4 Glamorous Dining Rooms with Metallic Accents and Decorative Rugs

If you are looking for ideas for designing a glamorous dining room that will impress even the most discerning guests, then you will find lots of inspiration in the four gorgeous dining spaces in today’s post. Each room has achieved it’s distinctive stunning looks by skillful use of two elements- metallic finishes and amazing decorative rugs. We will learn how to use these two elements effectively to create a glamorous and memorable atmosphere in any room.

Classical Glamour with Metallic Finishes and Savonnerie Rug

cream gold savonnerie rug

This glittering Palm Beach dining room by Michael Simon uses gold metallic finishes in the dining table, wall panels and chandelier and pulls it all together with a cream and gold Savonnerie rug. Photo: Simon Upton. Image courtesy Architectural Digest and House and Garden.

Pink fabric on gold dining chairs creates pop in this opulent gilded Neoclassical dining room anchored by a stunning cream, gold and pink Savonnerie rug. Savonnerie carpets, long associated with palaces and stately homes, provide an aura of glamor, drama and regal energy to a room. Tying the rug’s floral theme to the intricate porcelain chandelier, designer Michael Simon has produced a signature space where golden accents dazzle and delight. The table, designed by Simon, sits in an ideal, central position to allow guests adequate room to move chairs back and forth on the stunning rug for comfortable dining. The functionality of the space is supreme – plenty of light, color, and an elegant atmosphere to enjoy the company of friends.

Art Deco Glamor with Metallic Walls and Ceiling and Purple Deco Floral Rug

gray blue floral rug

Jessica Lagrange Interiors encased this dining room with silver, gray and gold metallic walls and ceiling and anchored it with a pale purple, gray and blue Chinese art deco floral rug. Image courtesy Jessica Lagrange Interiors .

When approaching the design of this pied-à-terre on Chicago’s gold coast, Jessica Lagrange focused on her client’s love of art deco. Incorporating their desire for a vivacious palette and home that represented their glamorous life style, Lagrange chose a silvery grayish-purple Chinese deco rug with blue and pale creamy-purple floral motifs. The choice of rug is key as the silky pile of the rug echo’s the metallic finish of the walls and ceiling and the rugs floral pattern adds lyrical movement that balances the solid geometry of the dining table. The bold choice of purple shades throughout the space seems to have anticipated Pantone’s 2014 color of the year Radiant Orchid. While not overwhelming, the purple provides personalized glamor to the space.

The round backs of the purple and gold neoclassical dining chairs are a beautiful complement to the angled corners of the dining table and the graceful crystal pendant chandelier.

Stately Glamor with Subtle Metallic Accents and Aubusson Rug

cream floral aubusson rug

Interior designer David Delaunay dialed up the stately atmosphere in this Houston dining room by using metallic accents in subtle amounts in the furniture and accessories and anchored it with a cream, gold and red floral Aubusson rug. Image courtesy David Delaunay.

A blend of French and English furnishings mixes effortlessly with neoclassical elements to create a grand canvas for entertaining. The focal point of this striking dining room designed by David Delaunay is the stunning mid-century bronze table by Arturo Pani. The space glistens with rich eastern light that spills through the bespoke draperies onto custom-designed de Gournay Chinoiserie wallpaper. The subtle gilt accents throughout the room resonate with the muted glitter of the bronze dining table and all is balanced by the matte wool texture the cream Aubusson rug. The circular floral wreath motifs in the rug balance the rectangular shape of the dining table and the linear arrangement of the furniture.

Dramatic Glamor with Navy Walls, Crystal and Pale Blue Oushak Rug

pale green gold oushak rug

Designer Jane Lockhart ramped up the drama and glamor by juxtaposing navy walls, white ceiling and a pale greenish-blue and gold Oushak rug. Photo: Brandon Barré. Image courtesy Jane Lockhart Interior Design.

The high contrast palette of gold and navy, paired with the bright twinkle of the crystal chandelier creates and atmosphere of understated glamor. A dramatic stage is set by painting the walls a dark navy, but this would have made the room look too dark, so Lockhart painted the ceiling white and this ramped up the drama even more. Juxtaposing a crystal chandelier against navy walls and white ceiling heightens the shimmer. The black lacquered dining table and chairs continue the dark theme while the gray fabric on the dining chairs adds a contemporary touch. The entire room is pulled together by the bluish-green and gold Oushak rug which doesn’t match the style or the colors of the rest of the room, but in this mis-match it gives the room a collected and authentic look.

The four dining rooms show us four different ways of creating glamor and drama with metallic finishes and beautiful decorative rugs. I hope these rooms will encourage you to experiment with these two elements in designing a room in your own style.


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