3 Ways to Bring Nature’s Tranquil Beauty Indoors with Green Rugs

Green is a truly versatile color. Like blue, it is on the cool side of the color spectrum, so using green rugs and other green elements will create a feeling of calm in your rooms. Green is also nature’s favorite color and is found along side every color found in nature from yellow and red to blue and purple. You can create pop by juxtaposing red, yellow, orange on an other warm color on a green rug. Or, you can create tonal variations with many shades of green ranging from yellow green to blue green.  Green rugs also work well with neutrals such as white, tan, black and gray.

Since green rugs works with just about any color, you can use many different colors with a green rug. Green rugs give you great decorating flexibility and allows you to design in many different styles. In fact you can use green rugs to create any look or any style that your heart desires.

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Light green tones bring nature into a home, creating an aura of invitation that warms stark neutrals. Image courtesy Lauren Leiss Interiors.

Choose Soft Green Rugs for a Feeling of Tranquility

In the above living room designer Lauren Leiss used different shades of soft green throughout, creating a down-to-earth vibe that is both polished and serene. The nature inspired motifs in the green rug pick up other nature motifs, such as the green and white ikat pillow, the birds on the coffee table and the fern plant and other greenery throughout the room.

A soft green palette needs to balanced by warm colors and Leiss added warmth with brown wood tones in the furniture. She then created crispness by using large amount of white on the walls and dining chairs and accents of black in the table and artwork. The room looks sophisticated as well as inviting and soothing.

Green is everywhere in nature, and choosing a range of greens from light and soft to medium green throughout a room makes the room feel invigorating and rejuvenating. Since green is a cool color, green rugs should be balance by warm accent colors. Accessories in warm colors can be spread throughout the room to add warmth. If you desire a more crisp and bright look, use large amounts of white and add pops of black for contrast. This is what Lauren Leiss did in the living room above. Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright famously said, “Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.” When you start your room with a green rug it will inspire you to come up with stylish decorating ideas and you will be able to bring the serenity of nature indoors.

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Pairing a green rug with contrasting reds looks fashionable and chic.

Create Pops of Vibrant Color on a Green Rug for a Chic Look

The light green rug in the sitting area above could easily be used with other greens and neutrals to create a feeling of calm, but pairing it with warm colored furniture and accessories makes those elements pop. The fuchsia and orange in the leaf-patterned chair really catch the eye because the contrasting green of the rug really makes those colors pop. The dark pink in the mod-retro bookcase and the orange-red of the coffee table also stand out because of the contrast of the green rug.

While a green rug can add tranquility, it also can make a room pop when it is paired with contrasting colors. Green is opposite red on the color wheel, so green really makes red stand out, and vice versa. Usually, greenis are used as a background color and the warm accent colors create pop against the green rug.

Using green rugs with true red can seem too seasonal, so use green rugs with pink-reds or orange-reds, as in the image above. This will create a totally chic vibe.

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Using a green rug with blue accents allow a variety of red hues to stand out in Nina Yashar’s dinning room in Milan. Image courtesy Casa Vogue.

The same concept is used in the dining room of Milan gallery owner Nina Yashar. Designer and architect Giancarlo Montebello paired a modern blue-green rug with reds and pinks for a fashionable room that lives up to the design adage of looking “collected, not decorated.”

The blue tinged green rug, plus the blue accents, breaks the holiday seasonal look that can arise from pairing green with true red; the pinks in the wall art also achieve this. The wood floor adds warmth, the white wall adds crispness and the blacks and gray metals add interest by adding different textures and materials to the mix.

Here are some more examples of rooms decorated with green rugs:

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Artist Elizabeth used water colors to hand paint the rendering for Medici, a Savonnerie rug that has hundreds of subtle shades of green ranging from blue greens to yellow greens. Image by Koch Studio. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

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Jim Koch paired a pale abstract painting, an antique French chair and pale bluish-green walls for a modern take on a traditional living room with the Seville Savonnerie oriental Rug inspired by a 17th century Spanish rug. Image by Koch Studio. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.




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