Antidotes for Winter Blues: 4 Spring Happy Interiors with Green Rugs

Winter weather is upon us, and if you, like me live in the northern part of the country, you’re already anticipating the return of spring.  But if you are lucky enough to be in Florida, California or Arizona, you’re probably asking, “What’s winter weather?”

Spring is all about re-birth, brightness, and nature. The quintessential spring color – green – embodies all of these ideas.  Green can brighten your mood, give rooms a bright, cheery feeling, and wipe those cold, winter days away.  Because green is nature favorite complimentary color (flowers in every shade come on green stems – think about it) decorating with green can be easy and fun.  Even if the weather outside is frightful, there’s no reason not to bring in the rejuvenating energy and pure delight of spring. Green rugs are an excellent resource for setting a bright foundation for interiors that promote happiness.  

Pair Green Geometric Rug with White for Fresh, Airy Feeling

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This bright interior features a green rug with a geometric pattern.  Blue accents in the rug give it a cool, calm dimension, and the green rug sets the tone for a soothing space.  Image courtesy

White furniture, ivory walls and white trim contrast with cream and green rug, making the room feel large and open.  Apple green accent pillows with bright white geometric designs perk-up the fresh factor.  Drapes with green leafy vines and and pink and blue flowers play off the green rug.

Create Cheerful Atmosphere with Green Patterns and Soothing Colors

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This funky, tasteful space, designed by Eliza Gatfield, plays with several free form patterns and shades of green for a space that’s contemporary and playful.  A cream rug with apple green designs anchors the seating area. Image courtesy Eliza Gatfield.

The green motifs in the rug vary in shape and size- some are larger, others are smaller – and these variations of pattern and shape are used throughout the space. The green chair fabric has small scale free form vines in a yellow-green.  Chartreuse embroidered pillows pop against the grey sofa.  The mixing of greens and shapes makes the room feel cohesive but not overly decorated.

Create Soothing Atmosphere with Several Shades of Green

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This modern interior by Geoffrey de Sousa begins with a crisp, sea-green contemporary rug with an irregular white border. Image courtesy Geoffrey de Sousa.

A mink, plush futon has undertones of blue green that reflect in the light. A sage green sofa contrasts against the shade of the rug, giving a rich dimension that keeps the room from feeling one dimensional.  The minimalist touches of the space, and the rich color of the rug  and its modern design is reminiscent of the clean slate of spring.

Bring in the Happiness of Spring with Blue and Green

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Blue and green are natural combinations that can make an interior seem as happy as a clear spring day as this room designed by Barbara Heath and Tim Green demonstrates.  Image courtesy Barbara Heath and Tim Green.

Because blue skies and fresh green meadows are associated with a happy spring day the combination of green contemporary rug and sky blue and dark blue pillows evoke a feeling of happiness.  By using a green rug with subtle, natural shading as the anchor for the seating area, and using blue on the sofa, the color palette is very reminiscent of a spring day with green grass and blue sky. Clever.

Green rugs are an easy way to incorporate spring-inspired design into a home.  Pairing green rugs with white patterns will add freshness.  Mixing shades of green and patterns will bring a soothing energy.  Modern, minimalist touches with green embody the rebirth of Spring.  Green rugs paired with blue fabrics on the sofa are reminiscent of a happy spring day with fresh grass under your feet and airy blue sky above.  There is no need to wait another three months, bring Spring into your home with green rugs and cool blues, crisp whites and soothing greys.



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