Aubusson Rugs Bring Sunshine and Nature to 3 Chic Interiors

Aubusson rugs can help you design rooms that look glamorous and are also full of the golden warmth of sunshine, the happiness of a summer garden and the invigorating air of the sea coast. Whether your room design is in subtle pale tones or in vibrant colors the right Aubusson rug can help you achieve these looks as the three chic interiors in today’s post demonstrate. We will learn from studying the work of the three famous decorators who created these rooms.

Bring in Sunshine With Gold Aubusson Rug

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The legendary designer Michael Taylor used a gold Aubusson rug with muted red accents to cast a sunny glow in this living room. Image courtesy Michael Taylor.

Michael Taylor was proclaimed “20 Greatest Designers of All Time” by Architectural Digest. Taylor became known for creating the “California Look” in interior design. Taylor’s rooms looked airy and light, often had natural objects and used lots of white.

The living room above has a beautiful view of greenery through a window with gold and orange tinged drapes which remind us of the color of sunshine, lemons and apricots. The yellow armchair seems to cascade the sunny colors into the room. The greenery outside the window is subtly connected to the nature inspired damask pattern on the green sofa. The walls are painted yellow to accentuate the sunny look. A dark brown Chinoiserie table provides contrast.

To the casual observer may think that the room design looks quite simple, which it is. Such an observer feel very comfortable and happy in this room without ever realizing how much artistry and interior design talent went into creating such a room.

In this welcoming room, the Aubusson rug adds not only an elegant touch, but its pale golden color helps to fill the room with reflected natural light which makes people feel peaceful and content. The choice of the rug is a key factor in the success of this room design.

Bring in the Garden with Floral Aubusson Rug

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Diamond Baratta Design used a blue and white floral Aubusson rug to pull together blue, white and green upholstery, blue walls and white drapes and ceiling to create a garden themed living room. Image courtesy Diamond Baratta Design.

Blues, greens and whites are known for their associations with the outdoors and tranquility. This sitting room combines all of these colors along with patterned fabrics to create a memorable living room. A close look at the floral pattern in the Aubusson rug reveals that it has accents of warm yellow and cool green. The green accents in the rug resonate with the green chair and with the plants and the yellow accents add a touch of warmth to the room.

Green plants placed around the room and large windows give this room a garden-like look. There are only a total of three plants, but their clever placement on the coffee table and end table helps give the illusion that there are more. The floral pattern in the Aubusson rugs also resonates with the plants and heightens the garden look.

Amplify the Sea View with Cream Aubusson Rug

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Designer Pamela Gaylin Ryder chose a cream Aubusson with a blue, green and yellow floral pattern to echo the waves of the sea outside the windows of this elegant dining room. Photo by Miki Duisterhof and Warren Patterson for New England Home Magazine.

When there is a large window overlooking a perfect view of the coast or of a garden you can find an Aubusson rug that subtly resonates with the view. This sea-side dining room has a stellar view of the Atlantic Ocean. Rather than build a room with the expected nautical theme, why not create a more elegant and distinctive look by using an Aubusson rugs that subtly connects the room’s decor with the paradise outside.

This gorgeous room takes advantage of subtle colors, such as creams and blues, to help draw the attention to the window. The light wooden dining table with rubrum lily center piece establishes an elegant, natural mood. Aubusson rugs match this look with a light floral pattern that adds a hint of gold that brings warmth to the room and resonates with yellow in the drapes and the honey color in the wood floor.

I hope the three interiors encourage you to further explore Aubusson rugs and experiment with nature inspired design ideas for your living or dining rooms.

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