6 Chic Interiors: How to Decorate with Coral and Orange Rugs

Orange rugs are a dynamic choice for your next interior design project – creating both bold and subtle opportunities to inspire and shape a space that you will enjoy for years to come. The real question is, will you opt for a bold statement, choosing an orange rug that anchors a vibrant space? Or, will you select a more stately option from the world of orange rugs and echo its intricate details around the room?

Create Dramatic Impact with Orange Rugs

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Because orange is an emotive color, it will always have an impact in a room, especially when it is used as a saturating, whole-room concept as we see above in French couturier Michael Klein and Joel Fournier’s Avignon farmhouse project. This room showcases the power of coral walls and orange rug to make a bold statement as part of a vibrant interior.

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Orange rugs can be used more sparingly, as with this contemporary orange rugs in this stunning sun room by Texan architects Charles Todd Helton. Here, the orange rug is used to define the seating area within a large, open area and make it feel welcoming. Rugs help define each space by use and keep the open area from feeling cold or vacant.

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Perhaps because of the emotional impact of the color orange, even in a busy space orange rugs can be used to provide focus, direction and an air of calm. Above, you see an image of the library in designer Gabhan O’Keeffe’s Moscow Dacha from Architectural Digest. You see a room packed with a kaleidoscope of unique details, directional queues and bespoke touches, all resting comfortably on the foundation provided by the orange geometric rug.

2. Create Elegant Rooms with Muted Shades of Coral and Orange.

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While it’s easy to let the cheery, bright shades of orange float you away to a world of care-free whimsy, I’m not here to tell you that orange rugs are only for bright, sunny interiors. Don’t be quick to assume that orange has to be the primary color of a room for orange rugs to work well in the space.

For example, richer shades of orange, like rust and pumpkin are perfectly paired with rich brown tones and well-suited for relaxing, warm spaces, as shown above in this elegant seating area.

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Likewise, Suzanne Kasler’s cozy fireside sitting area is immediately comfortable and appealing. As shown in Architectural Digest, Kasler’s room combines a number of classic elements with orange accessories and details. Deep seats, a stone hearth, neoclassical accents all nestle cozily together on a cream Oushak rug rich with orange tonal accents – perfect for highlighting through coordinated accouterments.

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Perhaps the best example of this comes in a room where orange provides a welcome splash of color, lightening and brightening the area to create a more inviting space. Such is the case in the library of Lord March’s Goodwood estate, shown above courtesy of the The Interior Archive. It’s no surprise to learn that Lord March also uses the room as a study – the natural light and warm tones would be conducive to concentration, and orange is renowned for helping to keep concentration high and blood pressure low.

Orange Rugs and Your Interior Project

Today I’ve shown you orange rugs as part of a variety of settings, formal and informal, where orange and coral provide a welcome accent or serves to be the star of the room’s palette. Hopefully, the variety of ways these interior designers have used orange rugs shows you that the color orange is as versatile as any other, and gives you a little warm inspiration to take the next step in your home interior journey.

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