Aubusson Rugs: 4 Modern and Classic Interiors by Top Decorators

Choosing the right floor covering for your next interior design project might seem like a daunting task – particularly if you’re smitten with the beauty and high quality of Aubusson rugs and unsure how they might work within a specific interior style.

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Aubusson rugs are made entirely by hand. The weaver follows hand painted designs created by fine artists. In France where Aubusson rugs originated, the painting were done on a stiff paper and are called cartoons. The picture shows a cartoon for an Aubusson chair back. The cartoons are so beautiful they are sometimes framed as art as is the one in the picture.

The beauty of Aubusson rugs, in particular, is that their hand-made nature and intricate detail lends them to a wide variety of styles. Today we’re going to showcase four amazing interiors with just one thing in common – their use of uniquely beautiful Aubusson rugs. Each interior is in a very different style and I hope they will encourage you decorate with Aubusson rugs.

Create a Modern Seaview Dining Room with Cream and Blue Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

In this sympathetic new Cape Cod construction by Tom Catalano, guests can relax and absorb amazing views of the Atlantic from this dining room, featuring a cream and blue Aubusson rug that anchors custom chairs surrounding a stately Rist dining table, topped with a custom chandelier with subtle nautical touches. The room, designed by Pamela Gaylin Ryder Interiors, features amazing subtle details and a fresh, seaside palette. The cream Aubusson rug has blue, green and gold pattern that seems to rise to meet the waves. Photo by Miki Duisterhof and Warren Patterson for New England Home Magazine.

Design a Warm Living Rooms with Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

This Arizona home is rich with Spanish Colonial Revival details on the exterior and throughout the light, airy rooms. The owners commissioned Nelson Barnum Interiors to craft the interior spaces, with designers Chris Bernac and Teresa Nelson starting the room with a cream Aubusson rug to the base of this formal living room. The beige and gold scrolls and border bands in the Aubusson rug resonate with the wood frames of the French chairs and ottoman and with the exposed beams in the ceiling. The cream sofa and white walls provide a calming contrast while the Chinoiserie table provides a dark contrast. The architectural details of the fireplace resonate with the architectural motifs in the Aubusson rug. Photo by Mark Lohman.

Design a Stately Blue Dining Room with Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

Here we see the unmistakable mark of Scott Snyder on a dining room in Montclair, NJ anchored on a cream and blue Aubusson rug. Snyder chose a floral Aubusson rug to create a contrast with the neoclassical white plasterwork ceiling and the neoclassical fireplace. The blue dining chairs pick up the blues from the rug and then a paler shade of blue is continued on the walls. The green tress in the mural provides another cool color which gives the room more depth. The cool blue and greens are balanced by warm wood tones of the wood floor, dining table, sideboards and by the gold frame of the circular mirror. Contrast is provided by the white lamp shades, the white fireplace and white ceiling. Mirrors on the doors leading to the next room create a visual expansion of the space as well as reflect the glow of the lamps. The room has a cheerful and uplifting energy which comes from Snyder’s deft handling of the many details such the blue-and-white porcelain the fresh greenery tucked between the hearth, the chandelier, lamps,  convex mirror, and button-tooled leather wrapped dining chairs. Image courtesy of Scott Snyder Inc.

Create a Symphony in Color on a White Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

This vibrant lime green-and-white room is accented by pops of gold, pink and blue, and is known the world over as the Green Room in Winfield House, the US Ambassador’s residence in London.  Designed by Hollywood star turned interior designer William Haines in the late 1960s, this amazing space features lovingly-detailed, hand-painted Chinese wallpaper dating from the 18th century. The wallpapers rich and colorful flora and pattern is echoed in the cushions and in the Chinoiserie chairs and mirror frames. The window pelmets, complex parquet floor, rich textiles and beautiful furnishings are all worthy of our attention – but the absolute star of this colorful cacophony is a tone on tone white Aubusson rug, designed by Haines himself.

The four interiors have very different styles and evoke the appropriate atmosphere that was desired for them. These rooms demonstrate the adaptive nature of Aubusson rugs and how they can bring all the elements of an interior together to express the personality and atmosphere you desire.

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