Add Glamor and Warmth to Modern Spaces with Savonnerie Rugs

Savonnerie rugs embody the opulence and fine artistry of classical French culture.  These knotted pile carpets feature classical architectural elements combined with floral elements rendered in a classically French manner. We usually associate these rugs with grand salons and formal dining spaces, but this is not the only places designers use them. In fact top international designers use Savonnerie rugs to bring sophistication to modern spaces and to add disand informal spaces as well.  If you’re looking to add a stately, refined look to your next project, Savonnerie rugs are an excellent place to start.

Create Cozy Living Room with Yellow Walls and Savonnerie Rug

gold and blue Savonnerie rug in traditional living room with yellow walls and coral sofas

This elegant seating area by the fireplace prominently features a Savonnerie rug with navy blue, gold, and pink accents.  The room’s colors resonate beautifully and subtly with the rug – the dusty pink is used in traditional chairs upholstered in a pink tone on tone stripe fabric and throw pillows in a rich coral pop against the soft beige sofas.  Carved lamps and ornate picture frames, as well as an antique chandelier, add old world charm and luxury.  The bright yellow wall gives the room a contemporary and unexpected flair, bringing out the gold pattern in the Savonnerie rug, and adding a bold contrast to the coral flourishes throughout the space. The ceiling is painted white to create a crisp contrast with the yellow walls, but the transition is softened by painting the transition area a dark cream.

Add Elegance to Blue and White Bedroom with Savonnerie Rug

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This bedroom, featuring a French blue, gold, and navy Savonnerie rug, allows the intricate design of the rug to be the star by keeping the fabrics simple and white. The bed linen and the fabric on the sofa and antique chairs, are stark white. The contemporary sofa, with its rounded edges, makes the room feel comfortable and lived in. The gauzy drapes, also in white, add to the relaxed feel of the room. A Wedgewood blue wall with white Chinoiserie pattern gives the room a crisp look while the warm gold colors in the Savonnerie rug balance the cool blues on the walls and in the rug. The Savonnerie rug’s ornate pattern creates a contrast with the understated clean details of the room and adds boldness, sophistication and warmth without overwhelming the room.

Add Drama to Modern Room with Savonnerie Rug

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French antiques dealer Yves Gastou specializes in mid-century modern furniture. In his own living room, a mid century modern Savonnerie rug in blue, cream and navy brings out the colors of the beaten brass chairs by French artist Philippe Hiquily. Image courtesy Yves Gastou.

Coombining mid-century modern furniture and Savonnerie rugs is an excellent way to add personality to any interior. Gastou pairs a mid-century modern Savonnerie rug inspired by neoclassical architecture with modern furniture with squared edges and rounded backs to create a funky, urban appeal. The reflective beaten brass chairs add spontaneity to the design, and the shimmering gold color pops against the royal blue color of the rug.  A square, marble table echoes the Roman influence of the Savonnerie rug, and high ceilings and ornate fireplace mantle resonate with the dignified Savonnerie rug. A pop of pink adds just enough character.

Use a Savonnerie rug to add sophistication to a cozy space

beige and navy Savonnerie rug in living room with beige gingham sofa

This intimate sitting room has a tasteful cream and beige Savonnerie rug.  The casual sofa in a gingham pattern uses the beige color of the Savonnerie rug nicely, and green throw pillows with winding vines embroidery goes well with the vines and flowers of the Savonnerie rug’s embroidery.  The soft lighting brings out the warm tones of the beige and green, and a gold-framed mirror adds a formal element to this comfortable interior.

Savonnerie rugs, with their traditional designs and grand flourishes, add sophistication to any space.  As the rugs of French royalty, their design is meant to be grandiose and luxurious.  Combining modern elements with Savonnerie rugs will add personality and a sense of the unexpected to your decor.  Bright walls and white furniture allows the Savonnerie rug to shine, while still maintaining a sense of minimalism.  Using a Savonnerie rug in conjunction with modern furniture and simple patterns elevates casual spaces to the next level.  

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