5 Interiors Enhance Beauty and Enjoyment with Aubusson Rugs

If you are looking for ways to design an interior that not only looks good, but also makes you feel happier to be there, then the five rooms in today’s post will appeal to you. Each of these rooms has a distinct personality and great style, but what stands out in each case is that they make you want to live in them. In each case the designer has used an Aubusson rug to bring sophistication and a feeling of comfort.

Enhance the Enjoyment of Sea Views from Bright, Airy Dining Room

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This light, airy dining room allows you to enjoy the beauty of the spectacular ocean views as well as the beauty of the room’s design. Image courtesy New England Home.

Interior designer Tom Catalano chose a cream and grey Aubusson rug with blue and yellow accent colors to complement the blue of the spectacular sea view. Drapes with yellow and blue make the sea look more beautiful. The dark wood tones of the dining table and chairs add warmth and a feeling of security. The round tiered chandelier looks elegant and also feels, light and airy, just like the rest of the room.

The objects that make this room look beautiful also make it more enjoyable to be in. Good design is about beauty and comfort, even though most of us are not consciously aware of exactly why we feel so good in the room. But a closer look can help us understand what makes this room work. For example, the reason the blues look so beautiful is because they are seen next to yellows which is a contrasting warm color that brings out the beauty of blue which is a cool color. Here is another example: We enjoy looking at the square shapes of the windows and of the ceiling molding because they are juxtaposed next to the round shapes in the chandelier.

Transform a Lost Nook into a Cozy Library

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in Designer David Hare’s French country house in the Loire an area tucked away under an unfinished, curved staircase is transformed into a cozy refuge for intimate conversations or reading. Photo courtesy of The Interior Archive.

An Aubusson rug in shades of brown and beige highlights both the wood tones of the staircase and the color of the cushions in the velvety, ornate armchairs. A wall of framed, vintage family photos adds personality and echoes the weathered brown tones. This room is enjoyable to be in because we are nurtured by the beauty of the furniture and the rug and the warmth of the colors and textures.  The designer has transformed an undesirable space into one that makes us feel warmly well taken care of.    

Enhance the Enjoyment and Looks of a Country Living Room

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This intriguing living room in designer David Hare’s French country house combines rustic architectural elements with refined and elegant French furniture and unifies everything with a beige Aubusson rug with cream and rose accents.  Photo: Mark Luscombe-Whyte. Image courtesy The Interior Archive.

The rustic ceiling and rough wood beams create a feeling of informality which puts people at ease. At the same time the contrast between the rough and the refined allows us to enjoy the beauty of the elegant shapes of the French furniture and the soft luxury of the Aubusson rug.

The choice of colors such as yellow and faded reds makes us feel cozy and comfortable while the shapes, textures, heights and volumes of the many objects in the room engage our interest and make us feel cocooned.

Bring Warmth and Elegance to Modern Dining Room

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This dining room uses an Aubusson rug in a creamy gold color with red accents to highlight and complement two red chairs at either end of the dining table. While the room is largely neutral in tones, the elegance of the rug and its contrasts with the clean lines of the contemporary chairs makes the room feel modern and warm at the same time. The use of red not only makes the room looks glamorous, but it also makes it feel warm and friendly.

Humanize a Large Soaring Space

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TEA2 Architects humanized this elegant, but very large atrium like room in Minneapolis with a taupe and beige Aubusson rug. The rug defines the main seating and anchors the curved taupe sofa. The grand design of the rug compliments the classical architecture of the space and also brings a human scale to the vast space. The grand classical pattern of the rug delivers a sense of drama that can hold up to tall vaulted glass ceiling and dramatic ballroom chandeliers. Image courtesy TEA2 Architects.

The five interiors show us that good interior design is about beauty as well as enjoyment. If a room is beautiful to look at, but does not make people feel comfortable and welcome, then it will stay unused. The right rug paired with well chosen furniture, fabrics and accessories will give the room good looks and also a warm and inviting feeling.


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