Add Style and Warmth to Rooms: 6 Chic Interiors with Oushak Rugs

If you’re looking for ideas for designing rooms that look chic and also feel warm and welcoming, then you will find today’s six rooms by top interior decorators highly instructive. As you view the images, look for the following five keys techniques the designers used to create these stunning rooms: 1. Juxtaposing rough materials with elegant objects; 2. Mixing objects of different styles, materials and textures 3. Using both cool and warm colors; 4. How the Oushak rug was used to pull together all the different styles and colors in the room and finally 5. How open plan rooms were made to look organized by defining different spaces with rugs.

Create Beauty and Warmth by Juxtaposing Rough and Elegant Objects

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Interior designer Jay Jeffers added beauty and warmth by juxtaposing rough wood ceiling beams next to an elegant cream and gold Oushak rug in this colorful dining room. Image courtesy Jay Jeffers.

The cream and gold Oushak rug pulls together hot pinks, warm wood tones and delicious, buttery yellows in this fashionable and inviting dining room. Round-backed pale pink upholstered chairs and a vintage dark pink armchair give the space a mid-century feeling. Pops of hot pink and red highlight the room and add interest to the soothing palette.

Mix Mis-Matched Patterns and Colors to Create a “Collected” Look

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William Yeoward created a memorable bedroom design by juxtaposing a cream and coral Oushak rug with a deliberately mis-matched grey silk damask fabric. Image courtesy William Yeoward.

This gorgeous, peachy bedroom pairs a floral wallpaper with a cream and coral Oushak rug and then balances the warm colors by upholstering a chair in a cool grey damask fabric. Yeoward created crisp contrast with the white chair. Vintage accent tables and a historical portrait complete the sophisticated, uncollected cottage look.

Organize Open Plan Living Room by Defining Different Areas with Rugs

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A cream ang gold Ouahak rug defines and pulls together a cozy seating area by the fireplace in the large open plan living room. Photo: Mary E. Nichols. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

This creamy cottage living room by Lane-McCook and Appleton & Associates uses an Oushak rug in rich yellow shades to define a warm conversation area looking onto the large stone fireplace. The rug’s softly colored pattern and luxurious texture adds sophistication and warmth to this large cottage style living room. Dark wood beams and dark wood window and door trim add a rustic contrast and balance the light yellow and gold colors in the room.

Make Room Feel Inviting by Balancing Cool and Warm Colors

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This gorgeous space would have felt cold if Jauregui Architects had not balanced the cool greys in the Oushak rug and the cool blues in the upholstery with warm wood tones on the floor and the wood ceiling beams. Image courtesy Jauregui Architects.

This room incorporates all five of the factors outlined at the beginning of this post. This open plan living and dining room space uses wood-beam ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and rough and weathered brick and stonework to give the room a natural, airy feeling. An over-sized weathered-wood coffee table, overstuffed chaises and armchairs, and casual fabrics give the space a feeling comfort. The grey, beige and cream Oushak rug pulls together all the elements of the room into a harmonious composition.

Create Harmony by Pulling Colors and Patterns Together with the Rug

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Designer Annelle Barnett chose an Oushak rug with beige, blue and cream to pull together the blue, white and warm wood tones in this beautiful living room. Image courtesy Annelle Barnett.

This sunny, spacious living room by Annelle Barnett created an interesting contrast between the softly colored intricate pattern of the Oushak rug and the rough wood ceiling beams. Another juxtaposition of the refined and the rough is the delicately curved chandelier with the rough angled ceiling. Barnett added more life by having natural light from the round window wash over the slanted ceiling and into the room.

Add Warmth and Charm by Mixing Contrasting Patterns and Colors

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AD100 interior designer Bunny Williams created contrast by choosing warm golds and corals for the Oushak rug and fabrics to contrast with the cool blue of the ocean views . She also balanced the floral patterns in the rug and chair fabric with plaid drapery fabric. Image courtesy Bunny Williams.

This comfortable living room overlooks the sea and uses an Oushak rug in cream, coral and gold to bring elegance and cozy warmth to the room. Crisp contrast is created by using white on the window and doors woodwork and on the soaring plank ceiling.

The six rooms illustrate that the same five principles that make a room look beautiful are the same that create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Oushak rugs not only contribute to achieving the five qualities, but also serve as a unifier of the disparate elements and creating a harmonious whole.

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