3 Tips for Modern Decor with Yellow and Red Needlepoint Rugs

needlepoint rugs, needlepoint rugs for sale, needlepoint area rugs,french needlepoint rugs, needlepoint rugA scheme for a modern bedroom based on a timeless needlepoint rug with fresh yellow, red, green, blue purple and black.  This needlepoint rug is so flexible, it can also be used in a modern living room or dining room.

In uncertain economic times it is appropriate to pay close attention to your purchases. Buying things that will have lasting value and will not become throw aways when fashions change, is key.  Here are three rules that can help you achieve your design goals without losing your budget:

1. Splurge on one high quality object that is both timeless and flexible in use.

With so many beautiful home furnishings on the market it can become difficult to stick to a budget.  It is important to learn how to be selective. Splurge on one or two timeless pieces around which you can design your space. These pieces should be in a style that is so flexible, it can be used in different rooms in the home and with different decorating schemes.  Take, for example, the handmade Moldova Needlepoint rug. Based on a 19th century Bessarabian rug that was made for the Russian aristocracy, its colors are modern and taken from nature: fresh yellows, greens, reds, blue and purples. It combines a timeless antique pattern with a flexible color palette.  It was simply a piece I couldn’t resist. I’ve allowed it to be a larger percentage of my budget and I made my secondary purchases accordingly.

2. Create flexibility by pairing timeless statement pieces with neutral upholstery.

The Moldova needlepoint rug has a vibrant design with dynamic colors which make it a statement rug for a bedroom, living room or a dinning room.  In this bedroom scheme, to keep the space balanced I’ve paired the needlepoint rug with quiet, neutral furnishings.  Avoiding patterned fabrics for the upholstered furniture has two advantages: it keeps them from fighting with the statement needlepoint rug, and the neutral upholstery is easier to find in stock and therefore costs less than custom upholstery.  In this room I’ve chosen crisp white as my neutral and this gives the space a fresh, modern feel.  Now I can add even more personality and even add a trendy accessory that can be easily changed later.

3. Add pops of color using your statement piece as inspiration.

Every room can benefit from pops of color artfully placed throughout the space.  Vibrant colors create energetic movement for the eye and make a room feel warmly inviting.  Luckily, there are various places to find cheerful pillows, colorful lamps or playful sculptural pieces.  They don’t have to be expensive (see sources) or meticulously made.  These pieces are meant to be fun and can be replaced whenever the mood strikes. This way you never feel locked into a look or scheme.


Moldova Needlepoint Rug; Bed; Chair ; Dresser; Side Table; Lamp

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