9 Over-the-Top Luxurious Rooms with Blue Aubusson Rugs

Blue Aubusson rugs make it easy to create an atmosphere of stylish glamour and luxury as these 9 over-the-top luxurious rooms illustrate. The inspiration for these rooms ranges from authentically French to light and airy Cape Cod to palatial Hollywood glitz.  


1. Blue, Lilac, Gray and Gold  

Grey upholstery can add a contemporary vibe to a traditional room with a blue Aubusson rug as in this salon of an 18th-century house in the Bordeux wine region of France re-created in Louis-XVI style by Parisian designers Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.



2. Blue and White

Dining chairs slip covered in a blue and white Toile de Jouy look stunning on a blue and gold Aubusson rug in a dining room in France by Erin Martin Design. Rustic stone walls and wood ceiling beams add an air of comfort and charmImage courtesy Erin Martin Design. 

Entrance-Hall-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California.jpg

3. Blue, Yellow and Cream

The grand entrance hall of Le Palais Des Anges a Beaux-Arts style mansion on Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California that sold for $68.5 millionImage courtesy Le Palais Des Anges.

cream-and-blue-neoclassical-aubusson-rug-living-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California.jpg 

4a. Cream and Blue

A blue, cream and brown Aubusson rug with an ornate border creates a majestic atmosphere in the salon of Le Palais Des AngesImage courtesy Le Palais Des Anges.


 cream-and-blue-neoclassical-aubusson-rug-living-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California-1.jpg

4b. Cream, Blue and Green 

Another view of the salon in Le Palais Des Anges. Image courtesy Le Palais Des Anges.


gold-and-blue-neoclassical-aubusson-rug-living-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California.jpg

5a. Blue and Gold

An oversize blue and gold Aubusson rug complements and balances crystal chandeliers and French furniture in the living room of Le Palais Des Anges.  Image courtesy Le Palais Des Anges.

gold-and-blue-neoclassical-aubusson-rugs-in-adjoining-living-rooms-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California.jpg

5b. Blue and Gold

The adjoining living room and salon of Le Palais Des Anges. Image courtesy Le Palais Des Anges.

cream-and-blue-aubusson-rug-dining-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California-1.jpg 

6a. Blue and Cream

Geometric elements in the border of the blue and cream Aubusson provide a counterbalance to the floral upholstery in the dining room in Le Palais Des Anges.   Image courtesy Le Palais Des Anges.


cream-and-blue-aubusson-rug-dining-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California-2.jpg

6b. Blue and Cream

The floral Aubusson rug echoes magnificent garden views from two sides of the dining room in Le Palais Des Anges.



7. Blue and Yellow

Powder blue and gold dining chairs and biscuit colored walls provide a stunning complement to the blue, gold and green architectural Aubusson rug in a private dining room in the Four Seasons Hotel FirenzeImage courtesy Four Seasons.



8. Blue, Yellow and White

 A magnificent Aubusson rug with blue, yellow and white complements a white and gold Jansen daybed and a 1950’s French chandelier in interior designer Jean Paul Beaujard’s Paris living room where sunlight streams in from twenty-five foot floor to ceiling windows overlooking the heart of Paris. Image courtesy Architectural Digest



9. Blue, Lilac and Cream

A cream, blue and green Aubusson rug sings with the colors of the sea in a Cape Cod dining room designed by Pamela Gaylin Ryder. Image courtesy New England Home.



Aquitaine Aubusson Rug 9404CB.jpg

 Aquitaine Aubusson Rug 9404CB



Avignon Aubusson Rug 9407C.jpg

Avignon Aubusson Rug 9407C



Bessarabian Rug 5801GD.jpg

Bessarabian Rug 5801GD



Chartres Aubusson Rug 9413B.jpg

 Chartres Aubusson Rug 9413B


Chartres Aubusson Rug 9413C.jpg

Chartres Aubusson Rug 9413C



Laffitte Aubusson Rug 9423CBK.jpg

Laffitte Aubusson Rug 9423CBK



Margeaux Aubusson Rug 9428B.jpg

Margeaux Aubusson Rug 9428B



Margeaux Aubusson Rug 9428Y.jpg

Margeaux Aubusson Rug 9428Y



Savoie Aubusson Rug 9434B.jpg

Savoie Aubusson Rug 9434B



Vienne-Aubusson Rug 9436CB.jpg

ienne Aubusson Rug 9436CB



Rambouillet Aubusson Rug 9431CB.jpg

Rambouillet Aubusson Rug 9431CB





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