7 Decorating Tips: Needlepoint Rugs in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

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A design scheme for a chic bedroom based on a needlepoint rug with red, yellow and green accents.

Learn how to design chic, modern interiors with classic needlepoint rugs. Discover which needlepoint rugs make it easy to update the decor in the future.

1. Choose artistically colored needlepoint rugs that have classic patterns. This will make it possible to update the look of the room in the future.

Look for these two things when selecting a needlepoint rug: A classic pattern and an updated color palette that has been composed by a talented artist. If the needlepoint rug has these two attributes, you will not only be able to design a stylishly modern interior, but you will also be able to easily update the look of the room in the future. This is because needlepoint rugs in classic patterns will always be in style no matter how fashions may change in the future. As proof of this read the blog post on Jackie Kennedy’s sister Lee Radziwill, who modernized her decor many times over thirty years while keeping the same classic rugs.

If the coloration of the needlepoint rug has been created by a fine artist, then you can be sure that this coloration is not only timeless, but it usually allows you to derive many different color palettes from the rug. This means you can easily update the look of the room in the future, while keeping the same needlepoint rug.

2. Use the color palette of the needlepoint rug to derive the color palette for the room.

The rug artist has already done all the work for you. Use the colors in the needlepoint rug to create a unique and artistic color palette. Use this color palette to select fabrics, accessories, wall colors and floor colors.

3. If the needlepoint rug has many colors, select no more than three vibrant colors and two or three neutral colors from the rug to compose the color palette for the room.

If the needlepoint rug has many colors, as the Moldova needlepoint rug does, choose no more than three vibrant colors and two or three neutral colors to compose the color palette for the room. Avoid selecting more than three vibrant colors, or the room will look busy and lose a clear focus.

4.    Chose both cool and warm colors from the needlepoint rug.

We chose two warm colors- red and yellow, and one cool color – green. A room looks more pleasing and satisfying when the cool colors are balanced by warm colors. We chose white and black from the needlepoint rug as our neutral colors.

Now choose fabrics and accessories so all the three colors are represented. Place the accessories in the three vibrant colors against a background made up of the neutral colors. This will give the room a clean modern look. Also the vibrant colors will pop when seen against the neutral colors.

5. Experiment with different combinations of vibrant colors taken from the needlepoint rug.

It usually takes some trial and error to find an attractive color palette. You get the best results if you adopt a relaxed and playful attitude when trying out different color combinations. Remember that all great designers experiment with different ideas.

The Moldova needlepoint rug has multiple shades of red, yellow, green, blue, lavender, brown, black and white. This rug offers you many choices for picking three vibrant colors. For example you could pick red, yellow and purple; or red, yellow and blue. Just remember to balance the warm colorw with cool colors. Experiment with different combinations, and different intensities of color as well as with different patterns and textures. You will soon discover an excellent and unique color palette.

6. Select two or three neutral colors from the needlepoint rug and use these on the major furniture pieces.

Upholster the larger furniture pieces in neutral colors. This has several advantages- it will make it easy in the future to freshen up the look of the room by merely changing the fabrics on one or two smaller pieces of furniture and by changing one or two accessories and the wall colors.

The second great advantage of using neutral colors on major pieces is they provide a great background for creating pop with the vibrant colors. In today’s design scheme we chose a neutral white trimmed with black. Both colors are from the needlepoint rug.

7. Create interest by mixing different shapes, patterns, textures, materials and decorating periods.

Avoid selecting all your furniture from the same manufacturer or from the same decorating style. No matter how prestigious a brand, or how famous the designer of the furniture, the room will look boring if all the furniture and accessories come from the same store. The secret to beautiful interiors is to have the pieces look as if they were assembled over many years. So have fun and mix a classic needlepoint rug with contemporary furniture. Mix smooth silk fabrics with heavily textured wood objects and juxtapose square shapes next to curved pieces.

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