7 Ways to Make a Room Cozy and Gorgeous for Fall with Decorative Rugs

Fall has brought cooler nights to New England and the maples are ablaze with fiery oranges and reds. I treasure each sunny day knowing that once winter settles in it will not leave till late April. The change in seasons is a perfect time to look for ways to make our home cozy for autumn and gorgeous year-round. Below are 7 chic rooms that illustrate several different ways to achieve this by choosing the right combination of decorative rug, fabrics, wall color, textures and scale.


If you start with a decorative rug that contains both warm and cool colors you can compose the entire color scheme for the room from the colors in the rug. In this gorgeous living room by AD100 interior designers Cullman Kravis for the 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, the oriental rug guided the choice of warm beige for the walls and sofa, the orange blanket and the cool blue pillows.

It is crucial to choose a color scheme that will make the room feel cozy in autumn and winter and also inviting in spring and summer. It is hard to come up with such a color scheme from scratch. It is much easier, more fun and virtually foolproof if you start with an inspirational object that you love and which has  both warm and cool colors. It is even better if this object can pull together all the other elements in the room into a beautiful composition. Nothing does this better than a well designed decorative rug.


Lisa Torbett Interiors chose a red and gold Agra 1332R needlepoint rug to bring a cheerful warmth to this water view living room in Sea Island, Georgia. To make the room feel cooler in summer, Lisa used large expanses of white on the walls, woodwork and ceiling.

If the home is in a warm climate, you can make it feel warm in winter and cool in summer by pairing a warm colored decorative rug with large expanses of a cool neutral color such as the white in the above living room. This will make the room feel inviting year-round. Remember to create a gradual transition from the warm colors of the rug to the cool color of the walls; otherwise the room could look dis-jointed. In the Sea Island living room the cream and red floral fabric on the sofa, pillows and drapery provides a smooth transition from the red and gold geometric needlepoint rug to the white walls and ceiling.


To create a “collected and un-decorated” look and to show off antique wood floors, choose several smaller decorative rugs in different patterns and unify the room with drapes tailored from several Barcelona 2881Y needlepoint rugs as in this ladies club room in Sea Island, Georgia by Lisa Torbett Interiors.


Mix antiques with modern objects and juxtapose warm and cool colors to create a stunning room that feels inviting year-round. The contrast between the warm gold dining table and cool blue Greek key rug creates a gorgeous modern modern dining room.


Reddish-orange upholstery welcomes you in winter, and pale beige walls and lush gardens framed by white windows cool you during Mid-Atlantic summers. Polly McKenna of the Kellogg Collection chose the Hermitage 2406HM Bessarabian needlepoint rug to pull the whole room together in chic style.


Add warmth and create a custom look without having to wait months for a custom rug by having a rug custom tailored. The one of a kind red and blue decorative rug in this chic bathroom by AD100 designer Markham Roberts can be custom tailored from the borders of the Canterbury 2818B needlepoint rug. 


Mix different materials, textures, shapes and juxtapose warm and cool colors to create a handsome mountain lodge living room that feels inviting year-round. Hand stitched leather upholstery, log walls and wood floors add warmth while grey accents in the stone fireplace and in the blanket add cool colors.

Images courtesy The Kips Bay Showhouse, Lisa Torbett Interiors, The Kellogg Collection and Pinterest.

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