A Designer Enhances Her Own Home with Chic Oushak Rugs

The immortal Billy Baldwin once said “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”  It appears designer Linda McDougald has taken Baldwin’s advice to heart. Step into her redesigned English Country home, and you instantly see that she loves Oushak rugs.

Featured on houzz.com, the McDougald home is a beautiful study of neutrals- there are whites, grays and blacks in every space. The décor is a coupling of contemporary and antique elements, and the pale gray and blue Oushak rugs are right at home. Oushak rugs seem to defy age, appearing chic and antique at the same time.

The light touches of the palette inherent in Oushak rugs match the clean neutrals of the McDougald home. The effect is stately and regal, with the clean lines and colors invite you in. The entire home is a testament to the wide applicability of Oushak rugs- how well they work in any room to harmonize opposing elements.

An Oushak Rug Elevates a Chic Dining Room

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The home’s Oushak rugs balance the light and dark elements of the room’s neutral palette. In the dining room, the Oushak rug balances dark elements—the flooring, window trim and black crown molding—with the light elements—the walls, table and chairs. Image courtesy Linda McDougald Designs.

The flooring of the McDougald home is oak, stained a very dark brown. The pale, contrasting colors of the Oushak rug under the table keep the dark flooring from overwhelming the space. It adds to the near monochrome palette of the room, effortlessly pulling together both the light and dark objects. The Oushak rug also brings together the different design styles in the room, such as the traditional china cupboard, the antique candlesticks and the modern dining table.

A Cream and Blue Oushak Rug Unifies Modern and Traditional in Living Room

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The house’s Oushak rugs also pull together old and new décor. In the living room, the Oushak rug deftly unifies the antique styling of the fireplace, black trim and light fixture with the contemporary elements of the art and furniture. Image courtesy Linda McDougald Designs.

In the living room, the Oushak rug is again at the center of things, balancing the dark stain of the hardwood oak flooring. The contemporary white settee, chairs and upholstered table still stand out against the Oushak rug’s blending of white and gray-blue, allowing the furniture to stand out. The Oushak rug also creates a happy medium between the old and the new, allowing the Art Deco styling of the black built-in bookcase and windows, the antique fire screen and the abstract painting above the mantle to live in perfect harmony.

An Oushak Rug Adds a Touch of Luxury to Bedroom

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Oushak rugs add a timeless regal atmosphere to this bedroom. The Oushak rug’s subtle pattern uplifts the entire room. Image courtesy Linda McDougald Designs.

A pale gray and cream Oushak rug adorns the floor of the bedroom, adding the same balance of light and dark colors; it keeps the room in a perfect equilibrium of light and dark colors, which creates the inviting and stately aura that flows through the entire home. The subtle pattern in the rug also adds interest among all of the wide expanses of neutral whites, grays and blacks. The subtle pattern of the Oushak rug is echoed in the drapes and pillows.

The clean pairing of neutrals can work well in your home as well. Oushak rugs are a perfect place to choose your color palette. If you like the contemporary look and feel of the McDougal home, then use the color palette of the Oushak rug you have fallen in love with and create a tonal palette of light and dark shades based on the colors in the rug.

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