4 Top Designers Choose Oushak Rugs to Add Excitment to Interiors

If you’ve ever walked into a boring, dreary room, you may have noticed that something feels missing. The space seems shallow and one-dimensional. You can’t exactly nail it down, but the room just falls flat. The secret to creating interest and depth in a room is layering. Adding layers with Oushak rugs is one effective way to add depth and warmth to any space.

Oushak Rugs Blend Old and New in Dining Room

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This dining room designed by Rafael de Cardenas utilizes a playful mixture of old and new to create a fun and unusual look. The simple white and gray Oushak adds depth to the room. Photo: Simon Upton. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

This London dining room comes to life with a chrome chandelier from Charles Paris Lighting and incredible silk cherry blossom wallpaper. The fun and eclectic elements in this dining room are grounded by the vintage white and gray Oushak rug. The slight gray striations in the Oushak rug pick up the color of the gray Grosfeld House chairs and help to blend old and new.

Oushak Rugs Add Warmth and Texture to Modern Architecture

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This concrete living room in Seattle, Washington juxtaposes hard modern lines with soft, organic pieces to create an unusual and interesting space. Photo courtesy Aaron Leitz and Architect List.

With such a stark canvas, designer Doug Rasar needed to add texture and visual interest. The orange velvet pillows provide a subtle pop of color which is carried through in the Oushak rug. The sophisticated orange and cream Oushak rug and exotic artwork brings much-needed warmth to the living room without overwhelming the sleek architectural elements.

Bring Joy to Your Room with Oushak Rugs

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A sunlit living room in Manhattan exudes designer Victoria Hagan’s sense of joie de vivre. The yellow and gold Oushak rug reflects Hagan’s daring and exultant style. Photo courtesy Victoria Hagan and Interior Portraits.

Hagan once commented that she “like[s] to make happy homes” and it is certainly apparent in this space. The bold yellow walls were inspired from the Vermeer painting, Vue de Delft. The bright theme of yellow is continued throughout the space in the yellow and gold Oushak rug and simple yellow cotton drapes. 

Tame Metallic with a Neutral Oushak Rug

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This spectacular dining room designed by Melanie Turner shines with touches of metallic silver and golds. The Oushak rug provides a calming element to the bright metallic. Photo courtesy Erica George Dines and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

In this living room, Turner goes for the “wow” factor with glittering details. Two crystal and gold chandeliers create a majestic and shimmering source of light. A flock of golden birds, painted by Tom Swanston adds a sense of humor to the design. Turner uses a subtle beige and cream Oushak rug to subdue the metallic elements. 

Layering, pattern, texture, and color is one way to avoid flat and boring spaces. Using this simple design trick is easy. Start with a few well-chosen pieces of furniture, add a beautiful Oushak rug, and layer accessories and lighting for a complete look. You can achieve warm multidimensional design by adding an Oushak rug to almost any room.

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