Aubusson Rugs Bring Glamour and Luxury to 4 Traditional Interiors

The rich history of Aubusson rugs and their association with French aristocracy has made them popular with interior decorators who specialize in creating ultra-glamorous interiors. Aubusson rugs were designed by French artists for the homes of the nobility. These flat woven rugs have a similar aesthetic to Savonnerie carpets which were initially made exclusively for the French king’s palaces and were not available to the aristocracy. The well composed designs of Aubusson rugs, their fine craftsmanship and delicate play of color make them showpieces in any interior.  Pair these rich rugs with lush fabrics and accessories and you can elevate your interior to the pinnacle of sophistication and elegance as these four interiors by famous decorators show.

Create Ultimate Chic with Jewel Colors, Black and Aubusson Rug

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A red and gold Directoire Aubusson rug adorns the Paris salon of fashion icon Christian Dior designed by the legendary decorator Georges Geffroy. Image coutesy Christian Dior.

This stylish salon in the home of Christian Dior, the founder of the house of Dior was designed by legendary decorator Georges Geffroy who used black silk fabric on white French chairs to bring an incredible sophistication to the room.  The Aubusson rug, with a brownish-red background and gold, pink, and green touches, has a dignified look that inspires the rest of the space.  The rug also has a black border, which cements the space and gives it a strong presence.  To pick up this detail, designer Georges Geffroy uses chairs upholstered in deep black with cream carved legs.  A scarlet lounge, heavy curtains in a moss color, and a pop of French blue brings the most jewel toned shades from the rug to make the room truly memorable.

Bring Sophistication to Grand Spaces with Aubusson Rugs

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A grey and beige Aubusson rug with a large oval medallion anchors a luxrious seating area in a very large open plan space with vaulted glass ceiling and grand classical architecture. Image courtesy TEA2 Architects.

This large, stylish interior designed by TEA2 Architects in Minneapolis, uses the grand scale of the room to dictate the decor.  TEA2 began with the grey Aubusson rug to define the seating area with a large curved sofa, ottoman and many pillows. The Aubusson rug has a grey and beige background and a large oval medallion with gold accents.  Because of the size of the room TEA2 choose an Aubusson rug with large dimensions and a grand design so it could stand up to the scale and classical grandeur of the architecture. The Aubusson rug has the stately elegance that can still have presence in such a large space. Luxurious chandeliers, marble floors, and molding enforce the luxuriousness of the space.

Bring Neoclassical Charm to Living Room with Aubusson Rug

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John Saladino chose a greenish-brown Aubusson rug with a large round medallion to bring warmth and style to this neoclassical room in his New York apartment. Image courtesy John Saladino.

This living room in the New York apartment of designer John Saladino doesn’t fit the convention of stately French decor.  Saladino mixes classical architecture, minimalism and a romantic temperament in his interiors. To give this room character, the chairs are intentionally mismatched, some with slip covers and some simply made.  The walls has been given a distressed look, but the fireplace wall has exquisite molding in bright cream.  If you remove the Aubusson rug, these pieces would look lost in this tall ceilinged space.  Saladino’s choice of a greenish-brown Aubusson rug with a tan medallion and pops of red makes the space come together into a magnificent composition with character and charm.

Define Modern Luxury with Aubusson rug

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A  cream and grey adds a feeling of luxury to the seating area in a suite in the Hotel George V, Paris. Image courtesy Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris. 

This chic suite in the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, has luxury in every inch of the space. Because of its size, the room has two well defined seating areas.  An Aubusson rug with cream and grey tone-on-tone detail brings a feeling of luxury to the elegant seating area with sofas in a silky aqua fabric and a white bench in buttery leather. The rug’s soft texture and brightness is gives an understated sophistication that gently whispers luxury without looking ostentatious.

Aubusson rugs bring a unique presence to decorating, which makes them good choices for defining a space.  When decorating a grand space, Aubusson rugs have character that makes a memorable impression while creating harmony in the room.  The French artistry of Aubusson rugs gives them a special charm, which works equally well in modern interiors as it does in rustic or traditional spaces.  

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