6 Rooms Chase Away Winter Blues with Nature’s Colors and Green Rugs

With the approach of winter days are shortening and we are getting less exposure to the sun’s healing rays. If you have been feeling a bit blue or moody, it is not just your imagination. Doctor’s have a name for this physiologial effect, they call it “seasonal affective disorder” or SAD. As an antidote the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is offering nature walks called Chase Away the Winter Blues guided by a BBG veteran who also happens to be a licensed psychotherapist. “Walking the Garden grounds counteracts some of the overindulgence of the holiday season while keeping the blues at bay” advises the BBG. Decorating our homes with nature’s colors is another way to invite the beauty and healing effects of nature’s colors into our lives. We know that the color green has a cool, earthy feel, like grass under the feet or trees stirring in the breeze. Adding a green rug to any room can help infuse the space with a feeling that is vibrant and alive. The six rooms below all use green rugs to create a vibe that is modern but overwhelmingly fresh and natural.

Bring Soothing Feeling to Living Room with Colors of Meadow and Sky

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This enlivening living room design is anchore on Medici, a pale green Savonnerie rug designed by Cape Cod Artist Elizabeth Moisan who painted the design in watercolors that bleed into each other. The room feels like a meadow in early spring and the soft blue walls recall the endless Cape Cod sky to create a feeling that is outdoorsy but refined. White daybed a weathered white door and a pale pink planter add to the peaceful ambiance. The daybed has a minimalist flair which gives the room a light and airy feeling. Photo: Koch Studio. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

Expand Small Manhattan Library with Greens

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Green can come in a wide variety of shades, and this quirky yellowish-green contemporary rug works with subtly patterned yellow-green walls and darker green trim to create a space that is cozy and totally unique. Designer Muriel Brandolini used a curvy grey sofa to provide a sunny and neutral spot for reading, and two low, overstuffed chairs finish the comfortable conversation area. Image courtesy Arcitectural Digest. Photo: Pieter Estersohn.

Soften Media Room/Library with Natural Vibe

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This media room/library in a Manhattan apartment designed by Muriel Brandolini combines a green damask rug, green shelving and rounded white contemporary chairs to create a soft, natural vibe for the modern and functional space. The green rug anchors a simple but comfortable conversation area that pairs the chairs with a glass coffee table that recedes into the space, creating an even more natural feel. Image courtesy Architectural Digest. Photo: Pieter Estersohn.

Bring Welcoming Feeling to Living Room

lauren leiss interiors resized 600 cropped resized 600

The color palette of this open-plan living and dining room space designed by Lauren Leiss is inspired by a green oriental rug with a soft, velvety texture that makes the room feel incredibly welcoming. The green linen sofa and green ikat pillow add to the calming and invigorating feeling. Leiss brings in more natural elements with a chandelier that looks like it’s made of tree branches, a lamp reminiscent of a birdcage, two carved wooden birds on the Lucite coffee table, and lots of lush plant life. This room manages to feel tropical and modern at the same time. Image courtesy Lauren Leiss Interiors.

Refresh Home Office with Green Walls and Green Rug

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This home office by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard pairs a green Oriental rug with green walls in a similar, darker shade to create a rich backdrop for huge amounts of framed black-and-white photography on the walls. The Oriental pattern in the rug helps create interest outside of the artwork, keeping the room feeling light rather than overpowered by the strong color choice, and the green walls provide gorgeous contrast with the framed prints. Green chairs mixing velvety cushions in the same shade complement a handsome, antique desk.

Bring Summer’s Energy with Pops of Color on Green Rug

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The textured, light green rug in this modern living room allows the reds and oranges in the furniture to pop and create an invigorating and energizing feeling. Red and green are on opposite parts of the color wheel and when placed next to each other create a festive pop of color. The very pale green on the walls has a fun, youthful feel. The print in the chair works brilliantly with the solid green of the rug and the wavy textured pattern of the rug subtly reminds us of mown grass.

Whether you’re working on a design that is soft and contemporary or modern and funky, a green rug can make your design look effortlessly fresh and natural and bring the healing colors of nature indoors for you to enjoy all year round. Try mixing tones and prints in different combinations to come up with a winning palette that is soothing and welcoming.

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