3 Schemes For Blue Oushak Rugs Mix Safe And Daring Styles

“When selecting a design scheme for a client I like to mix and match styles… a  traditional fabric with a more modern graphic print… something unexpected, something clients would not have thought of.

“I like to present 3 different schemes…Scheme #1 would be a traditional safe option, Scheme #2 could be something entirely out of the box, Scheme #3 might be a mix of those two”. Jamie Keskin, Interior Designer, Leonards New England

Blue Oushak Rug Bedroom Traditional Decorating

The first bedroom decorating scheme mixes a traditional four-poster bed with a contemporay lamp and geometric fabrics that pick up the blues, greens, cream and golds in the Lycia Oushak Rug.

Blue Oushak, Bedroom Casual, Contemporary

A casual contemporary bedroom scheme with sleigh bed, dresser, traditional geometric fabric and lamp that pick up on the sea blue greens and beiges in the Lycia Oushak Rug.

Blue Oushak, Bedroom Antique Decorating

A Traditional Bedroom scheme, antique four poster bed, table, traditional fabrics and lamp that pick up the greens, blues, beiges and golds in the Lycia Oushak Rug.

Blue Oushak Decorating by Jamie Keskin

Jamie Keskin studied Fine Art and Interior Design at the New England School of Art & Design, Suffolk University. Her career has included extensive project work for Interior Designers Kristine Mullaney Design, Belmont, MA and Ana Donohue Interiors, Melrose, MA.

I asked Jamie to share her insights into decorating with Oushak rugs:

Do customers come to Leonard’s thinking they can do it themselves, and realize they need help?

“It’s funny you ask this question because this is how I have gotten 2 of my clients at Leonards Wellesley.  In many cases customers walk in and they have pictures of what they are working on, or ideas of what they want. After talking they start to realize they need help with their space.

What kind of design problems do customers encounter?

Customers ask questions and doubt decisions they have either already made or are trying to make. For example, they have already purchased a piece and it’s the wrong size, color etc. and they are trying to make it work..overall they do not feel confident in what they are doing.

What kind of decorating issues do you see in homes?

“Many times it is the layout of the furniture. Many people tend to push everything up against the wall. Moving the furniture in a room can give the space an entirely new feel and look.    

Do you always use a rug in design schemes?

“If a client does not have a rug I will add a few rug samples into a design scheme.  When I present the overall scheme with fabrics, furniture, accent pieces and RUG options, my clients are able to visualize the entire space.  The rug enhances the other pieces in the room and the other pieces enhance the rug!

How do you come up with different design schemes for clients?

“When selecting a design scheme for a client I like to mix and match styles.  I like mixing a  traditional fabric with a more modern graphic print.  Working at Leonard’s I am surrounded by beautiful antiques so it can be fun to mix a traditional 4 poster bed with a rug that has modern graphic elements. I always show clients something unexpected, something they would not have thought of.

What concepts do clients have difficulty understanding?

“Rugs!  They can be the statement piece in a room or simply add that extra layer of comfort. A well made one a of a kind rug is unique and can last a life time!  I think many people underestimate the work and artistry that goes into making a rug.

What happens if a rug is the wrong size for the room?

“If a rug is the wrong size for a room it can throw the whole design scheme off and can actually become the focal point of the room which is not what you want.

How do clients respond to the price of a rug?

“Some of my clients know the rug is an important aspect of the design and are willing to pay the price for it. Others might be a bit shocked by the price.

Do you show other rug options?

“They might want to see more options at a lower price point, but 9 times out of 10 clients go back to the original rug once they compare it to the other options. The quality is better; the look of the rug is more unique, the colors more vibrant, these are qualities that cost more!

Why do clients choose an Asmara rug instead of sisal or other rugs?

“When you are looking at an Asmara rug you are looking at a rug that is truly unique!  A rug that will be the conversation piece of the room.  It could be a rug that is traditional and elegant, modern and graphic, or casual and comfortable.  Asmara has a great selection to choose from”!


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