Aubusson Rugs: 4 Chic Rooms by Top Designers

Interior decorating beginners can be excused if they have the misconception that every thing in a room should match or be in the same design style, when in reality top designers love to mix things up. Designer Edwina Hunt once said, “I don’t like things to match. To me what’s important is that a house has a soul.” With her European heritage and her childhood in Argentina, she understands that mixing styles and colors artfully creates energy in a room.

AD100 designer David Kleinberg explained his design approach to Veranda Magazine, “When you stay relentlessly in one period, the eye absorbs it all in a single glance. Going against period introduces an energy.” Designers know that Aubusson rugs are an excellent way to pull together designs and styles from many periods in an energetic composition.

Aubusson rugs have French origins with designs indicative of many different periods. However, since Aubusson rugs have a classic beauty all their own, they are an excellent choice for a room of any design style. Aubusson rugs can impart the soul that Edwina Hunt looks for or introduce the energy desired by David Kleinberg.

Create a Clean Country Look with Aubusson Rug in Pale Colors

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A cream and gold Aubusson rug adds sophistication to clean Country-style room with antiques.

Aubusson rugs possess many features that make for a cozy fit with Country style rooms. Whether that Country Style is French, rustic, Italian or American, Aubusson rugs can match the look of the history and depth of the other décor and furnishings. Clean Country design usually utilizes a muted neutral background and a light-hued Aubusson rug, such as the pale cream and gold rug in the antique filled living room above. The Aubusson rug continues the neutral scheme while adding a hint of pattern and texture. Aubusson rugs have a mix of floral and architectural motifs that resonate with the antique country furniture and accessories.

Add Glamor to a Modern Room with Aubusson Rug

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A beige, gold and cream Aubusson rug pulls together abstract art, red walls, white sofas and a black and white geometric floor in a living room designed by Inson Dubois Wood in a Beaux Arts townhouse.

Aubsson rugs are the perfect way to add glamor and warmth to a room that has contemporary art and mix of different styles. In this stunning salon by Inson Dubois Wood the red lacquered walls, black fireplace, white sofa, abstract painting and black and white geometric floor are all pull together into an harmonious composition by the classical Ausbusson rug. If you remove the Aubusson rug, the room will look loud and disjointed furnishings and statues of mythical beasts are classic Asian décor, but the subtle tones of the Aubusson rug definitely adds a special spark. Other elements in the room, such as the contemporary abstract painting, add further interest, keeping the room from being mired in one period.

Echo the Rooms Architecture with Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

The Asmara Malmaison rug’s neoclassical pattern resonates and enhances the room’s architecture and tall ceiling in a historic home in Louisiana renovated by architect Lee Ledbetter and featured in Traditional Home. Image courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

The architectural motifs in an Aubusson rug can help enhance the architecture of a beautiful room. When looking for Aubusson rugs try several different ones until you find one that resonates with the room shape and detailing. The Malmaison needlepoint rug’s neoclassical oval medallion echoes the room’s tall vaulted ceiling and balances the rectangular mirror on the wall. The black, white and beige color palette of the furniture and fabrics is derived from the rug. The pattern of the rug allows the room and the furniture pieces to make the maximum impact.

Unite Antique with Modern on a Colorful Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

An Empire Aubusson rug with red and gold anchors vibrant pink, orange and red in a lively living room.

An Aubusson rug with vibrant muted reds and golds can provide the perfect anchor for vibrantly colored furniture and fabrics. Notice how the red, pink and orange in the fabrics are more considerably more vibrant than the related tones in the Aubusson rug. This contrast of bright and muted colors gives this room more depth and interest. The designer has also mixed contemporary chairs and coffee table with antique pieces such as the mirrors and screen. The Coromandel screen is Asian, the sofa and chairs are contemporary, the Aubusson rug is French and the room is simply divine!

The designers have it: if you want soul and energy in any room, use Aubusson rugs!

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