Amanda Nisbet’s Upbeat Play on Red and Cream Contemporary Wool Rugs

Cream, red, brown contemporary wool rugs, Amnada Nisbet Designs I have never seen an interior designer who can play with color and shapes so elegantly, simply and with such powerful impact as Amanda Nisbet. The cream, red, brown and tan oval swirls in the contemporary wool rug impart a dancing energy to this living room. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

I first saw Amanda Nisbet’s work at New York’s Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse a few years ago, but it was just yesterday that I realized how stunning beautiful and upbeat her colorful rooms are. Her designs are simple, uncluttered and very powerful. With just a few well chosen pieces she makes a memorable visual and emotional impact on us.

I am told that she does not use the same pattern or fabric twice. We can see that the contemporary wool rug is custom designed, custom colored, and unique in concept.

What clients say about Amanda Nisbet:

According to the Franklin Report– New York’ equivalent of Zagat for interior design and architecture, this is waht clients say about Amanda’s work:

“Amanda has a great eye for color, detail, and beauty.” “She was able to incorporate much of our existing furnishing that we wanted to keep.” “As opposed to many decorators whose work has a distinct ‘look,’ Amanda has been able to make our apartment feel like our home…with great style and panache!” “Never boring or ordinary.” “Elegant yet imaginative.” “If you love color, hire her now.” “She understood my trepidations and immediately put me at ease.” “There was just the right amount of collaboration.” “She has great taste, which does come at a price.” “Amanda has fresh, unique ideas and worked well within our budget.” “She understands the high class look, but there’s nothing snobby about her at all.” “I’ll use her for all my future projects.”

Here is a selection of some of my favorite Amanda Nisbet vignettes:

Cream, red contemporary wool rugs, Amanda Nesbit Designs

The play of light brings out orange tones from the red curtains. I love the interplay of the of the red, brown and beige ovals in the contemporary wool rug with the oval shape of the dark polished wood coffee table. The tree motif in the lamp will reappear in the dining room chairs. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

cream, red, brown, beige contemporary wool rug, Amanda Nesbit Designs

Here the oval motifs in the contemporary wool rug play with the circular amrest supports and the undulating front of the cabinet. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

Coral motif dining room chairs, Amanda Nesbit Design

Simplicity and elegance! I love the tree branch motifs white dining room chairs, the weathered dining table and the truquoise vases. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

Purple Ikat pattern pillows in bedroom by Amanda Nesbit Design

The pale purple of the ikat pillows is carried through in the sheets and in the stripe on the duvet cover and masterfully complimented by the black of the wood frame and the blue of the contemporay wool rug. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

Tree motif dining chairs, Amanda Nesbit DesignsDining area and kitchen have windows on two sides bringing in lots of natural light. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

Storage shelves under the staircase, Amanda Nesbit Designs

A practical, beautiful and playful use of space under the stairs.  Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

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