6 Decorating Tips: Needlepoint Rugs with Blue, Yellow, Green, Coral

Needlepoint rugs, needlepoint rugs for sale, needlepoint area rugs, blue rugs1. Select a needlepoint rug in colors that will create the mood you desire.

Keep in mind that different colors have different effects on the emotions.  For example red makes a room feel energized and a deep plum gives off a feeling of richness and sophistication.  Blues have a calming effect and that is why they are so popular for bedrooms. Today I would like you to consider using blue in a main living space.  Imagine coming home after a long day and feeling instantly relaxed upon entering the living room.  In honor of Mother’s day I designed this living room scheme with stressed, overworked moms in mind. 

2. Select a needlepoint rug with a pattern that is consistent with the mood your wish to create.

Nature has healing powers and historical patterns reassure us. The floral and vine pattern of this needlepoint rug is inspired by the Northern Italian countryside so it gives the feeling of nature as well as of history. This needlepoint rug will give the room a feeling of peacefulness and welcome.

3. Choose different textures with the needlepoint rug, fabrics and furniture.

The needlepoint rug has a thick, grainy, wool texture that feels soft underfoot. This is balanced by the smooth blue silk on the chair and the medium texture of the gray fabric on the recamier. The brown wood tones, the luminous cobalt blue lamp bases, the metal in the chandelier provide a rich variety of textures that makes the space feel interesting.

4. Select those colors from the needlepoint rug that will produce the mood you desire.

If you wish to create a high energy room, you can select brilliant yellows and corals that work with these tones in this needlepoint rug. But today we wish to create a peaceful and inviting ambience so I chose various shades of blues, grays, brown wood tones and creams.

5. Select furniture and accessories with stylish shapes that work with the needlepoint rug.

I chose furnishings that make the space peaceful, approachable yet stylish. The curved shape of the blue chair and the straight modern lines of the recamier creates a stylish mix with the traditional vine pattern of the needlepoint rug. This living room is a stylish yet very personal haven from life’s less tranquil moments.

6. Select sturdy needlepoint rugs, furniture and fabrics so you can relax in the room.

I chose a needlepoint rug which is handmade with durable wool. I would recommend a good quality rug pad to increase the comfort level. The furniture is well made and will withstand regular use by the family.


Blue, yellow, green and coral needlepoint rug; Recamier; Danish lounge chair on teak frame; Mid-century round teak ottoman/coffee table; Green Tole ceiling Light Fixture; Chest of drawers in the Gustavian style; Pair of spun acrylic ball shape table lamps ; Gray Paint; Blue Paint;


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