interior decorative detail that reflects the changing seasons. Winter, in particular, demands that we surround ourselves with the effervescence of color and Aubusson rugs will set an exquisite stage for the color play of your life.

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