A Neoclassical Geometric Needlepoint Rug Warms Bunny Williams Library

Neoclasical Geometric Needlepoint rug, Bunny Williams, Provence library

An architectural geometric needlepoint rug in the Federal Neoclassical style pulls together the warm reds and plums in the upholstery and the Provence yellows on the walls creating a sunny and warm ambiance for this Bunny Williams designed library in Provence. Note that the needlepoint rug does not contain the exact colors of the fabrics! Instead it has strong colors that complete the overall color composition of the room rather than mimic it. Bunny Williams work provides a marvelous lesson on how to create a sophisticated European lived in look. The objects in this library appear as though they have been accumulated over years of living well. Image courtesy Bunny Williams.

Clothes may make a man, but it’s the rug that makes the room. This library’s earthy and autumnal hues are drawn together into a harmonious whole by a geometric needlepoint rug in Federal Neoclassic style.  A credit to Bunny Williams’s daring creativity, this room’s color combination goes from countrified to chic when combined with this needlepoint rug’s bold geometric pattern and powerful tones.

To Bunny Williams, a rug is not just a decorative accessory. A great rug is a work of art that serves as the architectural foundation of a room. Here the geometric needlepoint rug gives this library setting an air of prestige and beauty.  You can picture a distinguished Parliamentarian reminiscing with friends over tea or an after dinner port around the book-laden coffee table.

It has been said that our eyes linger longer on beautiful objects than they do upon mundane ones.  The way this room’s color scheme arrests the eyes demonstrates just how well Bunny Williams understands the use of rugs as the soul of a room.  Instead of merely matching the rug to the room’s colors, she took the daring approach by selecting a geometric needlepoint rug with hues that supported, but did not directly match, anything else in the room.

Not only does this Bunny Williams library design engage and please the eyes, but her traditional library design promotes feelings of comfort and livability.  While a room full of bold colors may look modern and sophisticated, such colors do not encourage the peaceful feelings associated with comfort.  Apart from her Provence inspired color choices, the rectangular pattern woven into this needlepoint rug contributes to a feeling of intimacy by drawing the sitting area together. One feels that everything one needs is within easy reach and that conversations pursued in this area are entirely private. The overall impact is one of comfort and livability.

When it comes to rendering a room both beautiful and livable through her use of needlepoint rugs, Bunny Williams has the magic touch that can be seen in her many books.

You can create a similar looks with these artistic rugs from Asmara selected from their vast collection of exclusive geometric rugs.

Menton 2138GD Geometric, Architectural, Federal, Empire, Neoclassical Rug, Asmara rug

Menton in gold, cream, green and plum-red is inspired by a French Empire Savonnerie rug and is stocked by Asmara as a Needlepoint rug in sizes up to 14×20. It can also be custom ordered as a Savonnerie rug.

Oval 2407HR Geometric, Architectual, Neoclassical, Adams, rug, Asmara rug

Oval needlepoint rug in yellow golds, with red, green and white highlights is stocked by Asmara in sizes up from 4×6 to 8×10 and can be custom ordered as a needlepoint- aubusson weave rug as well as a Savonnerie rug in very large sizes.

Directoire 7114G Oriental rug, Geometric, Architectural, Neoclassical rug, Asmara rug

Directoire oriental rug in dark Harrod’s green and pomegranite is stocked in Savonile, a  rare Savonnerie rug construction. Sizes range from 6×9 to 14×20.

Malmaison 2023CBK Rug, Asmara rug, Neoclassical rug, Adams rug, Palladian rug

Malmaison rug in gold, charcoal, silver and beige can be ordered as a custom Needlepoint-Aubusson rug or as a Savonnerie rug.

Oval needlepoint rug, 2407CG needlepoint rug, Adams rug, architectural rug, geometric rug, Asmara rug

Oval needlepoint rug in cream, green and gold is stocked in sizes 4×6 to 10×14 and can be custom ordered in larger sizes as a Savonnerie rug or as a Needlepoint-Aubusson rug.



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