AD100 Predict Mixing Old and New on Designer Rugs Will Be Big in 2016

When Architectural Digest asked the 100 top architects and interior designers to predict the biggest design trends of 2016 several said mixing antique and modern styles would be a big trend as illustrated by the 7 stunning interiors by Miles Redd and Nick Olsen who rely on designer rugs to pull together old and new styles. 


A red, blue and green allover design Heriz oriental rug unifies an olive green sectional sofa, brilliant blue lacquered walls and bright green and blue pillows in a home office designed by Miles Redd.


AD 100 designer Robert Stilin predicts: “Modern is here to stay but I think we are going to see much more of a push of modern mixed with tradition….” Quoted in Architectural Digest.



A vibrantly colorful oriental rug layered over a gray designer rug pulls together bergères upholstered in brilliant blue leather and ikat fabrics, coral walls and red lacquered coffee table in a Manhattan living room designed by Miles Redd protégé Nick Olsen. 


AD 100 designer Jamie Drake predicts: “look forward to using more pieces from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, so underappreciated (in) the last midcentury-mad decade, and allowing their strength of line and richness of material to enliven 21st-century interiors.”  Quoted in Architectural Digest.



A gray, blue and yellow flat weave rug pulls together a neoclassical demilune bench, modern bed and brilliant blue and bright red accents in a Nick Olsen designed bedroom. 



A bright yellow table lamp and a white neoclassical chair upholstered in brilliant purple lend a modern vibe create an energetic contrast with Palempore bed cover in a high energy bedroom anchored by a gray designer rug. Interior design by Nick Olsen. 


AD100 designer Isabel López-Quesada predicts: “Mix, mix, and mix! The old and the new, 18th century with 20th, colors, plants inside the houses again, and the houses must be more and more real and auténticas than ever.” Quoted in Architectural Digest.



A bright red and yellow East Turkestan oriental rug unifies a neoclassical console, Regency mirror and a modern canopy bed upholstered in cobalt blue velvet in a delightful bedroom designed by Nick Olsen.


AD100 designers Brian J. McCarthy predicts “My crystal ball is showing less thematic interiors replaced with more layered, cultured, and eclectic combinations of architecture and design. Mixing the 18th and the 20th century in more unexpected ways and a return to working with color. For instance, a Gio Ponti chair in stenciled calfskin with an 18th-century Louis XV lacquer commode…” Quoted in Architectural Digest.



A navy blue and red vintage oriental rug pulls together a bright yellow, red and blue abstract painting, moss green velvet upholstered sectional sofa and bright red and blue pillows in a living room designed by Nick Olsen.



A vintage blue oriental rug unifies a mid century modern coffee table, a white bergère upholstered in red leather a 19th century oil portrait, leopard print pillow and a pink silk ikat upholstered chair in a living room designed by Nick Olsen.


AD100 designer Elissa Cullman predicts: “The design world has felt the arc of going from historically referenced interiors to relentlessly midcentury spaces. What I see/hope for now are more eclectic interiors in the truest sense of the word: interiors that reflect individual interests and a wide variety of styles, all brought together in a personal, non-formulaic mix, with an emphasis on quality and detail.” Quoted in Architectural Digest.



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