4 Tips for Designing Glamorous Rooms with Pastel Rugs

A pale pink Savonnerie rug, bordered by gold latticework and boasting gold medallion motifs, laced through with light blue and sunset gold and filling a room with a rosy glow at the first glance of dawn; a light, golden needlepoint rug strewn through with faded ochre and ancient pale blues, flooding a room with radiant warmth in the middle of a rainy afternoon: the all-encompassing beauty of pastel rugs cannot be overstated. Hues like faded pinks, pale greens, soft yellows, warm ivories and light blues are predominant in a pastel color palette. The beauty of pastel rugs is that they become even more beautiful with age, gracing a room with a sure and graceful presence. Pastel rugs are one of the most beautiful styles of carpet, and they can really transform a room. If you’re planning on choosing a pastel rug, there are many different styles to choose from, ranging from Savonnerie carpets and Oushak rugs to needlepoint rugs and Aubusson carpets.

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The pale gold and grey pastel hues of this Oushak rug provide a quiet base from which the rest of the room seems to grow. The colors of the rug are repeated with deeper intensity in the gold table settings and again in the gold avian pattern on the wall panel.  Interior design by Melanie Turner for the 2011 Atlanta Symphony Decorators’ Show House. Image courtesy Atlanta Homes Magazine.

1. Pastel Rugs Are A Great Source of Inspiration for Designing the Room

Every designer will tell you that it’s better to choose your decorative rug first before filling the room with furniture. The same philosophy holds true for pastel rugs. Lay the pastel rug on the floor and live with it for a while before deciding which direction to go in. Your pastel rug will dictate the design of the rest of the room. William Morris said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or beautiful.” There’s absolutely no need to rush to fill the room. Focus on slowly building the room with only the things that you love. If there are patterns in the rug that please you, repeat them with the accessories you choose.

2. Pastel Rugs Highlight the Beauty of Dark Flooring

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Here, designer John Saladino uses his mastery to create a space that is at once masculine and feminine, thanks to the strong and beautiful presence of the dark-stained, wide-plank flooring and the softness of the pastel Oushak rug. You could sit in this room for days and never want to leave. Image courtesy John Saladino.

Pastel rugs can highlight the beauty and richness of dark flooring. The contrast between the two creates a pleasing blended interplay for the eyes. The soft coloring of a pastel rug will break up the intensity of a dark floor, making the room seem much more welcoming. Layer the room with furniture and accessories that add texture and interest to the room. Play with the pastel hues in the rug, and add spots of that color throughout your space in things like your cushions and drapery. Don’t create a perfectly matched room. Play with the color wheel, and choose colors for the room that play off the colors in your pastel rug.

3. Pastel Rugs Make a Room Feel Larger

Natural light and soft colors tend to make a room feel more spacious. Pastel rugs can also make a room feel much more expansive, thanks to their light tones. If you’ve got a smallish-sized room, pastel rugs will trick your eye into believing that there’ s a lot more floor space.

4. Pastel Rugs Make it Easier to Create Different Seating Areas in a Large Room

If you’ve got a large room and you wish to create an intimate feeling, consider creating distinct seating areas and play around with lighting, textures and furniture placement to create two or more spaces that feel intimate and comfortable. Define each area with a pastel rug separated with walkways where the dark wood floors can be shown off. There as an example of such a room in yesterday’s blog post Why Oushak Rugs Are the Perfect Answer to “Where Do I Start”? . You can also use one large pastel rug and create seperate seating areas all tied together by the pastel rug as designer Charles Faudree did below.

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Charles Faudree unified two seating areas in this beautiful living room with a large pastel needlepoint rug with a cream background and taupe, sea blue, aqua and gold accent colors. The cool blue, aqua and green in the needlepoint rug balance the warm yellows and golds in the room. The aqua table, commode and pillows pick up the aqua and blue in the needlepoint rug. Image courtesy Pinterest Needlepoint Rugs Style.







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