5 Chic Ways to Design Modern or Traditional Rooms with Green Rugs

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.” Wright could have been talking about green rugs and how they can be an inspiration for a room in any decorating style from clean contemporary to formal traditional. Green is the base color for nature and nature is where all great decorators learn color composition. Green is in the foliage of every tree, flower, shrub and meadow. In fact a green meadow is nature’s green rug on which every color looks its best. So a green rug will serve as a strong base for the styling of a room in any color palette. Today we will learn about three chic ways to decorate with green rugs.

1. Give Traditional Rooms a Young Vibe with a Green Geometric Rug

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Choose a green rug in an “organic” geometric pattern to give a traditional room a young vibe. Image courtesy thelennoxx.com

The designer created a young vibe by starting with green geometric rug kept the color scheme of the rest of the room simple with just white and brown wood tones. Rooms designed around a green rug with white upholstery and walls feel refreshing and inviting.



A green and white geometric rug complements green and white botanical prints in a dining room in a California house designed by Richard Hallberg.



Another view of the cream and green trellis rug in the Richard Hallberg designed dining room. Image courtesy Veranda.



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2. Make Rooms Feel Youthful by Using Punches of Color on a Green Rug

Interior designer Christina Murphy wisely remarked, “Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.” There is nothing better than green rugs for making colors look more vibrant and have more punch.

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 A green rug provides the perfect backdrop for making color look more vibrant and to make a room feel youthful and engaging.

Like a field of red poppies in a European meadow, a green rug is a perfect base to accentuate bold colors. A green rug with a subtle tonal green pattern allows the furniture be the star of the room. Green rugs bring a youthful and engaging look to a room. If you wish to have art or a piece of furniture be the star in a room, a green rug with a tone on tone green coloration is the perfect way to bring out the beauty of your art collection.


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3. Bring an Aura of Stately Elegance with a Green Aubusson Rug

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 Interior designer Ken Blasingame designed this stately salon in the White House on a green Aubusson rug. The red accents in the rug are carried through in the coral and red upholstered chairs and by coral accents on the drapes. Image courtesy of Peter Vitale Photography and the White House Historical Association.



The Normandie Aubusson Rug 9430G has a cream and green border, pale green field, a cream round center medallion and corners containing shell motifs and acanthus scrolls. Pink, rose, blue, lilac and white flowers and ivy vines adorn the entire surface. Normandie is available in other colors and in stock and custom sizes.

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A green Aubusson rug is the perfect foundation for designing an elegant traditional room. In the above White House room the green Aubusson rug provided the color palette for the entire room starting from the green walls, the green and white sofa, the red accents in the drapes and the red chairs. The medallion in the green Aubusson rug provided architectural resonance for the round crystal chandelier which is aligned with the medallion of the green rug. The color coordination lets the eye flow easily around the room and focus on the more ornate details like the pleating of the window treatment, the curvature in the chair legs and the crystals in the chandelier.

As you can see, green rugs can be serve as an exciting and versatile anchor for designing rooms in many decorating styles. Once you decide what your design style will be for a room- whether it is casual, modern, elegant or another style- you’ll be better able to determine what specific pattern (floral, geometric, etc.) and what hue will be the best to support the rest of the design scheme. Think beyond the more common rug colors and consider exploring how green rugs are so effective in giving your room design just the right feeling and look. After all, a green meadow is mother nature’s green rug that she uses to showcase her infinite color palette.



A green and white Neoclassical floor adds pizazz to a stair case landing in an old Greek Revival Mansion in New York decorated by Miles Redd.



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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 17, 2013 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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