4 Tips: How To Find Oushak Rugs For Designing Chic Rooms

When shopping for gray Oushak rugs make sure the rug has an artistic color palette with a balance of cool and warm colors. Avoid grey Oushak rugs in which all the colors are cool, as these rugs will be less flexible to decorate with.  Instead, look for grey Oushak rugs with hints of warm colors such as brown or gold to balance the cool grey colors. These Oushak rugs will make it easy to design stylish rooms and these rooms will feel inviting in both winter and summer. Artistically designed Oushak rugs will help you bring glamor and warmth to contemporary interiors and they will also make it easy to add a young vibe to traditional rooms. The reason these Oushak rugs work so well in both contemporary and traditional interiors is that they are a combination of ancient and modern elements- their patterns are traditional, yet their colors are modern. Their historical patterns bring depth and warmth to contemporary interiors and their modern colors give a young vibe to traditional rooms. Another big advantage of these Oushak rugs is that because their colors are well-balanced these rugs will work with a wide range of fabrics. This not only makes it easy to find fabrics that go with them, but it also makes it easy to change the décor in the future by just changing a few fabrics and wall color while keeping the same Oushak rug.  Decorating flexibility is a highly important quality to look for in an Oushak rug. Because, while you can change fabrics on an upholstered chair or sofa and re-paint the walls, there is nothing you can do if the rug will not work with your new decorating style. Therefore it is important to pick a grey Oushak rug that goes with many colors and many decorative styles. We will learn what to look for in grey Oushak rugs and learn how to create stunning rooms with them.

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This grey Oushak rug has touches of warm beige to balance the cool greys in the rug. The traditional pattern of the Oushak rug resonates with the traditional furniture and it modern coloration connects with the abstract painting and they white upholstery fabrics and grey walls. This room looks modern look even though the furniture is traditional. Image courtesy of Belclaire House blog and theenchantedhome blog.

1. How to Give a Modern Look to Traditional Rooms with Gray Oushak Rugs

This room exhibits a blending of styles. The antique elements, like the beautiful French furniture pieces, bring a classy feel to this room. And the modern style, like the abstract painting, which masterfully brings all of the colors of the room together, and the glass coffee table, keep the room looking chic. The modern and traditional styles are unified by the Oushak rug. The rugs traditional pattern calls out to the antique shapes in the room while the modern coloration of the Oushak rug resonates with the abstract art and the modern grey and white color palette of the room.

The use of pale grays and white gives the room a clean uncluttered feel that is also calming and restful.

2.  How to Bring Warmth and Character to Modern Room with Gray Oushak Rugs

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Chicago interior designer Kara Mann chose a grey Oushak rug with touches of brown and white to bring warmth and add sophistication to this modern room. The Oushak rug pulls together white modern sofas and brown and black elements and accentuates the vibrant greens and yellows in the abstract painting and plants. Image Courtesy Kara Mann.

Like the first room, this room has a tonal color palette of pale grey and white which flows very smoothly. The grey Oushak rug, white sofas, and white walls create a clean and peaceful ambiance. However, in sharp contrast to the room above, this room not only has big beautiful windows but the windows are accented by black frames. Black and brown are further brought into the room from the ceiling to the chairs and planters. And within those planters, the vibrant green of life introduces a burst of color to the room. This room’s black, brown and near white contrast make the room dynamic while the green foliage brings energy. 

3. How to Add a Modern Feel to Colorful  Classical Rooms with Gray Oushak Rugs

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David Easton used a grey Oushak rug to give a clean and modern look to this colorful living room with classical furniture. The barn like ceiling connects with the traditional pattern and texture of the Oushak rug. This room shows us that grey rugs provide a neutral background that allows almost any color to be used in the room effectively. Image courtesy theenchantedhome blog

The room above has a lovely palette of pale colors that are enhanced by the grey Oushak rug. Building up from the cool gray of the Oushak rug, which contrasts nicely with the warm hardwood floors, the soft green chair and ottoman with dark wood legs bring warmth to the room. Color is found throughout the room in shades of blue, green, and yellow. The blue stone table top connect with the blue porcelain on the fireplace mantel. The lemon yellow of the walls warms the room and brings out the blue porcelain. The grey Oushak rug makes this room feel modern and uncluttered. The richness in color and textures make this room one that draws it’ guests into it’s heart and makes them regret having to leave.

4. How to Brighten Rooms with Gray Oushak Rugs

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Eric Cohler added brightness to this room with a lustrous grey Oushak rug with touches of warm beiges that connect with wood tones in the room. Without the shimmering grey Oushak rug the black ceiling, grey walls and brown floor would have made the room feel too dark. Image courtesy Eric Cohler.


This room has a wide range of shades from white, gray to black. It also has a nice mix of patterns and textures. The dark gray walls and even darker ceiling make the white molding pop. Small pieces of accent colors stand boldly against the dark walls, the green lamp, the yellow pillow and the french blue chair. The hardwood floors add warmth. The grey Oushak rug is the final and most important touch because it shimmering grey texture fills the space with light. Without the Oushak rug this room would have felt too dark.

Here is an example of an Oushak Rug in which the cool greys. blues and whites are balanced by warm beiges and browns. The handspun wool has a natural shine.

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Buy grey, blue and brown Oushak rug

The Kiraz Oushak Rug has a tonal grey background with accents of blue and white. There are small amounts of a warm brown which balances the cool gray and blue and makes this Oushak very flexible.This rug has not been chemically washed which means all the colors are true and the white accents do not have a yellow cast.


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