3 Tips on How to Start Decorating with Geometric Needlepoint Rugs

Decorating with Needlepoint and Oushak rugs can be overwhelming.  With so many materials, accessories and furnishing available it is easy to feel stalled even before the design process begins.  To learn how experienced designers begin their design project I asked award winning Lisa Torbett and Dee Simmons of Lisa Torbett Interiors, St. Simon’s Island Georgia* for their advice. Lisa and Dee start with the most important things first:

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Lisa Torbett Interiors brought in color and established the room’s foundation with a red and gold mid-scale geometric Agra needlepoint rug. Lisa and Dee masterfully tied in the architecture of the arched colonnade with the geometry in the rug and the colors in the fabrics. White walls bring rest while accentuating the drama. The room design enhances enjoyment of the spectacular ocean view while harmonizing effortlesly with the architecture.

 1.     Start by understanding your life style, your home’s location and its architecture

Clients are often unsure of where to begin, so we always start by learning their lifestyle preferences and needs.  

We also look at the setting of the house. Is it in the mountains, the beach or in the city. Then we consider the architectural style and the materials used in the house. Are the floors stone or wood, are the ceilings flat or vaulted and beamed, are they heavily detailed with moldings?  Is there a fireplace in the room?  Is it made of stone, tabby, wood, or marble?  What is the style of the windows and their placement?  All of these things take part in determining our design approach.  They determine most importantly, placement of furnishings and scale.  These are the “bones” and they should all be chosen and connected properly so the rooms and the house perform their function.

2.     Designing is an emotion. Something will click or hit you and that’s where the process will begin for you.

There is no set rule on what to select first.  Design is an emotion.  Something will just click or hit you that you like and that is where the process will begin for you.

3.     Starting with a rug establishes the foundation of the room and guides selection of everything else

 If you are starting from scratch, it would be ideal to start with the rug first, since this could very easily be the biggest investment made for the room.  It establishes the foundation of the room from which everything else is selected. 

Another way is to start with a favorite fabric or piece of art to work around to determine a color palette when searching for a rug.

Look for more tips on Decorating with Oushak and Needlepoint Rugs from Lisa Torbett ad Dee Simmons in the coming weeks.

*Lisa Torbett Interiors has been featured in Spectacular Homes of Georgia, Architectural Digest, Trend magazine, Travel and Leisure Golf, Southern Distinction, Southern Seasons, Sea Island, and Elegant Island Living Magazine and was awarded the Georgia Mainstreet Award for Ecological Restructuring and Design for outstanding design accomplishments

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