Architectural Digest January 2015: 10 Best Rooms with Decorative Rugs

I would like to explain why I am writing about the January 2015 Architectural Digest’s 10 best interiors with decorative rugs In the middle of March instead of three months ago. The January issue was truly outstanding I regret I was unable to publish it earlier as I have been in the midst of a major redesign of the Asmara website.  To do full justice, I have been expanded the list to the 10 best from the usual 5.


A contemporary rug with sea blue, sea green and yellow compliments antique French furniture, a Mattia Bonetti cocktail table and artwork by Rebecca Horn in the living room of a Michael S. Smith and Oscar Shamamian designed apartment in a famous prewar building in New York.


A rose and grey silk contemporary rug compliments a metallic brown and gold ceiling in the library of the Michael S. Smith designed apartment.


A silver and grey geometric rug compliments a pair of Nancy Lorenz tables, neoclassical dining chairs and abstract art by Richard Serra and Heimo Zobernigwith in the dining room of the New York apartment designed by Michael S. Smith.


A silver and grey silk rug compliments contemporary and traditional furniture and beige damask wallcovering in the master bedroom designed by Michael S Smith.


Architect Marwan Al-Sayed drew inspiration from ancient Egyptian architecture to design a stunning contemporary limestone house ideally adapted to the sunbaked Arizona landscape.


A blue Oushak rug provides warm contrast to a kaleidoscopic painting by Terry Winters and table by Brazilian designer Sergio Rodrigues in the gallery of a modern house in the Arizona desert designed by architect Marwan Al-Sayed and interior designer Jan Showers.


A cream, beige and coral Oushak rug compliments a brown leather sofa and olive green velvet upholstered chairs in the family room of the Arizona house designed by Marwan al Sayed and Jan Showers.


In the master suite designed by Jan Showers a beige Oushak rug compliments a 1940s French sofa and club chairs and an Andy Collins painting.


In the dressing area of the master suite a cowhide rug compliments a ’40s French armchair and a vanity chair from the Jan Showers Collection.


In the glass walled Tom Kundig designed living/dining room of a vacation house in Washington’s Cascade mountains, a textured brown rug with white highlights compliments the snow speckled landscape. 


In the Tom Kundig designed media room a white and black Moroccan geometric rug compliments the snowcapped Cascade mountains.







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