Aubusson Rugs Bring Color and Style to 3 Interiors

Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works.” It is no secret that Aubusson rugs look stunning and elegant, it is how well they fit with modern and classic designs that make them work so well in so many rooms. An excellent way to allot space or guide the eye to key features in the room, Aubusson rugs are perfect for making classic, functional spaces come alive.

Create a Bold Look with Aubusson Rugs

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This brilliant living room, designed by Georges Geffroy, is filled with comfortable seating choices. The gorgeous Aubusson rug completes the royal look and helps draw out the rich colors in the antique furniture.

One of the many powerful designs in Christian Dior’s home, this living room combines sophistication and comfort. Plush antique-style chairs create a modern look with their bold upholstery. The highest level of detail went in to choosing the rich satin found throughout the room. A delightful houseplant and window bouquet brightens the darkened room, making it look very welcoming to guests.

The Aubusson rug is part of this room’s charm. A mix of red, gold and black draw out the other colors in the room in order to make a bold impression from ceiling to floor.

Add Color for a Livelier Design in a Classical Space

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In this Dallas home design, Aubusson rugs help add some color to a rich room filled with whites, golds and creams.

Bright rooms are one of the many styles chosen by those looking for a functional space that commands the attention of guests. In this noteworthy design, the spotlight of the room isn’t the luxurious furniture, it is the amount of natural light that pours in through the giant windows. The light, reflecting on the bright colors of the room, creates a brightened and inviting space for people to sit and socialize. The tranquil room would normally be offset by a lack of color. Instead, two red, black, and gold Aubusson rugs have been brought in. This helps to draw the eye upward and take notice to the other fine details within the room, such as the golden horse on the table. In this case, the busy details of each piece complete the design and the colors, which would normally blend together, are each allowed to have their own moment in the room. The color addition also helps to add a livelier look to an otherwise peaceful design, which may help to encourage conversation.

Draw Out Playful Colors with a Pale Aubusson Rug

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This cool room invites peace into the conversation by mixing soothing colors with playful golds. Interior design by Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac. Image courtesy Elle Decor.

Chilly blue shades need to be mixed with other colors in order to create a welcoming space. This sitting room uses more playful shades in the 18th century furniture in order to create a lively appeal. The colors invite guests to sit down and relax as they gaze at the beautiful gold tapestry that adds just the right amount of color to the room.

The pale Aubusson rug was chosen in order to help reiterate the soothing look. The color focus of the room is the playful blues in the furniture and golds in the tapestry. The comfort of the plush rug helps to further put the mind at ease as well as keep the focus on the stunning features of the space.

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